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Last edited on April 12, 2014
by Zirthiel

Range is a measurement used to determine how far an autoattack or ability can reach. It shares the scale with movement speed, so one point translates to one game distance unit traveled. Note that autoattack range is measured differently to ability range. Given a source unit's hitbox and a target unit's hitbox, range is calculated as follows: autoattack range from edge to edge; targeted skill range from center to center; skillshot range from edge to edge; and the range of self-centered area of effects are from the edge of the source (the larger champions don't benefit less from auras than smaller champions). The difference is approximately 100 (i.e. 550 autoattack range is roughly 650 casting range)[1][2][3]

Each champion begins the game with a particular base autoattack range. This can vary from 125 to 175 for melee units and 425 to 650 for ranged units. The highest base autoattack range for champions is held by  Caitlyn. At level 18, the highest autoattack range is 703 held by  Tristana surpassing  Caitlyn at level 13 with 658 autoattack range. This is because of  Tristana's  Draw a Bead.

Abilities that can increase autoattack range

The following abilities change a champion attack classification from "ranged" to "melee", or vice versa. This affects things such as Blessing of the Lizard Elder, Frozen Mallet, Tiamat, Ravenous Hydra Runaan's Hurricane and  Mercurial Scimitar.


List of ranged champions from highest to lowest autoattack range.

Champion Range
 Twitch (with  Spray and Pray850
 Kog'Maw (with rank 5  Bio-Arcane Barrage) 710
 Tristana (with   Draw a Bead at level 18) 703
 Jinx (with rank 5  Switcheroo! while using  Fishbones) 700
 Caitlyn 650
 Annie 625
 Anivia,  Ashe,  Zilean 600
 Varus,  Zyra 575
 Ahri,  Brand,  Cassiopeia,  Corki,  Draven,  Elise (with  Human Form),  Ezreal,  Heimerdinger,  Kennen,  Lissandra,  Lucian,  Lulu,  Lux,  Malzahar,  Miss Fortune,  Nami,  Ryze,  Sona,  Soraka,  Syndra,  Tristana (with  Draw a Bead at level 1),  Twitch,  Vayne,  Ziggs 550
 Graves,  Jinx,  Karma,  Kayle (with  Righteous Fury),  LeBlanc,  Nidalee,  Orianna,  Quinn,  Twisted Fate  Veigar,  Viktor,  Vel'Koz,  Xerath 525
 Jayce (with  Transform: Mercury Cannon),  Kog'Maw,  Sivir,  Teemo,  Swain 500
 Fiddlesticks 480
 Janna 475
 Karthus,  Vladimir  Morgana,  Thresh 450
 Urgot 425

List of Melee champions.

Champion Range
 Rengar (with  Unseen Predator and 9 trophies on his Bonetooth Necklace) 750
 Rengar (with  Unseen Predator) 600
 Aatrox (with  Massacre),  Hecarim (with  Devastating Charge) 325
 Wukong (with  Crushing Blow) 300
 Riven (with  Blade of the Exile),  Kassadin (with  Nether Blade) 200
 Cho'Gath (with Rank 3  Feast at 6 stacks),  Fizz,  Hecarim,  Jarvan IV,  Kha'Zix (with Evolved  Taste Their Fear),  Nasus (with  Fury of the Sands),  Nautilus,  Vi (with  Excessive Force)  Wukong,  Xin Zhao,  Yasuo 175
 Leona (with  Shield of Daybreak) 155
 Aatrox,  Diana,  Pantheon,  Kassadin 150
 Darius (with  Crippling Strike) 145
 Nunu (with  Consume eating a Golem-like monster) 138
 Akali,  Alistar,  Amumu,  Blitzcrank,  Cho'Gath,  Darius,  Dr. Mundo,  Elise (with  Spider Form),  Evelynn,  Fiora,  Galio,  Gangplank,  Garen,  Gragas,  Irelia,  Jax,  Jayce (with  Transform: Mercury Hammer), ,  Katarina,  Kayle,  Kha'Zix,  Lee Sin,  Leona,  Malphite,  Maokai,  Master Yi,  Mordekaiser,  Nasus,  Nidalee (with  Aspect Of The Cougar),  Nocturne,  Nunu,  Olaf,  Poppy,  Rammus,  Renekton,  Rengar,  Riven,  Rumble,  Sejuani,  Shaco,  Shen,  Shyvana,  Singed,  Sion,  Skarner,  Talon,  Taric,  Trundle,  Tryndamere,  Udyr  Valor  Vi,  Volibear,  Yorick,  Warwick  Zac  Zed 125