• The language used in the musical accompaniment for The Path To Hearth-Home is described, in-universe, as "Ancient Freljordian". It is based on Old Norse, and can be mostly understood by North Germanic speakers, like Icelanders, Norwegians, & Danes-Swedes, & to a lesser extent West Germanic speakers like English, Germans, Netherlanders, etc.
  • His name comes from Old Norse Ǫrn ᛟᚱᚾ, cognate with English erne "eagle", both from Proto-Germanic *aro [1]
  • The horned, caprinine appearance of Orn's and his summoned elements' may be referencing:


Path To Hearth-Home

Obscured behind Ornn's teaser poem, additional information regarding the champion's background is revealed. Each localization (language) reveals different information.

  • English
    • "One, there were Three Sisters (...) However, did not care to (...) reasons, and he did not (...) journeying many days."
    • "(...) possibly ever (...) Ornn agreed, but (...) bridge."
    • "So Ornn (...) Also, he had planned (...) When Ornn was finished with the tren(...)word. For he had already said far too much to them."
    • "Then he turned east and threw his (...) in the Great Sea. Some say, later, a mer-k (king? kind?) (...) sea-bottom, and still uses it to rule his Kingdom."
  • French translated by Necrozard
    • He likes to eat spicy cherries.
  • German translated by AngelOfPorn265
    • "Simply the quality (...) At home"
    • "Ornn would have a special desire (...) He made a spade for himself (...) And a fork."
    • "It gave him the power of (...) Origin of changes. He looked at the Land (...) Of his K(...)was and nodded. It was good."
  • Greek translated by AngelOfPorn265
    • "It was Anivia Anivia's fault(...)Even if(...)
    • Why Anivia Anivia never told him the(...)because I told that(...)
    • "'(...)I like my job', said Ornn(...)"
    • "Where(...)its covered"
    • "When [Ornn] was exhausted he wished(...)And the Earth answered to him opening up a flaming(...)throwing her heart."
  • Latin America South translated by LordGoopy
    • "If you had seen the metal is (...) This material, as it was [expensive/almost like] (...) But [I] would work only and (...) The third sister (...) The Bridge."
    • "With that tool (...) [bad/evil/wrong] through the (...) Ornn [who/whom/that] (...)."
    • "Forge (...) [An accord/according to] (...) Build (...)"
    • "Meanwhile (...) [A shovel/shoves/digs] so (...) In the darkness."
    • "Then he turned to the east, where he threw his (...) His(?). Lost [his] (...) In the darkness (...). [It] landed in the Great Sea. Some say that (...) Powerful trident at the bottom of the sea, and still uses it to rule [over]."
  • Russian translated by AngelOfPorn265
    • "She fell into the Bottom of the Great(...)Found a powerful Trident and till this time with its(...)"
    • "Except that he still(...)After the Job was done Orn left the three(...)




OrnnSquare.png Classic Ornn [S|L]
OrnnSquare.png Thunder Lord Ornn [S|L]


  • Ornn Ornn had thousands of followers who were known as the Hearthblood. They were all killed as a result of the fight between Ornn and Volibear.
  • Ornn Ornn was the firstborn of the Frejlordian demigods. His siblings are Anivia Anivia, Volibear Volibear and an unnamed "Seal Sister".
    • Ornn hasn't talked to Anivia ever since she accidentally burnt down his Horn Hall (although he doesn't know she was responsible for it as he slept through the fire).
    • Volibear was jealous of Ornn's followers and fought him for eight days over a dispute. Some speculate that the latter was killed in the battle as he hasn't been seen since.
  • Ornn Ornn dug out the Howling Abyss at the request of Serylda (Sejuani Sejuani's ancestor), Avarosa (Ashe Ashe's ancestor) and Lissandra Lissandra.


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