Date Patch New Champion Other
December 14
V7.24b Post-V7.24 balance patch. Lethality and Giant Slayer items nerf. Sorcery icon Trait: Sorcery nerf. Various balance changes.
December 6
V7.24 Snowdown Showdown 2017 skins. New game mode: Snow Battle ARURF. Champion health bar update. MorganaSquare Morgana and ZyraSquare Zyra kit update. ZoeSquare Zoe bug fixing. Various balance changes.
November 21
V7.23 ZoeSquare Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight PROJECT 2017 skins. New game mode: OVERCHARGE, new map: Substructure 43. First win of the Day reward changed. Predator rune Predator buff. Summon Aery rune Summon Aery nerf. Lot of bug fixing. Various balance changes.
November 8
V7.22 Pre-Season 2018. Masteries and runes reworked into a new rune system. Compensation for previous purchases of old runes and rune pages. IP Influence Points removed and replaced by Blue Essence Blue Essence. Blue Essence Sale: new skin WarwickSquare Urf the Manatee 2017 [S|L]. Summoner leveling cap removed. Champion's abilities damage and champion's stats changes to compensate old runes. Jungle experience balacing.