Champion Select

  • Poppy Select new
    "I'm no hero - just a Yordle with a hammer."
  • Poppy.taunt01
    "Seems you left your brave pants at home. Want me to wait while you go get them?"

Upon Starting a Game

  • Poppy.start01
    "The hammer isn't mine, just keeping it until the real guy shows up."
  • Poppy.start02
    "I've heard a lot about this hero with a hammer, can't wait to meet him."
  • Poppy.start03
    "Hmm... if I were a hero, where would I hide...?"
  • Poppy.start04
    "Not coming back 'til I find that hero."
  • Poppy.start05
    "One time I thought I found the hero... but he died."
  • Poppy.start06
    "Today's the day I find that hero."


  • Poppy.attack01
    "I can do this."
  • Poppy.attack02
    "Here goes everything."
  • Poppy.attack03
    "I hope this works."
  • Poppy.attack04
    "No backing down."
  • Poppy.attack05
    "Swinging from the heels!"
  • Poppy.attack06
    "Sorry about this."
  • Poppy.attack07
    "Careful, this packs a wallop."
  • Poppy.attack08
    "You should probably take cover."
  • Poppy.attack09
    "Ready, hammer?"
  • Poppy.attack10
    "One whomp at a time."
  • Poppy.attack11
    "You might wanna' look out."
  • Poppy.attack12
    "Keep swinging til' you hit something."
  • Poppy.attack13
    "Better get your guard up."
  • Poppy.attack14
    "You're in my way."
  • Poppy.attack15
    "Guess we're fighting."
  • Poppy.attack16
    "You are... definitely not the hero."
Upon Attacking the Dragon Dragon
  • Poppy.attackDragon01
    "This guy seems nice. I feel bad about killing him."
  • Poppy.attackDragon02
    "I really don't have anything against dragons."
  • Poppy.attackDragon03
    "Nothing personal, but... I need to squash you."
Upon Attacking Baron Nashor Baron Nashor
  • Poppy.attack17
    "Whoa! You're a big fella!"
  • Poppy.attack18
    "This should really be the hero's job."
  • Poppy.attack19
    "Wow. That's a lot to hammer."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Jarvan IV Jarvan IV / Ashe Ashe / Wukong Wukong
  • Poppy.attackJarvan01
    "Sorry, your majesty."


  • Poppy.move01
    "What do you mean my hammer's too big?"
  • Poppy.move02
    "If you're waiting for me to give up, you might be here a while."
  • Poppy.move03
    "Me? The hero? Nah, that's ridiculous."
  • Poppy.move04
    "I sure do a lot of walking."
  • Poppy.move05
    "Yep, it's even heavier than it looks."
  • Poppy.move06
    "Oh, you like to fight? So does my hammer!"
  • Poppy.move07
    "Guess I'm going this way now."
  • Poppy.move08
    "Do not make my hammer mad."
  • Poppy.move09
    "Every step is one step closer."
  • Poppy.move10
    "Some things are too important to give up on."
  • Poppy.move11
    "Who knew there were so many heroes?"
  • Poppy.move12
    "I gotta' see this through."
  • Poppy.move13
    "The hammer does most of the work, I just swing it."
  • Poppy.move14
    "How Demacian of you!"
  • Poppy.move15
    "I'm in one-hundred-percent! That's everything, right?"
  • Poppy.move16
    "Okay, I admit it. I'm lost."
  • Poppy.move17
    "I hope the hero likes me."
  • Poppy.move18
    "Sometimes you just gotta' do it yourself."
  • Poppy.move19
    "Just had a thought - three pigtails!"
  • Poppy.move20
    "Man, quests are hard."
  • Poppy.move21
    "Know what I could use? A cart."
  • Poppy.move22
    "I could really go for a nap."


  • Poppy.taunt01
    "Seems you left your brave pants at home. Want me to wait while you go get them?"
  • Poppy.taunt02
    "This hammer has two sides. Did you want to feel the other one too?"
  • Poppy.taunt03
    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, uh... hammer!"
  • Poppy.taunt04
    "Could you maybe get out of the way? Y'know, so I don't have to flatten you."
Taunting an Enemy Yordle
  • Poppy.tauntTristana01
    "I don't get Yordles. Too fluffy."
Taunting an Allied Galio Galio
  • Poppy.tauntGalio01
    "You know, gargoyles and Yordles have a lot in common."
Taunting an Allied Garen Garen
  • Poppy.tauntGaren01
    "Oh, wow, Garen, do you think you could sign my shield?"
  • Poppy.tauntGaren02
    "Garen, I think you might be the one!"
Taunting an Allied Jarvan IV Jarvan IV
  • Poppy.tauntJarvan01
    "A pleasure to fight for you, your majesty."
Taunting an Enemy Cho'Gath Cho'Gath
  • "You sure you wanna do this? You don't even have a weapon."
Taunting an Enemy Jayce Jayce
  • Poppy.tauntJayce01
    "That's not a hammer! This is a hammer."
Taunting an Enemy Leona Leona
  • Poppy.tauntLeona01
    "Look at all that shiny armor. Sorry I gotta mess it up."
Taunting an Enemy Taric Taric
  • Poppy.tauntTaric01
    "I'm about to hammer you in the jewels."


  • Poppy.joke01
    "Jokes? Yeah, I know jokes."
    • Poppy.joke02
      "A Demacian, a Noxian and a Freljordian walk into a tavern."
      • Poppy.joke03
        "The barkeep asks, 'What'll it be?'"
        • Poppy.joke04
          "The Demacian says, 'Uh, I'll have a wine.' No, wait, an ale! Yeah... "
          • Poppy.joke05
            "Then the Noxian says, 'I'll have a... a wine.' Yeah, he wants a wine."
            • Poppy.joke06
              "And the Freljordian says, 'I'll drink anything, so long as--- ' Wait, hold on, let me start over."
    • Poppy.joke07
      "A Noxian, a Targonian and a Piltie are robbing a bank."
      • Poppy.joke08
        "The bank guy says, 'I'll give you whatever you want.'"
        • Poppy.joke09
          "The Noxian says, 'I'll take whatever gold you got back there.'"
          • Poppy.joke10
            "The Targonian says, 'Gimme' all your gemstones!'"
            • Poppy.joke11
              "And the Piltie says, 'Can I own this ba--- uh, I own this bank, so...' He doesn't want anything because he owns the bank... "


  • Poppy.laugh01
    Poppy laughs.
  • Poppy.laugh02
    Poppy laughs.
  • Poppy.laugh03
    Poppy laughs.
  • Poppy.laugh04
    Poppy laughs.

Upon Hitting an Enemy with Iron Ambassador.png Iron Ambassador

  • Poppy.I1
    "Shield to the face!"
  • Poppy.I2
    "Left hand!"
  • Poppy.I3
Upon Picking up Iron Ambassador.png Iron Ambassador
  • Poppy.I4
    "Hope it's not dented."
  • Poppy.I5
    "Got it."
  • Poppy.I6
  • Poppy.I7
    Poppy giggles.

Upon Casting Hammer Shock.png Hammer Shock

  • Poppy.Q1
  • Poppy.Q2
    "Comin' down!"

Upon Stopping an Enemy with Steadfast Presence.png Steadfast Presence

  • Poppy.W1
    "Not so fast!"
  • Poppy.W2
    "What's the hurry?"
  • Poppy.W3
  • Poppy.W4
    "No getting through me."
  • Poppy.W5
    "Hold up!"
  • Poppy.W6
    "Uh uh."
Upon Triggering Stubborn to a Fault.png Stubborn to a Fault
  • Poppy.criticalHealth01
    "Hold on... "
  • Poppy.criticalHealth02
    "Keep fighting... "
  • Poppy.criticalHealth03
    "Not like this!"
  • Poppy.criticalHealth04
    "Not today!"

Upon Casting Heroic Charge.png Heroic Charge

  • Poppy.E1
    "Back off!"
  • Poppy.E2
    "Look out!"
  • Poppy.E3
    "Outta' my way!"
  • Poppy.E4
    "Move it!"
Upon Stunning an Enemy with Heroic Charge.png Heroic Charge
  • Poppy.E5
    "Hold it right there!"
  • Poppy.E6
    "You. Sit."
  • Poppy.E7
  • Poppy.E8
    "Don't move!"

Upon Knocking Away an Enemy with a fully charged Keeper's Verdict.png Keeper's Verdict

  • Poppy.R1
    "Look at him go!"
  • Poppy.R2
    "Remember to roll!"
  • Poppy.R3
    "Up goes the guy!"
  • Poppy.R4
    "And don't come back!"
  • Poppy.R5
    "And stay there!"
  • Poppy.R6
    "Huh. Didn't know I could do that."
  • Poppy.R7
    "Whoa. You went far."
  • Poppy.R8
When an Enemy Ekko Ekko Uses Chronobreak.png Chronobreak After Being Hit by Keeper's Verdict.png Keeper's Verdict
  • Poppy.jokeEkko01
    "Wait, you're here? I thought you were there."
  • Poppy.jokeEkko02
    "Didn't I just knock you away?"

Upon Buying an Item

  • Poppy.item01
    "Goes great with a hammer."
  • Poppy.item02
    "Yeah, just like the hero would buy."
  • Poppy.item03
    "Yay, more stuff!"
  • Poppy.item04
    "Got me some hammer accessories."
Upon Buying Aegis of the Legion item.png Aegis of the Legion
  • Poppy.itemAegis01
    "One shield for throwing, and one for holding."
Upon Buying Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet
  • Poppy.itemFrozenMallet01
    "A hammer for my hammer."
  • Poppy.itemFrozenMallet02
    "I'll just add it to my other hammer."
  • Poppy.itemFrozenMallet03
    "Well, two hammers are better than one."
Upon Buying Needlessly Large Rod item.png Needlessly Large Rod
  • Poppy.itemNeedlesslyLargeRod01
    "Hmm... nice weapon. Does it come in hammer?"
  • Poppy.itemNeedlesslyLargeRod02
    "You smash people with it, right?"
Upon Buying Warmog's Armor item.png Warmog's Armor
  • Poppy.itemWarmogsArmor01
    "It's a little big, but I'll grow into it."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • Poppy.ward01
    "Alright, sneakies... I know you're out there."
  • Poppy.ward02
    "Just in case they come creeping."

Upon Completing Recall.png Recall

  • Poppy.fountain01
    "Wait, what did I come back for?"
  • Poppy.fountain02
    "Now, back to finding that hero."
  • Poppy.fountain03
    "Anyone seen a hero around here?"
PoppySquare.png Star Guardian Poppy [S|L]
  • StarGuardian.recall01
    A voice plays.

Upon Consuming a Health Potion item.png Health Potion

  • Poppy.useHealthPotion01
    "To the hero!"
  • Poppy.useHealthPotion02
    "Fuel for the quest."

Upon Death

  • Poppy.death01
    "Right in the hammer... "
Upon Respawning
  • Poppy.respawn01
    "One thing about me: I'm not good at staying down."
  • Poppy.respawn02
    "That's okay. I'm playing the long game."
  • Poppy.respawn03
    "Let's try that again."