Champion Select

    Ornn Select
    "Fine, we go."
    Ornn Ban
    "Back to the forge."

Upon Starting a Game

  • "A day away from my forge is a day wasted."
  • "All I need is myself and hammer..."


  • "You're a weakling try a bit harder!"
Attacking Aatrox Aatrox
  • "I don't like the look of that thing."
Attacking Anivia Anivia
  • "We never talk. Might as well fight!"
Attacking Garen Garen
  • "Your sword has no counterbalance!"
Attacking Gragas Gragas
  • "Give me the ale, and no one gets hurt."
Attacking Heimerdinger Heimerdinger
  • "Stop building!"
Attacking Poppy Poppy
  • "My hammer is better."
Attacking Teemo Teemo
  • "I do not like you..."
Attacking Volibear Volibear
  • "This is for my followers!"


  • "Sorry if I burn you and you need ice."
  • "I will go over there it looks quiet and it will be nice."
Moving for the first time
  • "The best meal is herd of cattle, with dark beer, and cherries... Mmmm."
  • "I'm going this way. Do not follow me. Please..."
  • "I made this hammer. It was so good, I named it... Hammer."
  • "I will go over there, it looks quiet, it will be nice."
  • "Name's Ornn. No further pleasantries needed."
  • "I have fur. It is soft. Do not hug me."
  • "The Freljord is a place for building, fighting and eating. Home, sweet home."
  • "If all goes well, our paths will never cross again. It never goes well."
Moving for the first time near Volibear Volibear
  • "(sniffs the air) Singed fur... Jealous blood... My brother is near!"
  • "Volibear is near... Everyone seek shelter!"
  • "I cannot choose my brother, only the weapons to slay my brother."
Moving in Base
  • "Hmmmm... Noxian Granite. Respectable choice."
  • "Walls are fine."
  • "Could do without the statues."
  • "Decent stonework."
  • "Huh. Loose cobblestone. Will fix later."
  • "The architecture here is not wholly terrible."
Moving in River
  • "Hmm... This river needs a dam."
  • "I did not want to cool off. But this feels nice."
  • "Volibear made the first river. You do not want to know how..."


A Nearby Ally
  • "Huh... you are not entirely an arse."
  • "Your job is not dying."
  • "You remind me of young me... Who is less impressive."
  • "Working with you is almost like working alone. Almost..."
  • "Something you should know about me... (long grumble)"

Response to Taunt

  • "I do not care at all."
  • "This is a waste of my time."
  • "(annoyed grunt)"
  • "(sigh) I do not care at all."


Response to Joke

  • "Buy a joke book. And a clown."
  • "(growls)"
  • "(growls)"
  • "I now like you less. I did not think that was possible."
  • "Stop it!"
  • "No..."



Upon Forging an Item with Living Forge & Master Craftsman.png Living Forge

  • "(hums)"
  • "(hums)"
  • "(hums)"
  • "(hums)"
  • "(hums)"
  • "(hums)"
Upon Finishing Forging an Item
  • "Good... Yes..."
  • "I taught Doran everything he knows."
  • "And now for the finishing touches."
  • "(grunts)"
  • "(grunts)"
  • "(grunts)"
  • "(grunts)"
  • "(grunts)"
  • "(grunts)"
  • "(grunts)"
When an Item Upgrade is Ready
  • "Hey... You... Go to the store."
  • "You're welcome."
  • "I made you something."
  • "My work is ready."
  • "My handiwork is for sale."
  • "Come. See what I built."
When an Ally Purchases an Item Upgrade
  • "Do not hang that on a wall."
  • "I trust you know how to use that."
  • "No exchanges."
  • "If you want a weapon, here's a weapon. If you want conversation... Here's a weapon."
  • "Do not waste that."
  • "You will not be disappointed."
  • "Ornn tested. Ornn approved."
  • "This does not mean we are friends."
  • "A good axe will fell a tree. A great axe will fell an army."
  • "The weapons I forge do not have names. They have ambitions."
  • "That's a weapon. You know... For fighting..."
  • "You may be worthy of that. Do not prove me wrong."
  • "That is what good looks like."
  • "That is for wielding. Not for entertaining."
  • "I was looking at that one too."
  • "I didn't make that. You didn't buy it."

Upon Casting Volcanic Rupture.png Volcanic Rupture

Upon Casting Bellows Breath.png Bellows Breath

Upon Casting Searing Charge.png Searing Charge

Upon destroying player-made terrain
  • "Hehe. Broke that real good."
  • "Easy build. Easy break."
  • "Mortal craftmanship. Please..."
  • "Whoops. Found a flaw."
  • "Shattered and melted."
  • "A strong sneeze would have has the same effect."
  • "Bad workmanship."
  • "Demolished. Easy."
  • "Barely touched it."

Upon Casting Call of the Forge God.png Call of the Forge God

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  • "That's done..."
  • "Job complete."
  • "Mmhmm... Yup. Dead."
  • "It has not been a pleasure."
  • "Character built."
  • "(satisfied grunt)"
  • "Well... That happened."
  • "Nailed it."
Upon Scoring a Pentakill
  • "Job done! Time to go home."
  • "Back to work!"
  • "That was more fun than I excepted."
  • "Fixed!"
  • "That fixed everything."
  • "Problems... solved."

Upon Killing a Turret

  • "Too much sorcery. Not enough elbow grease."
  • "Heh. Not one of mine."
  • "Build it again. Correctly."
  • "Honestly though, I was just leaning on it."
  • "It's always the magic parts that break."
  • "I've seen sturdier sandcastles."

Upon Buying an Item

Cancel Recall.png Recall

  • "Hmm... Nevermind."
  • "Changed my mind."

Upon Consuming a Potion

  • "Mmmm... Cherry flavoured, not bad."
  • "Fuel for the old hearth fire."
  • "Whatever this drink is made of, it is working."
  • "That, hit the spot."
  • "Heeeyy... This is pretty good stuff."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • "Mmm... I do not like surprises."
  • "Hmm... That all it does? Okay."
  • "You stay here."
  • "Is it on?"
  • "(grunt) I don't know how to feel about this thing but okay."

Upon Killing a Ward

  • "Not on my watch."
  • "Spy on that."
  • "Denied."
  • "Heheh. Broke it real good."
  • "There! Fixed that for you."
  • "Early warning is key."
  • "It was like that when I found it."

Upon Being the last person alive on the Team

  • "(grumble) We're ready Ornn... We'll be right behind you..."
  • "Just leave everything to me. As usual."
  • "Good job everyone."
  • "I'm used to this level of disappointment."

Upon Pinging a Target

  • "Fine! I will intervene!"
  • "Fire up the forge!"
  • "Horns first!"
  • "Into the fray!"
  • "Turn up the heat!"
  • "Ugh. Everyone get behind me!"
  • "We fight now!"
  • "This will be fun!"
  • "Ready for this?!"

Upon Teleport.png Teleporting

  • "A fights where I want to be."
  • "A good workman is needed."
  • "I swear... If Volibear is there..."
  • "Time to show them the horns."
  • "Efficient travel method. I approve."
  • "Hmm. This is fast. But it can't be good for you."
  • "I prefer walking. But, fine."
  • "I'll just drop by."
  • "They won't be ready for me."
  • "I love a surprise."
  • "Here we go!"
Teleport.png Teleporting to an Ally
  • "I'm on my way. Stop asking."
  • "You requested my aid."
  • "Hold!"
  • "Hooooold!"
  • "Hold!"
  • "Hooold!"
  • "My horns are on the way."
  • "Don't start without me!"
  • "You each owe me a beer."
  • "Hot stuff!"
  • "Incoming!"

Upon Respawning

  • "I didn't die. My forge missed me."
  • "Still no water in the fountain."
  • "Rekindled the old furnace."

Upon Death