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Background Information
Name: Jesper Svenningsen
Team: Origen
Alternate names: Niels
Country: Denmark
Role: AD
Favorite champion(s)
Team history:

Jesper 'Niels' Svenningsen is the AD Carry for Origen.


He started playing video games at an age of 12 years old. Started with WoW. He is in his first year of Gymnasium, he wanted and still wouldn’t mind becoming a computer programmer. Other interests are football and going out with friends. The story behind his name is: Niels was his teachers name and Zvanillan was one of the security codes you have to fill out when registering on a site, he liked the ring to it so he chose it. People know him in the Danish LoL community and he was the only player who wasn’t in LCS to be named in gaming.dk‘s LoL team of the year. He started playing LoL because his teacher at primary school showed him.

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