Rakan OriginalSkin
Statistics Edit
Health 510 +85 Attack damage 62 +3.5
Health regen. 5 +0.5 Attack speed [*] 0.635  (+ 0 +3%)
Mana 315 +50 Armor 24 +3.9
Mana regen. 8.75 +0.5 Magic resist. 30 +0.5
Range 300 Move. speed 335
Controller icon  Rakan
the Charmer [1]
Price:IP 6300 / RP 975

Champion attribute background

Note that the client rates champions on a scale of 1-3, with champions that feature both None and Low in a particular strength being marked equally. In contrast, this Wikia uses a 0-3 scale for Toughness, Control, Mobility and Utility. Any champions listed as 0 can be considered a 1, officially.Damage - A champion's ability to deal damage.Toughness - A champion's ability to survive being focused.Control - A champion's ability to disable or disrupt enemies.Mobility - A champion's ability to move quickly around the map, blink or dash.Utility - A champion's ability to grant beneficial effects to their allies or to provide vision.Champion attribute overlay
Champion attribute segment 1
Champion attribute segment 2
Champion attribute segment 3
Champion attribute segment 3
Champion attribute segment 3
Secondary Bar:Mana resource Mana
Release Date:2017-04-19 Last Changed:V7.12
Secondary Attributes:Ranged role Ranged
Champion style basic attacks inactiveChampion style 90Champion style abilities active
Champion difficulty 2
  1. Rakan's profile page at Leagueoflegends.com