Pulsefire is a series of is a series of Parallel Universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a dystopian future of Piltover after the Cog Era, it features champions augmented by cybernetic enhancements and equipped with Chrono technology.


The Rememberances

In the Dystopian Timeline of Post-Cog Era Piltover, a highly regimented totalitarian police state has taken power. During these times the group known as The Rememberances is tasked to manage the temporal spaces with Chrono Agents known as Pulsefire and observe for any temporal anomalies and changes to the timelines.


  • This skin line is heavily inspired by Back to the Future, The One, and Nineteen Eighty-Four.
  • Pulsefire skin series is link directly to all Dystopian Universe skin series, as it is hinted to be the furthest in the timeline of that shared universe.
    • Due to the nature of Pulsefire Chrono Agents being able to travel through Time and Space, they can effectively be in any timeline and any universe including the main League of Legends Universe.
    • During Pulsefires time in the Dystopian Universe, Cho'Gath Cho'Gath is deemed extinct, but a Cho'GathSquare.png robotic [S|L] version of him may still be around since UrgotSquare.png Battlecast Urgot [S|L] is deemed to still be a problem.[1]
    • AmumuSquare.png Sad Robot Amumu [S|L] is deemed not to be a threat in this timeline.
  • EzrealSquare.png Pulsefire Ezreal [S|L] is deemed as a Chrono Fugitive by the Rememberances due to his lack of care when shifting trough time and space, creating possible temporal paradoxes. CaitlynSquare.png Pulsefire Caitlyn [S|L] is appointed to apprehend or dispose of him.

  • Pulsefire Caitlyn
  • Pulsefire Ezreal


Main Music
Pulsefire Caitlyn - Login Screen03:21

Pulsefire Caitlyn - Login Screen

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