Demacia Needs Heroes

By Michael 'IronStylus' Maurino and Devon 'Runaan' Giehl [1]

They are the legions of blue and gold. They are the beacons of justice. They bear the standard. They lead the charge.

Demacia has always stood a stalwart sentinel against darkness and evil, but the nation faces a world of new and terrible threats. They wield the sword and spear, marching against their foes in mighty numbers, but can an army catch an assassin? Can numbers alone hold back spells woven in shadow and flame? With such vicious forces bearing down upon her doorstep, how will Demacia endure?

The answer is simple: a new champion approaches.

Quinn and Valor, Demacia's Wings, Revealed

By NeeksNaman [2]

Quinn Quinn and Valor Valor, Demacia's Wings, will be swooping onto the Fields of Justice in the upcoming patch. The most comprehensive duo to grace League of Legends yet, Quinn and Valor work in tandem to punish their opponents through agile and precise attacks.

Quinn and Valor's combined prowess makes them a highly mobile carry Tag Team.png combo. During the laning stage, the passive effects from Harrier.png Harrier and Heightened Senses.png Heightened Senses make Quinn an excellent last-hitter, and raises the chances of the duo securing kills against enemy champions. Quinn and Valor also enjoy a range of defensive abilities: Quinn can activate Heightened Senses.png Heightened Senses to check for approaching junglers, while Vault.png Vault ensures Quinn can easily maintain safe distance when enemies come in for the kill. If an opponent is still able to close in, the blind from Blinding Assault.png Blinding Assault can briefly neutralize the enemy and allow for a hasty retreat.

Quinn and Valor are also highly capable when assisting friendly ganks. The slow from Vault.png Vault makes their target susceptible to skillshots, and grants valuable time to secure a kill before your enemy can escape. The best Quinn and Valor players can even use smart positioning and timing with Vault.png Vault to launch Quinn over terrain. Quinn and Valor also excel at chasing down fleeing enemies. Activating Heightened Senses.png Heightened Senses gives vision across terrain and into brush, allowing the duo to close in on enemies attempting to juke. Meanwhile, the speed bonus from Tag Team.png Tag Team helps Valor hunt down retreating prey before Quinn returns to Skystrike.png Skystrike for the killing blow.

The nature of Quinn and Valor's play changes fundamentally once you gain access to Tag Team.png Tag Team. While still a disruptive ranged duo, Tag Team.png Tag Team temporarily turns Valor into a melee monster, perfectly poised for pursuing wounded enemies and cleaning up team fights. As a lengthy buff, Tag Team.png Tag Team affords Valor enough time to zip between lanes to defend or split push as needed. The long duration also means Valor can fully disengage from a team fight, reposition and heal up if needed, and re-enter the fight once the conditions are more favorable.

Quinn and Valor operate as an extremely powerful and mobile team, perfect for new players and veterans looking to carry in League of Legends!

Quinn Screenshots

2016 Season Update

We're turning Quinn Quinn into League's speediest champion. No-one counters a split push as fast as Demacia's Wings. [3]

Blinding Assault.png Blinding Assault no longer blinds (so uh... that's going to need a rename) but its cooldown is reduced whenever Quinn attacks enemies turned Harrier.png Vulnerable by Valor Valor. Next up, we're turning Quinn's Behind Enemy Lines.png ult into a toggle, giving Demacia's Wings the ability to move. Most champions rely on Teleport.png Teleport to safely stray from their team, but League's speediest champion can move about freely and split push - or counter a split push - anywhere on the map without needing summoner spells.