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  • Nautilus' backstory might be referencing The Pirates of Dark Water.
  • Nautilus' dance references the 'Peeparoonie'.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • A tab for UrgotSquare.png 'Urgot Mech' [S|L] can be seen in Nautilus' 'Art Spotlight'.
  • Nautilus has the longest basic attack animation in-game (which results in enemies being rooted by Staggering Blow.png Staggering Blow when they already got out of range)
  • Nautilus was released without the 'Tank' tag (he actually is one) but was added shortly after.
  • Nautilus does the Captain Morgan pose when standing idle for a long while.
  • Nautilus is Greek for 'sailor' (referencing his former self) and is the name for a mollusc species, for the submarine from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, as well as for the first nuclear-powered submarine (all referencing his underwater qualities)
  • Nautilus and Ziggs Ziggs were first conceived as 'Ivan Ivan the Mad Bomber'. [1]


NautilusSquare.png Classic Nautilus [S|L]
NautilusSquare.png Abyssal Nautilus [S|L]
NautilusSquare.png Subterranean Nautilus [S|L]
  • His Chinese artwork features Black Rock Shooter to his left (sitting on one of the rocks)
NautilusSquare.png AstroNautilus [S|L]
NautilusSquare.png Warden Nautilus [S|L]


  • While the Gangplank Gangplank - Miss Fortune Miss Fortune combined armada fought the Black Mist on Bilgewater's shores (eventually succeeding but at great cost) Nautilus managed to stall and/or defeat the rest of the undead threat a few miles from the port city itself.


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