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Upon Selection

  • Nidalee Select
    "They will fear the wild."


  • Nidalee.attack1
    "Claw or spear, your end's the same."
  • Nidalee.attack2
    "Mmm, the taste of coward."
  • Nidalee.attack3
    Nidalee hisses.
  • Nidalee.attack4
    "We'll prey on the civilized."
  • Nidalee.attack5
    "I'll show these house cats real claws."
  • Nidalee.attack6
    "The untamed know no fear."


  • Nidalee.move1
    "I will guide you."
  • Nidalee.move2
    "Let me show you the way."
  • Nidalee.move3
    "On the prowl."
  • Nidalee.move4
    "You call this civilized?"
  • Nidalee.move5
    "You cannot cage me, summoner."
  • Nidalee.move6
    "Instinct guides my steps."


  • Nidalee.taunt
    (Human) "Here mousy, mousy, mousy... "
  • (Cougar) Nidalee licks her paw.


  • Nidalee.joke
    (Human) "Did I mention it's mating season?"
  • (Cougar) Nidalee rolls over on her back.


  • Nidalee.laugh1
    Nidalee laughs.
  • Nidalee.laugh2
    Nidalee laughs.
  • Nidalee.laugh3
    Nidalee laughs.

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "I love playing cat and mouse."
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "I see you're no stranger to the wild."


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