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Freljord Winters Claw

Upon Selection

  • Olaf Select
    "Leave nothing behind!"


  • Olaf.attack1
    "Faster to battle!"
  • Olaf.attack2
    "Chop chop!"
  • Olaf.attack3
    "My axe is thirsty."
  • Olaf.attack4
    "Finally, some fun!"
  • Olaf.attack5
    "Death by steel!"
  • Olaf.attack6


  • Olaf.move1
    "The might of Lokfar approaches!"
  • Olaf.move2
    "To plunder!"
  • Olaf.move3
    "To action!"
  • Olaf.move4
    "I'm going."
  • Olaf.move5
    "Urge to kill, rising!"


  • Olaf.taunt
    "C'mon, I won't hurt you. I promise!"


  • Olaf.joke
    "The worth of a man can be measured by the length of his beard, and the girth of his belt buckle."


  • Olaf.laugh1
    Olaf laughs.
  • Olaf.laugh2
    Olaf laughs.
  • Olaf.laugh3
    Olaf laughs.
  • Olaf.laugh4
    Olaf laughs.


  • Brolaf.attack1
    "Out of the way, loser!"
  • Brolaf.attack2
    "Beatdown city. Population: you."
  • Brolaf.attack3
    "Get on the pain train, woo woo!"
  • Brolaf.attack4
    "Come get some!"
  • Brolaf.attack5
    "I am Broseidon, lord of the Brocean."
  • Brolaf.attack6
    "Do you got that bro?"
  • Brolaf.attack7
    "Hey! Don't touch my Graggy Ice!"


  • Brolaf.move1
  • Brolaf.move2
    "Oh man... where am I?"
  • Brolaf.move3
    "Dude, I'm so buffed up right now."
  • Brolaf.move4
    "Hey dude, I'm kind of a big deal."
  • Brolaf.move5
    "Chicks dig my axe."
  • Brolaf.move6
    "That's how I roll."
  • Brolaf.move7
    "Up top."
  • Brolaf.move8
    "Point me to the ladies!"
  • Brolaf.move9
    "Holla' atcha' boy!"
  • Brolaf.move10
    "What up?"


  • Brolaf.taunt1
    "You can't arrest me, my dad owns a dealership!"
  • Brolaf.taunt2
    "I came here to kick butt and drink Graggy! Looks like I'm all out of Graggy."


  • Brolaf.joke1
    "I'm OP? Your mom is OP."
  • Brolaf.joke2
    "Yo, summoner, summon me like two... no, six hot chicks, stat!"


  • Brolaf.laugh1
  • Brolaf.laugh2
  • Brolaf.laugh3
  • Brolaf.laugh4

Upon Using Undertow.png Undertow

  • Brolaf.Q1
  • Brolaf.Q2
  • Brolaf.Q3
  • Brolaf.Q4
    "Chug! Chug!"

Upon Casting Vicious Strikes.png Vicious Strikes

  • Brolaf.W1
  • Brolaf.spellcasteffort22
  • Brolaf.spellcasteffort23
  • Brolaf.spellcasteffort24

Upon Casting Reckless Swing.png Reckless Swing

  • Brolaf.E1
    "Oh yeah!"
  • Brolaf.E2
  • Brolaf.E3
  • Brolaf.E4
    "Boom, baby!"

Upon Casting Ragnarok.png Ragnarok

  • Brolaf.ult1
  • Brolaf.ultimateeffort2
  • Brolaf.ultimateeffort3
  • Brolaf.ultimateeffort4

Upon Death

  • Brolaf.dying1
    "Your mom!"
  • Brolaf.dying2
  • Brolaf.dying3
    "Oh, bogus!"
  • Brolaf.dying4
    "Dude, not cool... "


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