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  • Classic Poppy Skingallerybutton
  • Noxus Poppy Skingallerybutton
    (Legacy Skin, No Longer Available) RP 520 / 02-Feb-2010
  • Blacksmith Poppy Skingallerybutton
    (Legacy Skin, No Longer Available) RP 975 / 24-Aug-2010
  • Lollipoppy Skingallerybutton
    RP 975 (Limited Edition) / 18-Oct-2010
  • Ragdoll Poppy Skingallerybutton
    RP 975 (Limited Edition) / 14-Dec-2010
  • Battle Regalia Poppy Skingallerybutton
    RP 520 / 14-Mar-2011
  • Scarlet Hammer Poppy Skingallerybutton
    RP 975 / 01-Feb-2012
  • Star Guardian Poppy Skingallerybutton
    RP 1350 / 06-Oct-2016

  • Classic Skin
  • Noxus Poppy
  • Blacksmith Poppy
  • Lollipoppy
  • Ragdoll Poppy
  • Scarlet Hammer Poppy


  • Poppy Poppy was designed by Steven 'Coronach' DeRose.
  • Early on in her visual update development, Riot intended for Poppy to have a red scarf as "a heroic thing". However, the scarf was competing heavily with her pigtails, and it was way too busy on her model. They still liked the idea, so they trimmed it down to a muffler.[1]
  • Poppy Poppy's comic, "A Hero's Calling", was drawn by Jason Chan.[2]
  • Poppy Poppy's magical hammer is known as "The Hammer of Orlon".
    • It was given to her from Orlon, a Demacian warrior and Hero, before he passed away.
  • Her favorite food and sweets are lollipops.[3]
  • She finds Yordles a bit fluffy and disorganized, and she's definitely drawn to orderliness of Demacia.[4]
  • Poppy Poppy was the first Champion released in 2010.
  • Poppy is the first and so far only additional post-release champion to cost 1350 IP at the time of champion release. All other 1350 IP champions were already present at game launch.
  • Poppy is one of two champions that went into the weekly champion rotation on the day of their release, the other being Udyr Udyr.
  • Poppy shares a place with Maokai Maokai in having the highest base armor of any champion at level 18 (90 armor).
  • Following her Rework, Poppy is the first champion to receive new artwork for all of her skins, including her Classic skin.
  • After Poppy Poppy's rework, she became the first champion with full facial animation.
  • Poppy's login theme shares a similar tune and motif to the song "Demacia Rising" composed by Riot.
  • Her dance is a reference to the Grunka Lunka dance from the TV show, "Futurama".[6]
  • Poppy Poppy's quote "Fighting is serious business" is a reference to a well-known internet meme, "X is srs bsns (serious business)," meant to troll people that take something seriously with X being the subject at hand (e.g. LoL is serious business).
  • Poppy Poppy's quote "Let me demonstrate Hammer Diplomacy!" is a possible reference to Nietzsche's book "Twilight of the Gods" or "How to Philosophize with a Hammer", which serves as an introduction to all his other works.
  • Poppy Poppy's quote "Not like this!" may be a reference to the twitch emote "".
  • Poppy Poppy's shares a quote with Rengar Rengar and BraumSquare.png Braum, "Not So Fast!"
  • Poppy's quote "That's not a hammer! This is a hammer" is a reference to Crocodile Dundee.
  • Contrary to her previous quotes where she didn't know jokes, her rework has her state that she knows a few, although she fails to tell them properly.
PoppySquare.png Classic Poppy [S|L]
  • The Chinese version of Poppy's original skin is the background image of the Defense section in the mastery pages.
  • The flowers on the ground of Poppy's classic skin resemble the flowers of a plant from the genus Papaver, which are commonly referred to as "Poppies".
PoppySquare.png Lollipoppy [S|L]
  • This skin is a reference to the Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
    • The skin may also be a reference to the beloved child's board game Candy Land.
  • Poppy's face from the old splash art can be seen on one of the lollipops in the updated splash art.
    • For her new dance, she will put on her "happy face", this is a direct reference to her original splash art.
  • She shares this theme with IvernSquare.png Candy King Ivern [S|L].
PoppySquare.png Ragdoll Poppy [S|L]
  • This skin is a reference to the fictional character Raggedy Anne, who appears in a series of books illustrated for young children.
  • The new splash art was drawn by a skilled internet fan artist named Chenbo . Although he mainly draws endearing characters from World of Warcraft, he has drawn a few characters from League of Legends and anime alike. Other splash arts he has drawn for LoL are RyzeSquare.png Triumphant Ryze [S|L], RyzeSquare.png Uncle Ryze [S|L] and ShenSquare.png Surgeon Shen [S|L].
  • In her new updated splash art, several things can be seen in the background:
PoppySquare.png Noxus Poppy [S|L]
  • Her face paint and outfit strongly resemble the face paint and outfits of the band KISS.
PoppySquare.png Battle Regalia Poppy [S|L]
PoppySquare.png Scarlet Hammer Poppy [S|L]
  • It may be a reference to the game Spiral Knights, as one of the shields in the game is known as the 'Scarlet Shield'. The artwork also bears a striking resemblance to some types of armor worn by the Spiral Knights.
PoppySquare.png Star Guardian Poppy [S|L]


  • Poppy unsuspectingly stopped under Galio Galio's shadow while on her way to Demacia. As Galio observed Poppy's continued determination and bravery, he became inspired. Remembering the cause that his master had died defending, Galio arose from his silent purgatory with a new sense of purpose: to fight for the will of Demacia.
  • From the Journal of Justice, pirates from Bilgewater boarded a Bandle City ship headed to Demacia and sacked the vessel of its goods. This particular shipment was on its way to a celebration, a commemoration to Poppy's appointment to service as envoy between Demacia and the yordles. Tristana Tristana and Teemo Teemo led special forces to apprehend the culprits, though they were unable to salvage the cargo.


Main Theme
Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer - Login Screen03:09

Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer - Login Screen

Poppy's Theme
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Burning Bright Star Guardian Music Video - League of Legends

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