Champion Select

  • Rakan Select
    "Let's dance."
  • Rakan Ban
    "Seriously? Seriously? Lame."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Rakan.start01
    "My fellow travelers, you are all about to witness my majestic epicness! ... unless I get killed, but... probably not!"
  • Rakan.start02
    "Okay, everybody, I'm here, I'm here... the party starts now!"
  • Rakan.start03
    "Magic is in the heart. Magic is in the rhythm."
  • Rakan.start04
    "You see this cape? Ha! I say goddamn I'm sexy!"
  • Rakan.start05
    "I can't wait to get in there. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I am going to get in there!"
  • Rakan.start06
    "Xayah? Xayah? Crap. What was I supposed to do?"
  • Rakan.start07
    "Nothing important should be taken seriously."
  • Rakan.start08
    "War is in the dance."
  • Rakan.start09
    "Consequences only matter if I don't get away."
  • Rakan.start10
    "We are seen dancing and thought insane - by those who can't hear the music."
Upon Starting a Game with Xayah Xayah
  • Rakan.startXayah01
    Rakan: "Alright, let's go! This way or that way?"
    • Xayah: "Stick to the plan."
      • Rakan: "We have a plan?"
        • Xayah: "We always have a plan."
          • Rakan: "Huh. Really?"
  • Rakan.startXayah02
    Xayah: "Ugh, I hate everyone today."
    • Rakan: "I know what'll make you feel better... "
      • Xayah and Rakan: "Murdering everyone!"
  • Rakan.startXayah03
    Rakan: "Hey, I have a plan."
    • Xayah: "You... have a plan?"
      • Rakan: "Yeah! I'll go on instinct!"
        • Xayah: "That's the opposite of a plan."
  • Rakan.startXayah04
    Rakan: "You sure about this?"
    • Xayah: "It has to be done."
      • Rakan: "Be safe."
        • Xayah: "Like you can talk."
  • Rakan.startXayah05
    Xayah: "If things go wrong---"
    • Rakan: "They always go wrong."
      • Xayah: "They don't always go wrong."
        • Rakan: "Mostly?"
          • Xayah: "They mostly go wrong."
            • Rakan: "That's why I'm here."
  • Rakan.startXayah06
    Rakan: "So, this mission... are we, uh...?"
    • Xayah: "Are you pretending to be dumb?"
      • Rakan: "Well, I mean... I don't have to remember the plan if you do."
  • Rakan.startXayah07
    Rakan: "When are we going to do this?"
    • Xayah: "Soon, baby. Slow down."


  • Rakan.attack01
    "Let's get it!"
  • Rakan.attack02
    "I got some moves for you!"
  • Rakan.attack03
    "This is you getting slapped!"
  • Rakan.attack04
    "I'm here to party!"
  • Rakan.attack05
    "Here's what's happening!"
  • Rakan.attack06
    "Damn, this is exciting!"
  • Rakan.attack07
    "I'm gonna' slap all of you!"
  • Rakan.attack08
    "It ain't a party without a fight!"
  • Rakan.attack09
    "What you looking at?"
  • Rakan.attack10
    "Am I not magnificent?"
  • Rakan.attack11
    "Let's dance!"
  • Rakan.attack12
    "Where you going? Where you going?"
  • Rakan.attack13
    "I got one more thing for you!"
  • Rakan.attack14
    "You gonna' feel this one!"
  • Rakan.attack15
    "Be silent and live."
  • Rakan.attack16
    "We will not fade away."
  • Rakan.attack17
    "Time to go to work!"
  • Rakan.attack18
    "Ain't gonna slow me down!"
  • Rakan.attack19
    "Dance or die!"
  • Rakan.attack20
    "Let's get interesting."
  • Rakan.attack21
    "This is the message!"
  • Rakan.attack22
    "You will see my dance!"
  • Rakan.attack23
    "You will see the dance of death."
  • Rakan.attack24
    "This is all so intense!"
  • Rakan.attack25
    "I don't do safe!"
  • Rakan.attack26
    "Woo! You animals are dumb!"
  • Rakan.attack27
    "Yep! I'm amazing!"
  • Rakan.attack28
    "I can't die looking this good!"
  • Rakan.attack29
    "Let's get it started!"
  • Rakan.attack30
    "I got some moves for ya!"
  • Rakan.attack31
    "I need to get in it!"
  • Rakan.attack32
    "Hey! I got a joke for you!"
  • Rakan.attack33
    "I'm right here!"
  • Rakan.attack34
    "Am I not magnificent?"
  • Rakan.attack35
    "I'm gonna' tear this place up!"
  • Rakan.attack36
    "Oh! I need to get in there!"
  • Rakan.attack37
    "Hey, what did the five fingers say to the face?"
  • Rakan.attack38
    "I feel alright!"
  • Rakan.attack39
    "I'm gonna' hit 'em!"
  • Rakan.attack40
    "I'm incorrigible!"
  • Rakan.attack41
    "You got something to say?"
  • Rakan.attack42
    "They gonna' love this!"
  • Rakan.attack43
    "Hello? You ready for me?"
  • Rakan.attack44
    "Hey, the party's over here!"
  • Rakan.attack45
    "You're gonna' get hurt!"
  • Rakan.attack46
    "Who... wants... to dance?"
  • Rakan.attack47
    "Nothing's fun without risk!"
  • Rakan.attack48
    "You're gonna' love this!"
  • Rakan.attack49
    "What you looking at?"
  • Rakan.attack50
    "Look at me now!"
  • Rakan.attack51
    "I'm gonna' slap all of you!"
  • Rakan.attack52
    "Pay attention! Woo!"
  • Rakan.attack53
    "I like parties with a little violence!"
  • Rakan.attack54
    "They ain't ready! They ain't ready!"
  • Rakan.attack55
    "Challenge accepted!"
  • Rakan.attack56
    "I have killed for her! I will kill for her again."
  • Rakan.attack57
    "Time to get started!"
  • Rakan.attack58
    "Hell, let's do it!"
  • Rakan.attack59
    "Want to see some sweet moves?"
  • Rakan.attack60
    "Look! I'm a distraction!"
  • Rakan.attack61
    "Hey! What you doing?"
  • Rakan.attack62
    "Count it down! One, two, they dead!"
  • Rakan.attack63
    "I'm here! We can get it started!"
  • Rakan.attack64
    "I can be very distracting!"
Attacking an Enemy in Melee role Melee Range
  • Rakan.attackMelee01
    "Try and hit me, fool!"
  • Rakan.attackMelee02
  • Rakan.attackMelee03
    "You like that?"
  • Rakan.attackMelee04
    "My palm sends its regards!"
  • Rakan.attackMelee05
    "How's that face?"
  • Rakan.attackMelee06
    "Get some!"
  • Rakan.attackMelee07
    "Insulted yet?"
  • Rakan.attackMelee08
    "Man, that's insulting!"
  • Rakan.attackMelee09
    "You going to take that from me?"
  • Rakan.attackMelee10
    "Can't stop me!"
  • Rakan.attackMelee11
    "You're welcome!"
  • Rakan.attackMelee12
    "Learn to dance!"
  • Rakan.attackMelee13
  • Rakan.attackMelee14
    "Say yeah!"
  • Rakan.attackMelee15
    "Oh yeah!"
  • Rakan.attackMelee16
    "Watch me!"
While an Allied Xayah Xayah is Nearby
  • Rakan.attackXayah01
    Xayah: "Are you having fun over there?""
    • Rakan: "I can't hear you over all the fun I'm having!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah02
    Rakan: "The fight's here!, by me!"
    • Xayah: "It's the same fight!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah03
    Xayah: "You're doing this!"
    • Rakan: "Doing it!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah04
    Xayah: "I hate everyone today!"
    • Rakan: "Even me?"
      • Xayah: "Not you, baby."
  • Rakan.attackXayah05
    Rakan: "Should we give them a fighting chance?"
    • Xayah: "Only if we want to have fun."
  • Rakan.attackXayah06
    Rakan: "Who do I hit?"
    • Xayah: "One of them!"
      • Rakan: "Ah."
  • Rakan.attackXayah07
    Xayah: "This reminds me of our first dates!"
    • Rakan: "Good times!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah08
    Xayah: "Mind if I cut in, Rakan?"
    • Rakan: " Be my guest, miella!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah09
    Rakan: "That was beautiful, baby!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah10
    Rakan: "You see that?"
    • Xayah: "I couldn't miss it!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah11
    Xayah: "Make them remember!"
    • Rakan: "They'll never forget."
  • Rakan.attackXayah12
    Xayah: "Let's show 'em what we got."
    • Rakan: "Happily."
  • Rakan.attackXayah13
    Rakan: "You love it when I slap fools?"
    • Xayah: "You know I do!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah14
    Rakan: "This is the plan, right?"
    • Xayah: "It is now!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah15
    Rakan: "What do you want to do later?"
    • Xayah: "I can think of something."
  • Rakan.attackXayah16
    Rakan: "You hungry?"
    • Xayah: "Can we talk about this later?"
      • Rakan: "But... but... food!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah17
    Xayah: "You're cute today!"
    • Rakan: "Eyes on the prize, baby."
  • Rakan.attackXayah18
    Rakan: "Let me at 'em!"
    • Xayah: "Rakan is very enthusiastic."
  • Rakan.attackXayah19
    Rakan: "I want to show 'em!"
    • Xayah: "I adore your energy."
  • Rakan.attackXayah20
    Rakan: "Do we need any of these fools?"
    • Xayah: "Not a single one."
  • Rakan.attackXayah21
    Xayah: "Use your words!"
    • Rakan: "Can't! Punching!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah22
    Rakan: "I have your back!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah23
    Xayah: "I have your back!"
  • Rakan.attackXayah24
    Xayah: "How long since we last danced?"
    • Rakan: "Too long."
  • Rakan.attackXayah25
    Rakan: "These guys look silly!"
    • Xayah: "Bunch of weirdos."
  • Rakan.attackXayah26
    Rakan: "How many fights we gotta win?"
    • Xayah: "All of them!"


  • Rakan.move01
    "Our magic is a fury. It is a song you cannot resist."
  • Rakan.move02
    "Should I be... running? Yeah, I should... probably be running."
  • Rakan.move03
    "I look around these forests and I see freedom. I hear the music."
  • Rakan.move04
    "Crap. I totally forgot why I'm here."
  • Rakan.move05
    "I am only as wild as magic."
  • Rakan.move06
    "Magic is supposed to be scary. Love is supposed to hurt. Ecstasy needs a little fear."
  • Rakan.move07
    "If you aren't a little frightened, you ain't alive."
  • Rakan.move08
    "They've never seen moves like mine."
  • Rakan.move09
    "Magic is a wilderness."
  • Rakan.move10
    "Humans made promises. More than I can remember. They kept none."
  • Rakan.move11
    "Humans talk about their treaties. We talk about their lies."
  • Rakan.move12
    "Long ago, our kind danced upon the mountains like flames. Now only the embers remain."
  • Rakan.move13
    "I dance because I'm free!"
  • Rakan.move14
    "The only way to understand magic is to plunge into it, move with it, dance and dance!"
  • Rakan.move15
    "I'm getting impatient."
  • Rakan.move16
    "Gotta get myself hyped, okay... one, two... one, two... woo! Alright!"
  • Rakan.move17
    "The humans call it battle. It's just a dance."
  • Rakan.move18
    "I feel like my allies aren't recognising how amazing my cloak is! I mean, seriously! Rude!"
  • Rakan.move19
    "They will see my dance, then they will know magic's joy... and its fury."
  • Rakan.move20
    "Okay, Rakan, get 'em watching you, then you burn 'em up."
  • Rakan.move21
    "I look good, I feel good, let's kick some ass!"
  • Rakan.move22
    "I got my look right, I got my moves right... time to show it!"
  • Rakan.move23
    "They will remember my name!"
  • Rakan.move24
    "I'm gonna' live forever!"
  • Rakan.move25
    "I'm going to take all they got, then laugh as I throw it away."
  • Rakan.move26
    "I've been kicked around since I was born. It's alright! It's okay! I'm staying alive!"
  • Rakan.move27
    "They will see me. They will see my dance!"
  • Rakan.move28
    "I will walk in. I will dance. They will party."
  • Rakan.move29
    "Name one genius that ain't crazy."
  • Rakan.move30
    "Ha! I'm G to the D! Golden diamonds, boy! Woo!"
  • Rakan.move31
    "I'm just trying to live the moment."
  • Rakan.move32
    "I don't need anything - but the right now."
  • Rakan.move33
    Rakan sings.
  • Rakan.move34
    "Man, have you seen that forest over there?"
  • Rakan.move35
    "I got freedom, I got a lady, I got a cause I'd die for. That's who I am."
  • Rakan.move36
    "Don't leave nothing! Bring it all!"
  • Rakan.move37
    "Time to get it started!"
  • Rakan.move38
    "I don't need to understand the plan! I trust my love."
  • Rakan.move39
    "It's all filthy and dangerous - and that's why I love it!"
  • Rakan.move40
    "I miss Xayah."
  • Rakan.move41
    "Fun. I need some fun. Now."
  • Rakan.move42
    "Why is it taking so long to get back to the action?"
  • Rakan.move43
    "It's a revolution. And it's good times."
  • Rakan.move44
    "I'm offended by how little attention I was given."
  • Rakan.move45
    "Humans think that to believe in something, you have to be serious about it. That's their problem."
  • Rakan.move46
    "They ain't ready for what I'm bringing!"
  • Rakan.move47
    "Ain't nothing I say should be taken seriously! That's why it's the truth!"
  • Rakan.move48
    Rakan raps.
  • Rakan.move49
    "This looks like another dangerous situation. Thankfully, I can improvise."
  • Rakan.move50
    "They're gonna' try and test me? Haha!"
  • Rakan.move51
    "Danger is as fun as you let it be."
  • Rakan.move52
    "I am definitely more confident in dangerous situations."
  • Rakan.move53
    "I have got to stop talking to myself. Damnit, Xayah, where are you?"
  • Rakan.move54
    "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."
  • Rakan.move55
    "I can't wait to see what I'm going to do."
  • Rakan.move56
    "There's wildness in the bees and the flowers. It's just a fury humans don't see."
  • Rakan.move57
    "I am Vastaya. I am born of magic. This is my destiny."
  • Rakan.move58
    "Is my cloak right? Yes it is! I was worried there for a second."
  • Rakan.move59
    "Magic isn't supposed to be safe."
  • Rakan.move60
    "They're scared of darkness, they're scared of magic. They are scared of where I'm from."
  • Rakan.move61
    "They ain't seen moves like mine."
  • Rakan.move62
    "It's magic that's wild. I'm just here for the party."
  • Rakan.move63
    "For humans, magic is like fire. For us, it is water and air."
  • Rakan.move64
    "Ladies and gentleman, I am here to entertain! Myself, mostly - but you too!"
  • Rakan.move65
    "Humans claim it is theirs. They fence us away and cover it in refuse."
  • Rakan.move66
    "It don't take a lot of words to tell the truth."
  • Rakan.move67
    "Our people are bleeding. My lady's gonna' heal them."
  • Rakan.move68
    "I don't want a world that's safe."
  • Rakan.move69
    "I don't want a war - but I want to be free."
  • Rakan.move70
    "What human's call magic, we call life."
  • Rakan.move71
    "I'm here! I'm gone, I am so gone."
  • Rakan.move72
    "I can't die looking this good!"
  • Rakan.move73
    "I am a chronic line-stepper."
  • Rakan.move74
    "I dance because I'm free."
  • Rakan.move75
    "If Xayah says someone has to die, they die - and they deserved it."
  • Rakan.move76
    "Woo! I am so into this! What is this?"
  • Rakan.move77
    "If it don't get out of control, it ain't a party."
  • Rakan.move78
    "I think they underestimate my charm. How is that even possible?"
  • Rakan.move79
    "I'm so fine, I gotta kiss myself!"
  • Rakan.move80
    "They think they can catch me."
  • Rakan.move81
    "I don't do safe."
  • Rakan.move82
    "The universe loves me."
  • Rakan.move83
    "They want us in cages. We refuse."
  • Rakan.move84
    "I need my love to hurt. I need the world to be scary. I don't apologise for it! I feel good!"
  • Rakan.move85
    "I'm gonna' burn this place down, then help them build it back up - so I can burn it again!"
  • Rakan.move86
    "I dance so fine I kill."
  • Rakan.move87
    "Xayah? Hey! Damn, where is she? I hate it when she leaves."
  • Rakan.move88
    "Without wild magic, we have no children, we have no future."
  • Rakan.move89
    "When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story."
  • Rakan.move90
    "I do not wish to kill the mortals. I want them to hear the music."
  • Rakan.move91
    "The humans will never understand our kind until they hear the song."
  • Rakan.move92
    "I will make them dance. I will make them hear."
While an Allied Xayah Xayah is Nearby
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby01
    Rakan: " Hey, Xayah."
    • Xayah: "Yeah?"
      • Rakan: "You sexy."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby02
    Xayah: "Keep them distracted."
    • Rakan: "That shouldn't be a problem."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby03
    Rakan: "You okay?"
    • Xayah: "I'm fine."
      • Rakan: "You're pushing yourself too hard."
        • Xayah: "It has to be done."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby04
    Rakan: "Where are we going?"
    • Xayah: "You forgot the plan."
      • Rakan: "No, I... yeah. Hey, have you seen this cape?"
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby05
    Xayah: "You remember the Affay waterfall?"
    • Rakan: "Yeah."
      • Xayah: "I'd like to go there again."
        • Rakan: "Well, try not to die then."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby06
    Rakan: "Darling?"
    • Xayah: "Yes?"
      • Rakan: "Pay attention to me."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby07
    Xayah: "What the hell were you thinking?"
    • Rakan: "Back there?"
      • Xayah: "Yes."
        • Rakan: "I wasn't. I never think. Ugh... thinking."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby08
    Rakan: "How can humans not hear the magic?"
    • Xayah: "They're too busy building things."
      • Rakan: "Why?"
        • Xayah: "Because... they're afraid."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby09
    Rakan: "Thanks."
    • Xayah: "For what?"
      • Rakan: "Not saying 'I told you so.'"
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby10
    Xayah: "Okay, last time, it was totally my fault."
    • Rakan: "What was?"
      • Xayah: "Good answer."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby11
    Rakan: "You going to marry me today?"
    • Xayah: "Ask me again tomorrow."
      • Rakan: "I always do."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby12
    Rakan: "Do you love me because I'm beautiful, or because I'm sexy?"
    • Xayah: "Not now!"
      • Rakan: "Love is so cruel!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby13
    Rakan: "What's after this?"
    • Xayah: "Another road, another horizon."
      • Rakan: "Hm. Good."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby14
    Rakan: "It's gonna' be okay."
    • Xayah: "We can do this."
      • Rakan: "Hey, I know that."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby15
    Rakan: "You know I love you."
    • Xayah: "What we have is greater than some human word."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby16
    Rakan: "Did you notice the sky?"
    • Xayah: "It's lovely."
      • Rakan: "Not as beautiful as you."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby17
    Rakan: "I am R-r-r-akan!"
    • Xayah: "Ugh, what's with the accent?"
      • Rakan: "I'm... trying something new. Do you like it?"
        • Xayah: "No. No, I do not."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby18
    Xayah: "If you need me, whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you?"
    • Rakan: "Hubba hubba."
      • Xayah: "No, that's not whistling."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby19
    Xayah: "If you don't want to do this... "
    • Rakan: "No! I want to!"
      • Xayah: "You're only here because of me."
        • Rakan: "... nah. Freedom fighting is a good look for me."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby20
    Rakan: "What are those things humans wear on their feet?"
    • Xayah: "Shoes."
      • Rakan: "I need shoes. Red ones. I need them so bad."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby21
    Rakan: "Did I tell you I love you?"
    • Xayah: "Yes... but say it anyway."
      • Rakan: "I love you."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby22
    Rakan: "Why do you never say yes?"
    • Xayah: "'cause then... I wouldn't get to hear you ask."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby23
    Rakan: "Can we just stay here?"
    • Xayah: "We must keep moving."
      • Rakan: "Aw... "
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby24
    Rakan: "Xayah? I think we got a problem... "
    • Xayah: "Think, or know?"
      • Rakan: "I... know we got a problem?"
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby25
    Xayah: "I'm so tired... "
    • Rakan: "You gotta rest, honey."
      • Xayah: "Everyone is depending on me."
        • Rakan: "Everyone can wait."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby26
    Rakan: "What would you do if I died?"
    • Xayah: "I would... burn this world to the ground and build a castle from the ashes, where I would live alone forever."
      • Rakan: "Aw... that's sweet."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby27
    Xayah: "I think scars are sexy."
    • Rakan: "Okay. I'll get more."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby28
    Xayah: "Where do we go?"
    • Rakan: "Wherever our hearts desire."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby29
    Rakan: "How do you like me today?"
    • Xayah: "More than yesterday, less than tomorrow."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby30
    Xayah: "Do I make you happy, Rakan?"
    • Rakan: "Every day of my life."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby31
    Xayah: "I'm lucky to have you."
    • Rakan: "No. I'm the lucky one."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby32
    Xayah: "I swear, you will be the death of me."
    • Rakan: "I'm fine with that."
      • Xayah: "Me too."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby33
    Rakan asks something in Vastayan.
    • Xayah replies in Vastayan.
      • Xayah and Rakan laugh.
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby34
    Xayah: "If we get separated, I'll find you."
    • Rakan: "We won't get separated."
      • Xayah: "You're already wandering off."
        • Rakan: "No, I'm not! ... only a little."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby35
    Rakan: "You are stunning and beautiful... "
    • Xayah: "Why, thank you, darling."
      • Rakan: "Yes. I was... definitely talking about you, honey."
  • Rakan.moveXayahNearby36
    Xayah: "I need you to be more careful."
    • Rakan: "If anybody's gonna' die first, it's gonna' be me. I can't see you die. Also, black is a terrible color on me."
While an Allied Xayah Xayah is Distant
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant01
    Xayah: "Play it safe!"
    • Rakan: "Baby, I don't do safe!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant02
    Xayah: "You okay?"
    • Rakan: "Oh, this is all so intense!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant03
    Rakan: "You can't tell me you weren't impressed!"
    • Xayah: "With what?"
      • Rakan: "Just generally! I'm amazing!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant04
    Xayah: "Honey, what are you doing?"
    • Rakan: "I can't die looking this good!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant05
    Rakan: "After this, how about we get some human food?"
    • Xayah: "A nice dinner?"
      • Rakan: "Chocolate!"
        • Xayah: "That's not what---"
          • Rakan: "We're eating chocolate!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant06
    Xayah: "Do you remember the plan?"
    • Rakan: "Nope, but let's do it!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant07
    Rakan: "I have a cunning plan."
    • Xayah: "Really? What is it?"
      • Rakan: "I'm not going to tell you. That's the really cunning bit!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant08
    Rakan: "I think you intimidate human females."
    • Xayah: "Yeah, so?"
      • Rakan: "It's kinda hot!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant09
    Rakan: "Should I show them the dance?"
    • Xayah: "Show them the dance."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant10
    Rakan: "You thinking about me?"
    • Xayah: "I'm a little busy!"
      • Rakan: "That's very upsetting!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant11
    Xayah: "Baby, what did I tell you?"
    • Rakan: "Try not to die?"
      • Xayah: "Close enough."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant12
    Rakan: "Did you see the clothes those guys were wearing?"
    • Xayah: "Yeah, gross."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant13
    Rakan: "Rakan has arrived!"
    • Xayah: "I saw you. Everyone can see you."
      • Rakan: "Yeah! That's what I like!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant14
    Rakan: "Can I start off?"
    • Xayah: "You want to start it off?"
      • Rakan: "Let's start it off!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant15
    Rakan: "I'm a humble entertainer!"
    • Xayah: "Really, darling?"
      • Rakan: "Yeah, I'm the best."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant16
    Rakan: "Who is that gorgeous thing over there?"
    • Xayah: "Now's not the time, darling."
      • Rakan: "It's always the time!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant17
    Rakan: "Hey, I'm not gonna kill you, she is! Say hi, honey."
    • Xayah: "Hi."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant18
    Rakan: "I'm handling it, dear."
    • Xayah: "Are you?"
      • Rakan: "I was, I--- I will."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant19
    Rakan: "How long do we fight?"
    • Xayah: "Until we are free. Until magic is free."
      • Rakan: "Is that after lunch?"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant20
    Xayah: "Do you remember our escape route?"
    • Rakan: "Uh... yes?"
      • Xayah: "I'll take that as a no."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant21
    Rakan: "How will we know if the plan works?"
    • Xayah: "We'll still be alive!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant22
    Xayah: "Woo, shake those tail feathers, baby!"
    • Rakan: "I am not a piece of meat."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant23
    Rakan: "Caw caw, caw caw!"
    • Xayah: "You used the secret call! Is everything alright?"
      • Rakan: "We have a secret call? I just like that sound! Caw caw!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant24
    Xayah: "Hey, I need you here! Uh, never mind, just... go that way!"
    • Rakan: "No-one can control me!"
      • Xayah: "That's right, babe."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant25
    Xayah: "Look sharp, baby."
    • Rakan: "Ha! When don't I?"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant26
    Rakan: "If I vanish, what would you do?"
    • Xayah: "I would never be whole again."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant27
    Rakan: "Am I good to you?"
    • Xayah: "The best."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant28
    Rakan: "I'm going rogue!"
    • Xayah: "There's a surprise."
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant29
    Rakan: "Be right back!"
    • Xayah: "Will you?"
      • Rakan: "Who can know these things?"
        • Xayah: "You! You can know these things!"
  • Rakan.moveXayahDistant30
    Xayah: "I love you!"
    • Rakan: "I know."


  • Rakan.joke01
    "Do you want to smell it? Not for you!"
  • Rakan.joke02
    "You want to smell it? No flower for you!"


  • Rakan.taunt01
    "You know, I ain't really about making fun of people, but you... make that difficult."
  • Rakan.taunt02
    "I got three rules. You're breaking two of them with that outfit."
  • Rakan.taunt03
    "Can we just get started already?"
  • Rakan.taunt04
    "Why are you so boring?"
  • Rakan.taunt05
    "Man, are you digging this air?"
  • Rakan.taunt06
    "Oh, you're bumming me out."
  • Rakan.taunt07
    "Is... 'totally bogus' your thing?"
  • Rakan.taunt08
    "So, when you got dressed this morning, was this the look you were going for?"
  • Rakan.taunt09
    "There's this thing called grooming. You should try it."
  • Rakan.taunt10
    "Hey, I'm right here. So, can you be less uptight and lame now?"
Taunting an Allied Xayah Xayah
  • Rakan.tauntXayah01
    Rakan: "I ain't gonna' kill you. She is!"
    • Xayah: "Nice to unmeet you."
  • Rakan.tauntXayah02
    Rakan: "Kiss me, honey."
    • Xayah: "Why now?"
      • Rakan: "Give them a pretty last image."
Taunting an Enemy Rengar Rengar
  • Rakan.tauntRengar01
    "So, just tiger stuff? Buddy, you've got to mix it up."
  • Rakan.tauntRengar02
    "I know you're Vastaya, but your tribe... lacks style!"
  • Rakan.tauntRengar03
    "So, you just... run around in the jungle, huh? I mean, I'm not judging, if that's what you're into. Nerd."
Upon an Enemy Champion Taunting Nearby with Xayah Xayah
  • Rakan.interactionTauntEnemyXayah01
    Xayah: "I think we're supposed to laugh, now?"
    • Rakan: "At what?"
  • Rakan.interactionTauntEnemyXayah02
    Xayah: "Smile and nod, honey."
    • Rakan: "Can we leave now?"


  • Rakan.laugh01
    Rakan laughs.
  • Rakan.laugh02
    Rakan laughs.

Upon Casting Grand Entrance.png Grand Entrance

  • Rakan.spellW1
    "Come on!"
  • Rakan.spellW2
    "Come on!"
  • Rakan.spellW3
    "Come on!"

Upon Casting The Quickness.png The Quickness

  • Rakan.spellR1
    "Party started!"
  • Rakan.spellR2
    "Oh! Yeah!"
  • Rakan.spellR3
    "Can't stop me!"
  • Rakan.spellR4
    "This is the drop!"

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  • Rakan.kill01
    "Come on, fool thought he could match my style?"
  • Rakan.kill02
    "Got a feeling I shouldn't have done that."
  • Rakan.kill03
    "I'm not about killing - but I'll put in the work."
  • Rakan.kill04
    "Whoops. Now you are dead."
  • Rakan.kill05
    "Ugh. Sorry about that."
  • Rakan.kill06
    "Party foul!"
  • Rakan.kill07
    "Step up again, I'll slap you down again."
  • Rakan.kill08
    "Woo! I feel good!"
  • Rakan.kill09
    "Also, your look is played out."
  • Rakan.kill10
    "I got the deadly fresh style!"
  • Rakan.kill11
    "Oh! Can't touch this!"
  • Rakan.kill12
    "The dance is deadly."
Killing an Enemy Xayah Xayah
  • Rakan.killXayah01
    "I find this parallel universe stuff very upsetting."
  • Rakan.killXayah02
    "Well. I always was the pretty one."
  • Rakan.killXayah03
    "Hello, world! I am single now!"
  • Rakan.killXayah04
    "I bet she's going to be angry about that later."
  • Rakan.killXayah05
    "I miss her already. Oh well."
Killing an Enemy Ionian Champion
  • Rakan.killIonian01
    "Your kind started this war. We will end it."
  • Rakan.killIonian02
    "You put us in a cage? I put you in the ground."
  • Rakan.killIonian03
    "We don't want your harmony! We want our freedom!"
  • Rakan.killIonian04
    "I showed you the dance. You should've moved."
  • Rakan.killIonian05
    "I don't want to like killing, but this time, I did."
Killing an Enemy Zed Zed
  • Rakan.killZed01
    "You thought you got away?"
  • Rakan.killZed02
    "You came to visit us! Did you think we would forget?"
  • Rakan.killZed03
    "I remembered your trespass."
  • Rakan.killZed04
    "You were a shadow without a flame."
  • Rakan.killZed05
    "Messed with my girl. What did you think I was going to do?"
Killing an Enemy Jhin Jhin
  • Rakan.killJhin01
    "He had some style - for a human."
  • Rakan.killJhin02
    "Punk ass cape."
  • Rakan.killJhin03
    "Fool thought he could upstage me?"
  • Rakan.killJhin04
    "Problem with that guy? No talent."
Killing an Enemy Swain Swain
  • Rakan.killSwain01
    "Another. Dead. Poser."
  • Rakan.killSwain02
    "Kind of feel bad for the guy. His feathers were weak."
  • Rakan.killSwain03
    "Punk was trying too hard."
  • Rakan.killSwain04
    "Power was not meant to be contained. Now, it is free."
  • Rakan.killSwain05
    "You were given Vastayan blood, yet chose to be blind."
Killing an Enemy Udyr Udyr
  • Rakan.killUdyr01
    "It is from our blood your gifts came, and my hand that took it back."
  • Rakan.killUdyr02
    "One animal at a time? Weak."
Killing an Enemy Illaoi Illaoi
  • Rakan.killIllaoi01
    "What was with that girl's dumb purse?"
  • Rakan.killIllaoi02
    "Girl thought she could pull out my soul - but I got too much soul!"
  • Rakan.killIllaoi03
    "Big girl had too much going on."
Killing an Enemy Rek'Sai Rek'Sai
  • Rakan.killRekSai01
    "Six legs. Still couldn't dance."
  • Rakan.killRekSai02
    "Was that a land shark? I mean, why? Why is that a thing?"
  • Rakan.killRekSai03
    "Perfect predator? I got an instinct about how stupid that thing was."

Upon an Allied Xayah Xayah Pinging...

An Enemy Champion
  • Xayah.pingTargetDistant01
    (Distant) "Babe! Get 'em!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetNearby01
    (Nearby) "Babe! Get 'em!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetDistant02
    (Distant) "You got it!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetNearby02
    (Nearby) "You got it!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetDistant03
    (Distant) "Deal with them!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetNearby03
    (Nearby) "Deal with them!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetDistant04
    (Distant) "You want it?"
  • Xayah.pingTargetNearby04
    (Nearby) "You want it?"
  • Xayah.pingTargetDistant05
    (Distant) "Take 'em down!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetNearby05
    (Nearby) "Take 'em down!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetDistant06
    (Distant) "That one!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetNearby06
    (Nearby) "That one!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetDistant07
    (Distant) "Rakan, slap this fool for me!"
  • Xayah.pingTargetNearby07
    (Nearby) "Rakan, slap this fool for me!"
'Assist me'
  • Xayah.pingAssistMeDistant01
    (Distant) "Get my back."
  • Xayah.pingAssistmeNearby01
    (Nearby) "Get my back."
  • Xayah.pingAssistMeDistant02
    (Distant) "I need help!"
  • Xayah.pingAssistmeNearby02
    (Nearby) "I need help!"
  • Xayah.pingAssistMeDistant03
    (Distant) "Things are getting ugly."
  • Xayah.pingAssistmeNearby03
    (Nearby) "Things are getting ugly."
  • Xayah.pingAssistMeDistant04
    (Distant) "Yo! Little help!"
  • Xayah.pingAssistmeNearby04
    (Nearby) "Yo! Little help!"
  • Xayah.pingAssistMeDistant05
    (Distant) "I can't do this alone."
  • Xayah.pingAssistmeNearby05
    (Nearby) "I can't do this alone."
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant01
    (Distant) "Babe, watch out."
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby01
    (Nearby) "Babe, watch out."
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant02
    (Distant) "Watch out."
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby02
    (Nearby) "Watch out."
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant03
    (Distant) "Stay sharp."
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby03
    (Nearby) "Stay sharp."
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant04
    (Distant) "Eyes up."
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby04
    (Nearby) "Eyes up."
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant05
    (Distant) "Bad thing."
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby05
    (Nearby) "Bad thing."
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant06
    (Distant) "Hang back."
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby06
    (Nearby) "Hang back."
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant07
    (Distant) "Hang back."
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby07
    (Nearby) "Hang back."
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant08
    (Distant) "Danger!"
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby08
    (Nearby) "Danger!"
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant09
    (Distant) "Look alive."
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby09
    (Nearby) "Look alive."
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant10
    (Distant) "Look alive."
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby10
    (Nearby) "Look alive."
  • Xayah.pingDangerDistant11
    (Distant) "Stay alert!"
  • Xayah.pingDangerNearby11
    (Nearby) "Stay alert!"
'Enemy Missing'
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingDistant01
    (Distant) "They're gone."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingNearby01
    (Nearby) "They're gone."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingDistant02
    (Distant) "They vanished."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingNearby02
    (Nearby) "They vanished."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingDistant03
    (Distant) "Lost visual."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingNearby03
    (Nearby) "Lost visual."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingDistant04
    (Distant) "Enemy missing."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingNearby04
    (Nearby) "Enemy missing."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingDistant05
    (Distant) "Enemy missing."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingNearby05
    (Nearby) "Enemy missing."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingDistant06
    (Distant) "I don't see them."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingNearby06
    (Nearby) "I don't see them."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingDistant07
    (Distant) "Can't find them."
  • Xayah.pingEnemyMissingNearby07
    (Nearby) "Can't find them."
'On my Way'
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant01
    (Distant) "Bringing the pain."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby01
    (Nearby) "Bringing the pain."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant02
    (Distant) "On my way."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby02
    (Nearby) "On my way."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant03
    (Distant) "On my way."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby03
    (Nearby) "On my way."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant04
    (Distant) "Stay alive."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby04
    (Nearby) "Stay alive."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant05
    (Distant) "Here I come!"
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby05
    (Nearby) "Here I come!"
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant06
    (Distant) "Here I come!"
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby06
    (Nearby) "Here I come!"
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant07
    (Distant) "On it."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby07
    (Nearby) "On it."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant08
    (Distant) "On my way!"
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant09
    (Distant) "En route."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby08
    (Nearby) "En route."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant10
    (Distant) "Headed to ya."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby09
    (Nearby) "Headed to ya."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant11
    (Distant) "Keep it together!"
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby10
    (Nearby) "Keep it together!"
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant12
    (Distant) "I'm on the move."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby12
    (Nearby) "I'm on the move."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayDistant13
    (Distant) "I'm on the move."
  • Xayah.pingOnMyWayNearby13
    (Nearby) "I'm on the move."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • Rakan.ward01
    "I need to see if people can see how awesome I am!"
  • Rakan.ward02
    "When you open your eyes, you see everything is limitless."
  • Rakan.ward03
    "I need to know when the action's coming."
  • Rakan.ward04
    "Well I don't want to miss the start of the party."
  • Rakan.ward05
    "I dig seeing stuff."
  • Rakan.ward06
    "The world's a big place. Don't want to miss any of it."
  • Rakan.ward07
    "I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to scout around. Pretty, pretty sure."
  • Rakan.ward08
    "I'll just put that there. That's a good place. I hope. Yeah... "
  • Rakan.ward09
    "Let's see what's happening now."
  • Rakan.ward10
    "Yep, if I'm going to see the human world I need to start."
  • Rakan.ward11
    "I'm going to show people some of the strange."
  • Rakan.ward12
  • Rakan.ward13
    "I am not blind to any possibility."
  • Rakan.ward14
    "I know people are watching. How could they not be?"
  • Rakan.ward15
    "If you look at things the right way, it's awesome."
  • Rakan.ward16
    "The world isn't about collecting stuff, it's about seeing stuff."
  • Rakan.ward17
    "Turn in, turn on, drop out."
  • Rakan.ward18
    "The sleeper must awaken."
  • Rakan.ward19
    "Mankind is blind. I want them to see."
  • Rakan.ward20
    "Vision is the first step towards understanding."
  • Rakan.ward21
    "Aw, crap, I hate having to have a plan."
  • Rakan.ward22
    "I live in the moment."
  • Rakan.ward23
    "I think Xayah told me to improvise. At least, that's the only part of the plan I remember."
  • Rakan.ward24
    "Let's see what these animals can do."
  • Rakan.ward25
    "I... totally forgot why I'm here."
  • Rakan.ward26
    "Our kind will see the truth soon enough."
  • Rakan.ward27
    "I want to feel everything. That's the only way to live."
  • Rakan.ward28
    "Every road leads someplace."
  • Rakan.ward29
    "Hello? Anybody there?"
  • Rakan.ward30
    "Rakan, doing his job."
  • Rakan.ward31
    "I should totally get paid for this."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall Near an Allied Xayah Xayah

  • Rakan.recallXayah01
    "Let's go! Baby! Baby? Baby? Baby!"
  • Rakan.recallXayah02
    "Want to catch a ride?"
  • Rakan.recallXayah03
    "You got to keep up, baby!"
  • Rakan.recallXayah04
    "Better hurry up!"
  • Rakan.recallXayah05
    "Rakan out."
  • Rakan.recallXayah06

Upon Death

  • Rakan.death01
    "Damn... "
  • Rakan.death02
    "Not like this... "
  • Rakan.death03
    "Open... casket... "