Summoner profile

Example of a Summoner profile (Patch V7.23)

The summoner profile is the player's personal page, which is a part of the Client interface for League of Legends.


Its primary use is to represent the player's personal hub. The secondary use is to track the player's game statistics, to showcase game achievements and player's champions roster. It also has several customizable esthetics features to better visually distinguish a player amidst other League of Legends players (for example: profile banners, frames, and summoner icons), and bonus pre-game customizable features which use is to enhance player's champion stats and also to add different bonus abilities before each match. These bonuses fall into three categories: summoner spells, runes, and masteries.

In order to access certain information, you must be friends with the summoner, but certain information, such as their rune pages and mastery pages, are open for all to see.


The profile page is divided into several tabs.

  • Overview: This serves as the landing page of the player profile, showcasing most of the important information, with some additional information for one's own page.
  • Match History
  • Ranked
  • Clubs (only visible on your own profile)
  • Highlights (only visible on your own profile)

Profile icons

The Thinking Manatee profileicon

Example of a profile icon

A summoner icon is a picture that represents a player. Players are initially given a set of 29 icons to choose from, this number can get large depending on the players actions. Other icons are accessed by purchases in the Riot Store, playing the game during specific events and trough Ranked games.


LoL Animations - Promotion from Unranked to Challenger through Master00:23

LoL Animations - Promotion from Unranked to Challenger through Master