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Champion Spotlight

Nautilus Champion Spotlight07:06

Nautilus Champion Spotlight

Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Starting Item
Consumables Item
Summoner's Rift (Jungler)
Starting Item
Consumables Item
Twisted Treeline
Starting Item
Consumables Item
Twisted Treeline (Jungler)
Starting Item
Consumables Item
Howling Abyss
Starting Item
Consumables Item


Playing As Nautilus Nautilus
Playing Against Nautilus Nautilus


Ability Usage
  • If Dredge Line.png Dredge Line deals the killing blow, it will drag Nautilus Nautilus to where the target was upon death, as if the skill had hit terrain.
  • Titan&#039;s Wrath.png Titan's Wrath and Riptide.png Riptide are excellent farming tools when used together, as they each deal a good amount of area of effect damage.
  • Titan&#039;s Wrath.png Titan's Wrath resets your autoattack timer, so timing it right after a basic attack can allow for a quick second hit.
    • Despite Titan&#039;s Wrath.png Titan's Wrath bonus on-hit damage will be lost upon depletion or expiry of the shield, if Nautilus Nautilus' attack animation is in first half of modified animation, his next hit will trigger the on-hit magic DoT as well.
  • If you are farming minions, Staggering Blow.png Staggering Blow can be a great tool to increase your last-hitting capabilities due to its free bonus-damage.
  • Be careful when chasing an enemy under the turret with Dredge Line.png Dredge Line. If you miss and hit the turret, you'll end up horribly off position.
  • Be sure about your position while using Riptide.png Riptide. You must be close enough to catch the opponent because this spell has a slow animation.
  • The range on Dredge Line.png Dredge Line is a bit longer than the indicator shows. Experiment on terrain to see how far you can be to proc the skill shot.
  • Dredge Line.png Dredge Line is a fantastic method of travel, especially at higher levels. When running around between lanes, use it on terrain to pull yourself along faster. The same goes for fleeing; if a fight goes bad, run for the nearest turret or open terrain, and pull yourself to it for a quick escape. For a quick start after recalling or respawning, latch on to your nexus.
  • To perform the highest crowd control/burst combo on a target  send Depth Charge.png Depth Charge after them. Right when the opponent is in landing back to the ground follow up with an easy Dredge Line.png Dredge Line and a mid-air  Riptide.png Riptide to ensure a second explosions hit. Finally hit them for Staggering Blow.png Staggering Blow and use Titan&#039;s Wrath.png Titan's Wrath for the autoattack reset, bonus damage and shield.
  • Mark squishy/high priority targets with Depth Charge.png Depth Charge in order to give your team a good chance to kill them. It's also useful for stopping channels, such as Katarina Katarina's Death Lotus.png Death Lotus. Also, the squishy targets tend to be at the back their team so you'll be able to hit their entire team with the pass through damage instead of only one target with the explosion damage
  • Remember that Staggering Blow.png Staggering Blow is an immobilization, which means it does nothing to stop channeled ultimates.
  • Dredge Line.png Dredge Line can stop channeled abilities like Idol of Durand.png Idol of Durand, Requiem.png Requiem, Death Lotus.png Death Lotus, Nether Grasp.png Nether Grasp, Lifeform Disintegration Ray.png Lifeform Disintegration Ray, and Infinite Duress.png Infinite Duress.
  • If you use Dredge Line.png Dredge Line on terrain right before any crowd control like Blitzcrank Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab hits you, then you will still pull yourself to the terrain if your hook hit the terrain after the enemy's crowd control hits, practically mitigating the cc. (e.g. Blitzcrank Blitzcrank pulls you, but midway the hook you cast beforehand hits terrain, so instead of flying to Blitzcrank Blitzcrank you pull yourself to the terrain your hook hit) Use this tactic to escape any enemy champion with a form of crowd control, as after you pull yourself they have nothing to stop you. Keep in mind, though, that crowd control like stuns will still take effect, you will just pull yourself away to increase distance.
  • Attack speed can speed up jungling by increasing the amount of damage your Titan&#039;s Wrath.png Titan's Wrath does over time, since each attack immediately applies the first tick of the damage over time.
  • Nautilus can jungle because Titan&#039;s Wrath.png Titan's Wrath and Riptide.png Riptide are extremely effective for clearing out jungle camps.
Mastery Usage
Item Usage
  • Building resistances will generally give your shield more effective health than building health, despite the health ratio.
  • Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter helps both in tanking and increasing your damage, especially since Nautilus is a good initiator and often in the middle of the enemy team in fights.
    • Nautilus has really high ability power ratios for a tank, making one or two tanky mage items desirable on him. Rod of Ages item.png Rod of Ages offers a good deal of health and ability power. Its build path item Catalyst the Protector item.png Catalyst the Protector solves Nautilus' mana problems when he does not have the Crest of Insight.png Crest of Insight.
    • On games when you are far ahead you can consider odd item picks like Zhonya&#039;s Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass or Morellonomicon item.png Morellonomicon just to further stomp over your weakened enemy team. It's worth noting that Nautilus gets outrageously bursty with some ability power.
  • While Warmog&#039;s Armor item.png Warmog's Armor does increase the damage amount absorbed by Titan&#039;s Wrath.png Titan's Wrath it doesn't increase your overall damage output, making the enemy less likely to focus you during fights.
    • Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet or Rylai&#039;s Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter can be effective alternatives as the slows can help you get more Staggering Blow.png Staggering Blow hits.
    • Iceborn Gauntlet item.png Iceborn Gauntlet offers a lot of different stats, all of which Nautilus really likes. The slow field that it creates adds even more disruption and crowd control to Nautilus' already overloaded kit, making it very desirable.
  • Randuin&#039;s Omen item.png Randuin's Omen gives a lot of health, a world of armor and gives Nautilus an extra CC ability to use while he is suffering from his long cooldowns.
  • Nautilus depends greatly on his abilities to deal damage so building cooldown reduction to counter his long cooldowns will allow you to do great amounts of damage to the enemy team.
    • Spirit Visage item.png Spirit Visage and Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart are simply perfect, allowing him to get really tanky while solving his cooldown problems, not to mention that their build paths are really easy and already give useful stats
    • Fiendish Codex item.png Fiendish Codex and its upgrades greatly benefit a more damage-oriented style of gameplay.
  • Wit&#039;s End item.png Wit's End is a good item on Nautilus if he gets an early advantage as it allows him to deal a good amount of magic damage with Titan&#039;s Wrath.png Titan's Wrath and also helps him clear the jungle faster.
  • Athene&#039;s Unholy Grail item.png Athene's Unholy Grail can be effective for boosting sustainability especially when assisting as a tank. Nautilus' abilities have rather high mana costs and long cooldowns, both of which are covered.
  • AP Nautilus can be a highly effective AP bruiser when built correctly. To make use of his HP and on-hit magic damage, core items for this build include Sorcerer&#039;s Shoes item.png Sorcerer's Shoes, Rod of Ages item.png Rod of Ages, Nashor&#039;s Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth and Haunting Guise item.png Haunting Guise.
  • Titan&#039;s Wrath.png Titan's Wrath has a very long CD time, especially early, before Nautilus Nautilus has a significant amount of cooldown reduction. Try running out the clock on the ability, then hit him during that cooldown window.
  • Titan&#039;s Wrath.png Titan's Wrath can add up to significant damage over the course of a teamfight. Consider diverting a couple of attacks to break the shield when you see him use it.
  • Nautilus Nautilus can be used as a CC heavy support like Leona Leona, but with a harder to land initiation but with more damage and CC. Getting caught by Nautilus Nautilus' combo and his lane partner can be even deadlier than getting grabbed by Blitzcrank Blitzcrank.
  • Nautilus Nautilus is one of the few tanks that has strong magic damage, so consider building magic resistance.
    • While Nautilus Nautilus has burst damage, this is moot when his abilities are on cooldown. Try to engage him after he has used several abilities.
  • Dredge Line.png Dredge Line draws Nautilus Nautilus to terrain, so when running from him, try and stay away from terrain, or a miss may still bring him closer.
  • With enough ability power, Nautilus Nautilus can burst down a squishy target (ADC, APC) like a mage, but including an overwhelming amount of CC
    • He will combo with Dredge Line.png Dredge Line, followed by Riptide.png Riptide (that will likely hit twice), all while he has his shield up, and finish the it landing an unavoidable Depth Charge.png Depth Charge, that has even more harsher CC and a devastating blow of damage.
    • Nautilus Nautilus will think twice of following the attack if you avoid Dredge Line.png Dredge Line, as it will be much harder for him to combo, and Dredge Line.png Dredge Line has quite a damaging blow that Nautilus Nautilus can't hope to miss, as he is just left with Depth Charge.png Depth Charge to close the gap, and losing a significant amount of damage.
  • Nautilus Nautilus has mana problems early game, force him to overuse his abilities.
  • Stand still when he uses his Riptide.png Riptide to prevent the extra magic damage the spell deals when it moves.
    • Even when standing still it's very likely to get hit by two explosions if you are using any champion bigger than Teemo Teemo or Lulu Lulu.
    • Getting hit by 3 explosions is impossible if you are still but almost confirmed to hit if you are moving.


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