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Plundercrabs are ranged, champion-harassing brawler. Their attacks fire multiple cannonballs at nearby enemies and gain extra attack range as they are upgraded. They can also shoot faster when locking onto enemy champions and deal bonus damage.

As with all brawlers, they cost 5 Krakens to purchase and can be upgraded with further krakens (see below).


  • Plundercrabs will spawn in place of one of your team's Caster minions, one on each lane per Plundercrab hired. Once out of Caster Minions, Plundercrabs will begin replacing Melee minions.


Mercenary Upgrade 1 item.png Mercenary Upgrade 1

5 Krakens

  • +100 attack range
  • Unique Passive: Attacks against champions grant 20% attack speed for 3 seconds, stacking up to 150%.
Mercenary Upgrade 2 item.png Mercenary Upgrade 2

10 Krakens

  • +100 attack range
  • Unique Passive: Attacks against champions deal 50% AD bonus damage (25% AD on Splitshot).
Mercenary Upgrade 3 item.png Mercenary Upgrade 3

15 Krakens

  • +150 attack range
  • Unique Passive: Attacks against minions deal 50% AD bonus damage.
  • Splitshot now fires minor bolts at every nearby champion.
Defense Upgrade 1 item.png Defense Upgrade 1

5 Krakens

Defense Upgrade 2 item.png Defense Upgrade 2

10 Krakens

Defense Upgrade 3 item.png Defense Upgrade 3

15 Krakens

Offense Upgrade 1 item.png Offense Upgrade 1

5 Krakens

Offense Upgrade 2 item.png Offense Upgrade 2

10 Krakens

Offense Upgrade 3 item.png Offense Upgrade 3

15 Krakens

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