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Freljord Avarosan

Upon Selection

  • Nunu Select
    "Here we go!"


  • Nunu.attack1
    "Swallowed you whole!"
  • Nunu.attack2
    "The yeti knows the way!"
  • Nunu.attack3
    "Let's make tracks!"
  • Nunu.attack4
    "I'm on it!"
  • Nunu.attack5
    "It's cold out there... "
  • Nunu.attack6
    "Don't make the yeti angry, You won't like him when he's angry!"
  • Nunu.attack7
    "Can't catch me!"


  • Nunu.taunt
    "Don't make the yeti angry. You won't like him when he's angry!"


  • Nunu.joke
    "Speak softly... and ride a big yeti!"


  • Nunu.laugh1
    Willump laughs.
  • Nunu.laugh2
    Willump laughs.
  • Nunu.laugh3
    Willump laughs.


  • NunuBot.attack1
    "You will feel my rage now."
  • NunuBot.attack2
    "My ultimate will devastate them... or not."
  • NunuBot.attack3
    "You are now on my Ignore list."
  • NunuBot.attack4
    "Stop feeding."
  • NunuBot.attack5
    "Everything is going according to my plan."
  • NunuBot.attack6
    "Towerdive! We must towerdive!"
  • NunuBot.attack7
    "My master tactics will win."
  • NunuBot.attack8
    "Witness my superior playstyle and see it."
  • NunuBot.attack9
    "Now you will see what happens when you listen to my superior plans."


  • NunuBot.move1
    "Yeti Bot speaking."
  • NunuBot.move2
    "Welcome to Nunu Champion Spotlight, presented by Yeti Bot."
  • NunuBot.move3
    "Do I?"
  • NunuBot.move4
    "Are you freaking kidding me?"
  • NunuBot.move5
    "I will surprise them with my decision."
  • NunuBot.move6
    "I must think... and act fast."
  • NunuBot.move7
    "I have a bad feeling about this."
  • NunuBot.move8
    "Man, I'm good."
  • NunuBot.move9
    "I will push forward and make my boldness known"
  • NunuBot.move10
    "Bots are superior to non-bots."
  • NunuBot.move11
    "You must say miss! That's a constructive criticism."


  • NunuBot.taunt1
    "When I first met you, I was the bot. Now I am the super-bot."
  • NunuBot.taunt2
    "Now watch and learn from my moves, just like I've learned from Phreak's."


  • NunuBot.joke
    "I feel so good now. So fed. Almost as members of Riot when they created me."


  • NunuBot.laugh
    "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

Upon Using Consume.png Consume

  • NunuBot.consume1
  • NunuBot.consume2

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Here we go!"
Player Team Victory
  • "This was a lot of fun."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"


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