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Champion Background Strategy Skins & Trivia


  • Classic Skin
  • Snow Bunny Nidalee
  • Leopard Nidalee
  • Pharaoh Nidalee
  • Bewitching Nidalee


  • Nidalee was designed by Brackhar.[1][2]
  • Nidalee is voiced by Kelly Fosdahl Burge[3][4][5][6]
  • Nidalee's design may have been inspired by Navee, the protagonist of the french graphic novel Wake.
  • Nidalee is one of five champions to have more than 4 skills, the other being  Karma,  Jayce Elise and  Lee Sin.
    • Nidalee was the first champion to have more than 4 skills.
  • Nidalee, along with Elise, Jayce, Kayle and Quinn are the only champions to be both ranged and melee.
  • Nidalee is one of a few champions to have multiple textures in one skin. One for her human form, and another for her cougar form to match.
  • Nidalee is the first champion to feature a transformation ability. The others being  Swain,  Shyvana and   Elise.
  • Nidalee has 4 running animations: her default human form run, her default cougar form run, her human form-bush sprint, and lastly her cougar form-bush sprint.
  • Before her release Nidalee was rumored to have a special stackable DOT that could be applied by all her damaging abilities and her passive provided 2 seconds of stealth when leaving brush in cougar form. It was removed prior to her release.
  • Nidalee used to be the only champion to have any ability put on a static cooldown. Specifically, the capped spell is her cougar form's  Pounce. This was removed in patch V1.0.0.124.
  • Her hidden passive gives a nearby allied champion which is lower level than her 5 exp per 5 sec.
  • Nidalee had a bug where she could kill teammates with her  Primal Surge by applying the damage of her  Swipe as well. Since the potential damage of  Swipe is higher than the healing of  Primal Surge its damage could kill off a low health ally.
  • A maximum-range  Javelin Toss has the second-highest damage of any non-ultimate single-target ability in the game (only surpassed by a full channeled  Drain by  Fiddlesticks) and higher damage than many ultimate abilities.
  • In the U.R.F game mode (available in April 2014), Nidalee was deemed overpowered/obnoxious, and was ultimately disabled in non-custom games.


  • Nidalee is one of the few champions to have an extra set of /command animations. When in cougar form, she changes her /taunt, /laugh, and /dance animations (though there is no voice change).


  • All of Nidalee's skins change the appearance of her cougar form.
  • Snow Bunny Nidalee was only available during the Snowdown Showdown of 2009.
  • Pharaoh Nidalee is a reference to Cleopatra.
  • Bewitching Nidalee was only available during The Harrowing of 2011.
  • Headhunter Nidalee is a reference to Machiko Noguchi of the Predator franchise. [1]


  • Nidalee has been dating the summoner and journalist, Bob Nashahago. However, through Blitzcrank's fleshling dating service, Nashahago was matched with  Janna. Whether or not this is a matter of infidelity on his part is unclear, though Nidalee is seen in her cougar form facing down both Nashahago and Janna in a picture presented in Blitzcrank's "Successful Matches".
  • For unknown reasons, Nidalee is friends with  Udyr and a rival of  Rengar according to the new beta website for League of Legends.[7] Possibly due to Udyr being tied to nature and animals and Rengar being a hunter.


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