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Visual Upgrade: Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress

By NeeksNaman [6]

Nidalee Screenshots

Many of you have been asking for a new look for Nidalee Nidalee. We're pleased to announce that we've heard you, and that you can expect a complete Visual Upgrade for the Bestial Huntress in an upcoming patch.

In addition to a new model for both Aspect of the Cougar 2.png lady and Aspect of the Cougar.png cougar, this update includes new animations and spell effects across both of her forms. We'll also be upgrading the model and splash art for all of Nidalee's skins, so you can enjoy the latest fashion, whether you're a NidaleeSquare.png French Maid [S|L] or a NidaleeSquare.png Pharaoh [S|L].

The next time you feel the need to go swiftly Prowl.png slinking through the brush, ready to Pounce.png Pounce on an unsuspecting foe, do so knowing you look stunningly stylish.


LoL Login theme - Chinese - 2015 - Lunar Revel01:58

LoL Login theme - Chinese - 2015 - Lunar Revel

League of Legends - Ingame Dance Reel01:15

League of Legends - Ingame Dance Reel


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