Omega Squad is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in an alternate reality where Bandle Citys champions have formed of a squad of yordle and yordle like fighters.[1]


Squad Members

CONFIDENTIAL: Omega Squad 2017



  • Omega Squad skins were inspired by Vietnam War films.
  • In the 2017 Omega Squad skins trailer "Operation - Rescue Teemo", the Headhunter skins make an appearance as enemies of the Omega Squad.

  • Omega Squad Fizz
  • Omega Squad Teemo
  • Omega Squad Tristana
  • Omega Squad Twitch
  • Omega Squad Veigar

With V7.15 2017 Omega Squad skin, arrived sets of missions. Each mission is related to one the Omega Squad member and rewards the player with a Squad Token. With 5 Squad Tokens, you can forge the Omega Squad Veteran profileicon Omega Squad Veteran icon, which unlocks it permanently.

  • TeemoSquare Omega Squad Teemo [S|L] - The Rookie
    • "Suit up, rook."
    • Objective: Win one matchmade game.
    • Reward: Squad Token.
  • TwitchSquare Omega Squad Twitch [S|L] - The "Medic"
    • "Kill! Kill! Kill them all!"
    • Objective 1: Get 10 kills in PVP matchmade games.
    • Objective 2: Get 25 assists in PVP matchmade games.
    • Reward: Squad Token.
  • FizzSquare Omega Squad Fizz [S|L] - The Saboteur
    • "Let's liberate some gold from their supplies."
    • Objective: Collect 40,000 gold in PVP matchmade games.
    • Reward: Squad Token.
  • VeigarSquare Omega Squad Veigar [S|L] - The Artillery
    • "Time to call in the thunder."
    • Objective 1: Kill 1,000 minions as a team. Games against bots work.
    • Objective 2: Kill 300 minions individually. Games against bots work.
    • Reward: Squad Token.
  • TristanaSquare Omega Squad Tristana [S|L] - The Commander
    • "Time to call in the thunder."
    • Objective: Win 3 PVP matchmade games.
    • Reward: Squad Token.
  • Omega Squad Recruit profileicon Omega Squad Spotted
    • "Target: in the brush, one five zero."
    • Objective: Play one matchmade game where someone on either team is using Omega Squad Skin.
    • Reward: Omega Squad Recruit Icon.


Omega Squad 2017 - Login Screen03:22

Omega Squad 2017 - Login Screen

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