Champion Select

  • Orianna Select
    "We will kill your enemies. That will be fun."
  • Oriana.attack4
    "The ball is angry."


  • Oriana.attack1
    "I have sharp things."
  • Oriana.attack2
    "We are as one."
  • Oriana.attack3
    "Yes, I am a weapon."
  • Oriana.attack4
    "The ball is angry."
  • Oriana.attack5
    "So strange, they scream."
  • Oriana.attack6
    "Why do they keep breaking?"


  • Oriana.move1
  • Oriana.move2
    "I hear soft things."
  • Oriana.move3
  • Oriana.move4
    "We go."
  • Oriana.move5
    "This is very exciting."
  • Oriana.move6
    "This is a fun game."
  • Oriana.move7
    "The ball is impatient."
  • Oriana.move8
    "Time tick-ticks away."
  • Oriana.move9
    "Why are they running?"


  • Oriana.taunt
    "I know what makes them tick. I know how to make the ticking stop."


Orianna does a pirouette and leans back. The Ball catches her
  • Oriana.joke1
    "They come apart so easily. How do you put them back together again?"
Orianna does a pirouette and leans back. She falls to the ground.
  • Oriana.joke2
    "When you fall, you get right back up."


  • Orianna.laugh1
    Orianna laughs.
  • Orianna.laugh2
    Orianna laughs.
  • Orianna.laugh3
    Orianna laughs.
  • Orianna.laugh4
    Orianna laughs.

Upon Using Command Attack.png Command Attack

  • Oriana.Q1
  • Oriana.Q2
  • Oriana.Q3
  • Oriana.Q4

Upon Using Command Dissonance.png Command Dissonance

  • Oriana.W1
  • Oriana.W2
  • Oriana.W3
  • Oriana.W4

Upon Using Command Protect.png Command Protect

  • Oriana.E1
  • Oriana.E2
  • Oriana.E3
  • Oriana.E4

Upon Using Command Shockwave.png Command Shockwave

  • Oriana.ult1
  • Oriana.R2
  • Oriana.R3