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A Raptor is a small monster on Summoner's Rift. Five of them can be found with each Crimson Raptor Crimson Raptor.

Smite.png Smite cannot be used on small monsters.

Experience granted


  • It is likely the Raptor Cloak item.png Raptor Cloak is made out of Raptor feathers.
  • Kog'MawSquare.png Classic Kog'Maw [S|L]'s splash art features a Raptor and Helmet Bro's peculiar headgear (which can also be seen in-game, inside a nest within the blue side Raptors' camp)


  • Raptor concept art 1
  • Raptor concept art 2
  • Raptor concept art 3
  • Raptor concept art 4
  • Raptor concept art 5
  • Raptor concept art 6
  • Raptor concept art 7

Patch History

  • Experience increased to 35 from 15.
  • Now grants 25% less experience on first clear.

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