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Visual Update: Nasus, the Curator of the Sands

By Tyler 'RiotWenceslaus' Eltringham [1]

As the scholar-warrior raises his halberd, the sun glints off the blade just before the Siphoning Strike.png Siphoning Strike comes crashing down. Nasus Nasus stands guardian anew, the sand shaken from his armor, his visual update complete.

Each of his abilities is accompanied by new animations and particles, completely updating the vision of Nasus. Fury of the Sands.png Fury of the Sands is accompanied by a ferocious roar, intimidating particles and a darkened emblem of his homeland. All of the Curator's skins have been studiously renewed as well.

His spirit aflame and renewed, Nasus casts a Wither.png withering pall over his enemies, ensuring that the cycle of life and death continues.

Nasus Screenshots
Nasus&#039; Skins Screenshots


Infernal Nasus - Login Screen01:00

Infernal Nasus - Login Screen

Infernal Nasus Theme
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