Quicksilver Sash is an advanced item in League of Legends.[1]


Quicksilver Sash item
Quicksilver Sash
Gold 1300 (Gold 850)

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • The active must be valued at least Gold 760 for Quicksilver Sash item Quicksilver Sash to be gold efficient.

Builds Into


  • Unlike Cleanse Cleanse, it will not stop any other debuffs after activating it until the cooldown refreshes.
  • Countering Airborne CC

    Countering Airborne CC

    Unlike Cleanse Cleanse, it removes all Crowd control effects, including:
  • Remember that Quicksilver Sash item Quicksilver Sash does not give you any lingering resistance after use like Cleanse Cleanse. If you use it to remove a slow/stun/etc, you can immediately be stunned, slowed, suppressed, etc. again.
  • The active is one of the few abilities that can be activated during silence or suppression.
  • The active does not cancel or remove Airborne icon Airborne directly, but allows wielders to use mobility spells and Flash Flash to overrule the effect.


  • Quicksilver Sash item Quicksilver Sash's name is derived from the chemical element mercury, which is also known as quicksilver.

Patch History


  • Unique Active - Quicksilver now only cleanses Crowd control debuffs.


  • Combine cost increased to Gold 850 from Gold 750.
    • Total cost increased to Gold 1300 from Gold 1250.


  • Replaced Negatron Cloak item Negatron Cloak in recipe with Null-Magic Mantle item Null-Magic Mantle.
  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 750 from Gold 830.
  • Item cost reduced to Gold 1250 from Gold 1550.
  • Magic resistance reduced to 30 from 45


  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 830 from Gold 850.
  • Item cost reduced to Gold 1550 from Gold 1660.


  • Item cost increased to Gold 1660 from Gold 1640.
  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 850 from Gold 900.
  • Used in new item recipe: Mercurial Scimitar item Mercurial Scimitar.


  • Combine gold cost increased to Gold 900 from Gold 700.
  • Magic resist reduced to 48 from 56.


  • Adjusted Quicksilver Sash item Quicksilver Sash's cooldown to properly reflect the tooltip.


  • Effect is now Unique.


  • Cooldown reduced to 90 from 105 seconds.


  • Magic resistance increased to 56 from 48.


  • Cooldown reduced to 105 seconds from 120 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed it to be affected by cooldown reduction.


  • Cooldown reduced to 120 seconds from 150 seconds.
  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 700 from Gold 900.

V1.0.0.61: Added

  • Quicksilver Sash item Quicksilver Sash
    • Recipe: Negatron Cloak item Negatron Cloak Gold 900.
    • +50 Magic resistance.
    • Active Ability: Clears all negative debuffs from the owner. 150 second cooldown.


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