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Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer
Tier Legendary
Stats +50% attack speed
+30% critical strike chance
+5% movement speed
Passive Unique: Your champion ignores unit collision.
Menu Attack > Attack Speed
Attack > Critical Strike
Movement > Other Movement Items
Item cost 2800g (495g)
Sell value 1960g
Item Code 3046

Phantom Dancer is a legendary item in League of Legends.[1]


Phantom Dancer item
Phantom Dancer
2800 gold (495 gold)
Zeal item
1175 gold (375 gold)
Dagger item
400 gold
Dagger item
400 gold

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency

  • Phantom Dancer is 123.7% gold efficient without its passive.

Similar Items


  • The lowest base movement speed in the game is 325. At this speed, Phantom Dancer grants 16.25 movement speed.
  • The movement speed stat only increases flat movement speed, and will not interact with other percentage increases.


  • Phantom Dancer's name is likely a tribute to the original DotA hero Phantom Lancer.

Patch History

  • Total cost reduced to 2800g from 2845g.
  • Combine cost increased to 495g from 400g.
  • Attack speed reduced to 50% from 55%.
  • Movement speed reduced to 5% from 12%.
  • NEW Unique Passive: Your champion ignores unit collision.


  • Movement speed reduced to 12% from 15%.


  • Attack speed increased to 55% from 50%.


  • Combine cost reduced to 400g from 900g.
  • Removed the 20% dodge chance.


  • Movement speed increased to 15% from 12%.

May 15, 2009 Patch:

  • Attack speed reduced to 45% from 50%.
  • Critical strike chance reduced to 30% from 32%.

April 18, 2009 Patch:

  • Added a tooltip.

April 11, 2009 Patch:

  • Combine cost increased to 900g from 850g.


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