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Upon Selection

  • Quinn Select
    "Justice takes wing."


  • Quinn.attack01
    "Just like hunting thresher geese."
  • Quinn.attack02
    "You get the next one, Val."
  • Quinn.attack03
    "Still heart, steady aim."
  • Quinn.attack04
    "Fly swiftly... kill swiftly."
  • Quinn.attack05
    "Strike from the sky."
  • Quinn.attack06
    "Flush 'em out."
  • Quinn.attack07
    "Look Val, snacks."
  • Quinn.attack08
    "Stay on the target."
  • Quinn.attack09
    "I'll follow your lead, Valor."


  • Quinn.move01
    "Find me a path."
  • Quinn.move02
    "A bird's eye view is the best advantage."
  • Quinn.move03
    "We're in this together."
  • Quinn.move04
    "Demacia is counting on us."
  • Quinn.move05
    "We've got this covered."
  • Quinn.move06
    "Stay alert."
  • Quinn.move07
    "Buy me some time."
  • Quinn.move08
    "Val's stealing all the glory again."
  • Quinn.move09
    "There's always a trail."
  • Quinn.move10
    "Sometimes I swear that bird is just showing off."
  • Quinn.move11
    "I live behind enemy lines."
  • Quinn.move12
    "Stick to the plan, Val."
  • Quinn.move13
    "We Demacians are no easy prey."
  • Quinn.move14
    "Demacia needs heroes."


Valor flies to Quinn, squawks something, and she responds.
  • Quinn.joke01
    "Who's there? Jarvan who? Uh, Valor!"
  • Quinn.joke02
    "Who's there? Fiora who? Valor, that's just mean!"
  • Quinn.joke03
    "Who's there? Garen who? Yeah, I guess he does say that a lot."


  • Quinn.taunt01
    "I'd keep my head down if I were you."
  • Quinn.taunt02
    "I've got friends in high places."
  • Quinn.taunt03
    "Valor's shadow is the last thing you'll see."


  • Quinn.laugh01
    Quinn laughs.
  • Quinn.laugh02
    Quinn laughs.
  • Quinn.laugh03
    Quinn laughs.

Upon Using Blinding Assault.png Blinding Assault

  • Quinn.Q1
    "Go for the eyes!"
  • Quinn.Q2
    "Gouge 'em, Valor!"

Upon Using Heightened Senses.png Heightened Senses

  • Quinn.W1
    "What do you see up there?"
  • Quinn.W2
    "Need eyes on 'em!"
  • Quinn.W3
    "Eyes in the sky."

Upon Using Behind Enemy Lines.png Behind Enemy Lines

  • Quinn.R1
  • Quinn.R2
    "Valor, to me!"


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