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NautilusSquare Classic Nautilus [S|L]
NautilusSquare Abyssal Nautilus [S|L]
NautilusSquare Subterranean Nautilus [S|L]
  • His Chinese artwork features Black Rock Shooter to his left (sitting on one of the rocks)
NautilusSquare AstroNautilus [S|L]
NautilusSquare Warden Nautilus [S|L]
NautilusSquare Worldbreaker Nautilus [S|L]


  • While the GangplankSquare Gangplank - Miss FortuneSquare Miss Fortune combined armada fought the Black Mist on Bilgewater's shores (eventually succeeding but at great cost) Nautilus managed to stall and/or defeat the rest of the undead threat a few miles from the port city itself.