Peeling describes the act of protecting a champion or carry, which can be achieved through a variety of possible actions.

The simplest way to peel for a champion is by dealing damage to the enemy. By either killing him before he reaches his target or by forcing him to turn around, you effectively avoid all his damage. Note that this is the most ineffective way of peeling as most champions that have to close in on an enemy possess means of avoiding, negating or reducing damage or build sufficient defensive values to survive closing in. Peeling by damage mainly works when ahead or when abusing mistakes made by the enemy.

Another fairly simple way to peel is by decreasing the enemies values besides health, or increasing your allies' stats. This can occur by casting abilities and building items with utility.

In many cases, for example when the aggressor is in possession of a dash, it might be critical to prevent the enemy from using it, or at least stop the dash from reaching the ally you peel for. This can be achieved by using crowd control on the enemy that is closing in. While all hard CC will render your opponent unable to use dashes, only Airborne icon knockups will stop a dash that is already being executed.

Another way to peel that is rather unique to tanks is by redirecting damage from your ally to yourself, for example by intercepting skillshots. This is especially impact full when intercepting crowd control, as it would leave your ally in an extremely weakened position.