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Plentiful Bounty mastery s1.png Plentiful Bounty is a first tier offense mastery with 1 rank.

Effect per rank

  • Improves your Smite.png Smite spell to grant bonus Gold when used, and reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds.


  • This mastery is excellent for junglers. The bonus gold allows them to get gear faster. The reduced cooldown is almost necessary, as some junglers can jungle fast enough to have to wait for the cooldown even with the mastery.
  • The bonus 5 gold is given when Smite is used, whether it kills the target or not.
  • It is recommended to last-hit with Smite to avoid counter junglers stealing the kill.

Patch History

  • Removed
June 26, 2009 Patch
  • Increases the gold granted by Smite by 5, and reduces the cooldown by 5 seconds

Other versions

  • Season One

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