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Champion Sneak Peek: Pantheon

By Steve 'Pendragon' Mescon [1]

Since Singed Singed joined the League of Legends, there has been a decided dearth of champions with extremely large Empowered Bulwark.png shields. Luckily, Pantheon Pantheon is coming to Aegis Protection.png help prevent this extremely important demographic from becoming marginalized. Here's a glimpse at what we used to inspire Pantheon.

Rise of the Dragonslayers

By Alex 'Skribbles' Yee [2]

Dragonslayer 01

They arrived at sundown. Five of them. The attack was methodical, brutal. The keep's defenses were useless. For an hour, the sky rained fire.

There aren't enough survivors to tally our losses.

Before we fled, I examined a section of the south wall, liquefied by the Dragon Dragon's breath. No stone could have withstood that heat. Could anything?

I had never witnessed a dragon before today. Now, I see nothing else.

Dragonslayer 02

The dragons didn't want the city. They wanted us.

We fled through the melted stonework, but an old one hunted us. When all seemed lost, two Braum extraordinary Pantheon men came to our defense. Their valor bought us time to escape, but even they could not leave unscathed.

If men like these cannot defeat these beasts, we are truly lost.

Dragonslayer Page 03

The dragon tracked us down.

This time, the heroes were prepared. Braum One distracted the beast while the Pantheon other waited high above. From a cliff's edge, he Grand Skyfall.png dove upon the creature. His Spear Shot.png spear was true.

We studied the thing hoping to find a weakness. Instead, we took its strength. The scales are more resilient than any material I have ever known. They remain cool even when put directly to the flame.

With its hide, I BraumSquare.png will [S|L] PantheonSquare.png armor [S|L] our heroes.

We may now stand a chance, but to wage a war, we will need more scales. And those with the courage to wear them.


Harrowing 2015 (Halloween) League Of Legends Login Screen With Music02:46

Harrowing 2015 (Halloween) League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

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