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Utility Mastery Tree
(Season One)
Spatial AccuracyGood HandsPerseveranceHasteAwarenessExpanded MindMeditationUtility MasteryInsightGreedBlink of an EyeQuicknessIntelligenceMystical VisionPresence of the MasterUtilitytree
Other Mastery Trees:
Offense Mastery OffenseDefense Mastery Defense
Quickness mastery s1
Quickness was a tier 4 utility mastery with 3 ranks.

Effect per rank


  • Requires 12 points in Utility.


  • This mastery, when maxed in combination with 3 quintessences of Swiftness, grant a total of a 7.5% movement speed increase.

Patch History

V1.0.0.129 Removed
  • Removed due to Season Two.
June 26, 2009 Patch Added
  • Tier 4 Utility mastery with 3 ranks.
    • Grants 1 / 2 / 3% movement speed.

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