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  • Nidalee was the first of eight champions to have more than 4 abilities (the others being EliseSquare Elise, GnarSquare Gnar, HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger, JayceSquare Jayce, KarmaSquare Karma, Lee SinSquare Lee Sin, and Rek'SaiSquare Rek'Sai).
  • Nidalee, EliseSquare Elise, GnarSquare Gnar, JayceSquare Jayce, and KayleSquare Kayle are the only champions to be both Ranged role ranged and Melee role melee.
  • Nidalee is one of a few champions to have multiple textures in per skin (one for human form and another matching one for cougar).
  • Nidalee was the first champion to feature a transformation ability (the others being EliseSquare Elise, GnarSquare Gnar ShyvanaSquare Shyvana, and SwainSquare Swain).
  • Nidalee has four running animations (human run, human brush sprint, cougar run, cougar brush sprint).
  • Pounce Pounce was the first ability to feature a static cooldown (was removed in V1.0.0.124).
  • Nidalee has a hidden passive called 'On the Prowl' (referencing cougars) which grants nearby lower-leveled allied champions 5 experience every 5 seconds.
  • A maximum-range Javelin Toss Javelin Toss has the second-highest damage of any single-targeted basic ability in-game (only surpassed by a fully-channeled Drain Drain) and higher damage than many ultimate abilities.
  • Nidalee was deemed overpowered/obnoxious in the The Thinking Manatee profileicon Ultra Rapid Fire game mode (2014 edition) and was ultimately disabled in non-custom games.
  • After her visual rework, her felid forms received morphological features from cougars' bigger relatives, like mane, higher shoulders than haunches, long skull & jaws, & occasionally long fangs of sabre-toothed cats and cat-like relatives.
  • The game client's shop filters Nidalee as a Support despite her no longer having that tag as a secondary one.
  • Given that she's a wild child, it is unknown how Nidalee could've learnt to speak languages fluently; since in real life, feral humans who learn their first language late in life never master such linguistic aspects like phonology, morphology, & syntax.


  • Nidalee was released a day later than announced.
  • Nidalee was rumored to have a special stackable damage over time that could be applied by all her damaging abilities as well as Prowl Prowl granting her stealth for 2 seconds when leaving brush in cougar form (both effects actually existed and were removed prior to her release)
  • Nidalee used to have a bug where Primal Surge Primal Surge applied Swipe Swipe's damage (meaning she could kill her teammates if they were low enough).


Nidalee OriginalCircle Classic Nidalee [S|L]
  • She might have been inspired by Navee from Wake.
Nidalee SnowBunnyCircle Snow Bunny Nidalee [S|L]
Nidalee LeopardCircle Leopard Nidalee [S|L]
Nidalee PharaohCircle Pharaoh Nidalee [S|L]
Nidalee BewitchingCircle Bewitching Nidalee [S|L]
Nidalee HeadhunterCircle Headhunter Nidalee [S|L]
Nidalee WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Nidalee [S|L]
Nidalee ChallengerCircle Challenger Nidalee [S|L]
Nidalee SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Nidalee [S|L]


  • Nidalee's friendship with UdyrSquare Udyr might stem from both being in tune with the (spirits of the) wild.
  • Nidalee's rivalry with RengarSquare Rengar might stem from territorial hunting disputes.