Program is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a dystopian future of Ionia, it features champions as mechanised artificial inteligence.


  • Blitzcrank iBlitzcrankCircle iBlitzcrank [S|L]
    • Built as household assistance automata, thousands of iBlitzcranks were corrupted by Program during a routine software update. With their human owners oblivious to this fact, they continue to help, waiting patiently for the time their new command lines are initiated.
  • Camille ProgramCircle Program Camille [S|L]
    • Weaponized to quell the G/NETIC rebellion, Program Camille is a robotic assassin who will kill any human trying to utilize unauthorized technology. A being of adaptable protocols and laser-like focus she takes her orders directly from Program’s superior artificial intelligence.
  • Lissandra ProgramCircle Program Lissandra [S|L]
    • Built as an all-seeing security bot, Program Lissandra rose above her initial code to become a self-generating artificial intelligence. She manipulates the technology of augmented humans with her own mimetic command, so that all will fall before her.
  • Soraka ProgramCircle Program Soraka [S|L]
    • Program Soraka was created as a support bot to protect humanity’s fragile nature, offering technological salvation at the hands of a mechanical angel. Infiltrated by corrupted code, it is unclear if this mission of mercy remains her prime directive.


  • CamilleSquare Program Camille [S|L] was built to chase after G/NETIC rebels, tying Program line to this universe too.
  • It has been confirmed by Riot employees that both Battlecast and Mecha are two distinct universes separate from the universe of PROJECT and Program.[1]
    • However, while not being directly part of any other skin universe but its own, Pulsefire champions are able to traverse space-and-time, making them effectively able to be in all skin universes, including the main League of Legends universe.[2]

  • iBlitzcrank
  • Program Camille
  • Program Lissandra
  • Program Soraka


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