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Upon Selection

  • Nasus Select
    "The cycle of life and death continues. We will live, they will die."


  • Nasus.move01
    "There, for grace, I go."
  • Nasus.move02
    "It is neverending."
  • Nasus.move03
    "Their death, awaits."
  • Nasus.move04
    "Do not try my patience."
  • Nasus.move05
    "Between life and death lies immortality."
  • Nasus.move06
    "Perhaps Shurima was meant to fall."
  • Nasus.move07
    "Some things must remain buried."
  • Nasus.move08
    "Eons... pass like days."
  • Nasus.move09
    "The sky was naught but dying stars."
  • Nasus.move10
    "For centuries, I have watched."
  • Nasus.move11
    "Burdens sleep best in their tombs."
  • Nasus.move12
    "No dawn comes without darkness."
  • Nasus.move13
    "I walk through the ages."
  • Nasus.move14
    "Shurima is not of this time."
  • Nasus.move15
    "Errant words may fell empires."
  • Nasus.move16
    "The past is a tapestry of what lies ahead."


  • Nasus.attack01
    "Anthropomancy: divination by entrails."
  • Nasus.attack02
    "I bring death."
  • Nasus.attack03
    "Soon, there will be nothing."
  • Nasus.attack04
    "Life is part of a cycle. Yours is over."
  • Nasus.attack05
    "Your soul will be measured."
  • Nasus.attack06
    "Death is a harsh mistress."
  • Nasus.attack07
    "Your spirit is hollow."
  • Nasus.attack08
    "Journey into the beyond."
  • Nasus.attack09
    "Return to the dust."
  • Nasus.attack10
    "We approach a time of reckoning."
  • Nasus.attack11
    "This too must end."
  • Nasus.attack12
    "Some spirits are fated to burn."
  • Nasus.attack13
    "Eternity is beyond your reach."


  • Nasus.joke01
    "Who let the dogs out? Woof. Woof. Woof."
  • Nasus.joke02
    "No, I will not fetch the ball."
  • Nasus.joke03
    "My bite is worse than my bark."


  • Nasus.taunt01
    "Your legacy shall drift away; blown into eternity, like the sands of the desert."
  • Nasus.taunt02
    "There is such potential in one mortal life; you have wasted yours."
Taunting an Enemy Renekton Renekton
  • Nasus.Renektontaunt01
    "Rage burned away all that was good in you, my brother."
  • Nasus.Renektontaunt02
    "Renekton was lost, long ago. You are but his pale shadow."


  • Nasus.laugh01
    Nasus laughs.
  • Nasus.laugh02
    Nasus laughs.
  • Nasus.laugh03
    Nasus laughs.
  • Nasus.laugh04
    Nasus laughs.

Upon Using Wither.png Wither

  • Nasus.spellcasteffort21
  • Nasus.spellcasteffort22
    "Become dust."
  • Nasus.W3
    "Waste away."
  • Nasus.W4

Upon Starting a Game with an Enemy Renekton Renekton

  • InfernalNasus.Renektontaunt01
    "I will show you the meaning of butchery, brother."
  • InfernalNasus.Renektontaunt02
    "You have wasted your power, Renekton. Now bleed for it."
Upon Winning a Game with an Enemy Renekton Renekton
  • InfernalNasus.Renektonkill01
    "The butcher, carved to pieces."
  • InfernalNasus.Renektonkill02
    "The butcher, drowned in his own blood."


  • InfernalNasus.move01
    "Each fork in your path leads to fire."
  • InfernalNasus.move02
    "They toil to live in a fool's paradise."
  • InfernalNasus.move03
    "Mortality is guilt. All will be judged."
  • InfernalNasus.move04
    "Redemption is a hollow wish."
  • InfernalNasus.move05
    "I am the final arbiter."
  • InfernalNasus.move06
    "So eager to find meaning in nothingness."
  • InfernalNasus.move07
    "I walk behind none."
  • InfernalNasus.move08
    "Do storms pity the drowned?"
  • InfernalNasus.move09
    "Fate is a manifestation of my will."
  • InfernalNasus.move10
    "Mortals are not meant to rule."
  • InfernalNasus.move11
    "Hope is the opiate of the frail."
  • InfernalNasus.move12
    "Mankind's corruption spreads no further."
  • InfernalNasus.move13
    "Try not the temper of the Ascended."


  • InfernalNasus.attack01
    "Sink into darkness."
  • InfernalNasus.attack02
    "Such hollow, empty minds."
  • InfernalNasus.attack03
    "Only the guilty flee."
  • InfernalNasus.attack04
    "This is the way your world ends."
  • InfernalNasus.attack05
    "Grace becomes fire."
  • InfernalNasus.attack06
    "Join the lost."
  • InfernalNasus.attack07
    "Ambition is a mirage."
  • InfernalNasus.attack08
    "Here falls the shadow of despair."
  • InfernalNasus.attack09
    "A fate, sealed in blood."
  • InfernalNasus.attack10
    "Cleave through body, and mind."
  • InfernalNasus.attack11
    "Filth of the earth."


Nasus throws a bone-shaped biscuit into the air and eats it.
  • InfernalNasus.joke01
    "Who's a good boy? I'm a good boy."
  • InfernalNasus.joke02
    "Now that I've Ascended, I can have treats, any time."
  • InfernalNasus.joke03
    "Once you Ascend, the old clothes won't fit any more."


  • InfernalNasus.taunt01
    "Martyrs are just the first to die."
  • InfernalNasus.taunt02
    "I will bury you alive."


  • InfernalNasus.dance01
    Nasus plays a beatbox.


  • InfernalNasus.laugh01
    Nasus laughs.
  • InfernalNasus.laugh02
    Nasus laughs.
  • InfernalNasus.laugh03
    Nasus laughs.
  • InfernalNasus.laugh04
    Nasus laughs.

Upon Siphoning Strike.png Siphoning Strike Stacks Reaching...

  • InfernalNasus.unknowninteraction01
    "More souls for the pyre."
  • InfernalNasus.unknowninteraction05
    "Power... forged in soulfire!"
  • InfernalNasus.unknowninteraction06
    "Fodder for my wrath."
  • InfernalNasus.unknowninteraction07
    "Fuel my inferno."
  • InfernalNasus.unknowninteraction02
    "Every death feeds my fury."
  • InfernalNasus.unknowninteraction03
    "Doomed and devoured."
  • InfernalNasus.unknowninteraction04
    "I am death."

Upon Using Wither.png Wither

  • InfernalNasus.W1
  • InfernalNasus.W2
  • InfernalNasus.W3
  • InfernalNasus.W4

Upon Using Fury of the Sands.png Fury of the Sands

  • InfernalNasus.R1
  • InfernalNasus.R2
    "By fire, be purged!"
  • InfernalNasus.R3
    "Run, cowards!"
  • InfernalNasus.R4

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "We begin a new cycle!"
Against Player Renekton Renekton
  • "I will not hesitate to stop you, Renekton."
Player Team Victory
  • "The wheel never stops turning."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"


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