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Upon Selection

  • Nautilus Select
    "Beware the depths."


  • Nautilus.attack1
    "I will have vengeance."
  • Nautilus.attack2
    "Drag them down."
  • Nautilus.attack3
    "Fear the ocean's weight."
  • Nautilus.attack4
    "All will drown."
  • Nautilus.attack5
    "They will pay."
  • Nautilus.attack6
    "I will not rest."


  • Nautilus.move1
    "The tide ebbs."
  • Nautilus.move2
    "The endless march."
  • Nautilus.move3
    "Forward, forward."
  • Nautilus.move4
    "Left to die."
  • Nautilus.move5
    "Find the guilty."
  • Nautilus.move6
    "Peer into the darkness."
  • Nautilus.move7
    "Echoes from the deep."
  • Nautilus.move8
    "Lost and forgotten."
  • Nautilus.move9
    "Do you hear them calling?"


  • Nautilus.taunt
    "You are in the deep end now!"


Nautilus plants his anchor in the ground and 'swims' in the air.
  • Nautilus.joke
    "Sometimes I think this anchor just weighs me down."


  • Nautilus.laugh1
    Nautilus laughs.
  • Nautilus.laugh2
    Nautilus laughs.
  • Nautilus.laugh3
    Nautilus laughs.


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