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Upon Selection

  • Pantheon Select
    "They are privileged to die at my feet!"


  • Pantheon.attack1
    "Their fate is sealed."
  • Pantheon.attack2
    "They will not enjoy this."
  • Pantheon.attack3
    "They disgrace the art of war."
  • Pantheon.attack4
    "With pleasure."
  • Pantheon.attack5
    "Consider it done."
  • Pantheon.attack6
    "Without pause."


  • Pantheon.move1
    "With pride."
  • Pantheon.move2
    "Let us press on."
  • Pantheon.move3
  • Pantheon.move4
    "Do not provoke me."
  • Pantheon.move5
    "My spear is restless."
  • Pantheon.move6
    "Honor compels me!"
  • Pantheon.move7
  • Pantheon.move8
    "They will know war."
  • Pantheon.move9
    "I know my path."


  • Pantheon.taunt
    "Getting kicked into a well is the least of your worries!"


  • Pantheon.joke1
    "My profession?! You know, now that I think of it, I've always wanted to be a baker."
    • Pantheon.joke2
      "Yes, a baker."


  • Pantheon.laugh1
    Pantheon laughs.
  • Pantheon.laugh2
    Pantheon laughs.
  • Pantheon.laugh3
    Pantheon laughs.
  • Pantheon.laugh4
    Pantheon laughs.


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