The following champions have recall animations across all their released skins:

Champion Skin(s) w/ Unique Animation
Aatrox OriginalCircle Aatrox Aatrox JusticarCircle Justicar Aatrox [S|L], Aatrox MechaCircle Mecha Aatrox [S|L]
Annie OriginalCircle Annie Annie PandaCircle Panda Annie [S|L], Annie HextechCircle Hextech Annie [S|L], Annie SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Annie [S|L]
Aurelion Sol OriginalCircle Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol AshenLordCircle Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol [S|L]
Azir OriginalCircle Azir Azir GalacticCircle Galactic Azir [S|L], Azir GravelordCircle Gravelord Azir [S|L], Azir SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Azir [S|L], Azir WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Azir [S|L]
Bard OriginalCircle Bard Bard ElderwoodCircle Elderwood Bard [S|L], Bard SnowDayCircle Snow Day Bard [S|L]
Braum OriginalCircle Braum Braum DragonslayerCircle Dragonslayer Braum [S|L], Braum ElTigreCircle El Tigre Braum [S|L], Braum SantaCircle Santa Braum [S|L]
Camille OriginalCircle Camille Camille ProgramCircle Program Camille [S|L]
Darius OriginalCircle Darius Darius WoadKingCircle Woad King Darius [S|L], Darius DunkmasterCircle Dunkmaster Darius [S|L], Darius DreadnovaCircle Dreadnova Darius [S|L]
Diana OriginalCircle Diana Diana LunarGoddessCircle Lunar Goddess Diana [S|L], Diana InfernalCircle Infernal Diana [S|L], Diana BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Diana [S|L]
Draven OriginalCircle Draven Draven GladiatorCircle Gladiator Draven [S|L], Draven PrimetimeCircle Primetime Draven [S|L], Draven PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Draven [S|L], Draven DravenDravenCircle Draven Draven [S|L], Draven SantaCircle Santa Draven [S|L]
Ekko OriginalCircle Ekko Ekko SandstormCircle Sandstorm Ekko [S|L], Ekko PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Ekko [S|L], Ekko SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Ekko [S|L]
Elise OriginalCircle Elise Elise VictoriousCircle Victorious Elise [S|L], Elise BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Elise [S|L], Elise SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Elise [S|L], Elise SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Elise [S|L]
Evelynn OriginalCircle Evelynn Evelynn ShadowCircle Shadow Evelynn [S|L]
Galio OriginalCircle Galio Galio GatekeeperCircle Gatekeeper Galio [S|L], Galio BirdioCircle Birdio [S|L]
Gangplank OriginalCircle Gangplank Gangplank SpecialForcesCircle Special Forces Gangplank [S|L], Gangplank SultanCircle Sultan Gangplank [S|L], Gangplank DreadnovaCircle Dreadnova Gangplank [S|L]
Garen OriginalCircle Garen Garen SteelLegionCircle Steel Legion Garen [S|L], Garen WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Garen [S|L]
Gnar OriginalCircle Gnar Gnar DinoCircle Dino Gnar [S|L], Gnar GentlemanCircle Gentleman Gnar [S|L], Gnar SnowDayCircle Snow Day Gnar [S|L], Gnar SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Gnar [S|L]
Heimerdinger OriginalCircle Heimerdinger Heimerdinger HazmatCircle Hazmat Heimerdinger [S|L]
Illaoi OriginalCircle Illaoi Illaoi VoidBringerCircle Void Bringer Illaoi [S|L]
Irelia OriginalCircle Irelia Irelia InfiltratorCircle Infiltrator Irelia [S|L], Irelia FrostbladeCircle Frostblade Irelia [S|L]
Ivern OriginalCircle Ivern Ivern CandyKingCircle Candy King Ivern [S|L]
Jayce OriginalCircle Jayce Jayce DebonairCircle Debonair Jayce [S|L], Jayce ForsakenCircle Forsaken Jayce [S|L]
Jhin OriginalCircle Jhin Jhin HighNoonCircle High Noon Jhin [S|L], Jhin BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Jhin [S|L], Jhin SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Jhin [S|L], Jhin PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Jhin [S|L]
Jinx OriginalCircle Jinx Jinx MafiaCircle Mafia Jinx [S|L], Jinx FirecrackerCircle Firecracker Jinx [S|L], Jinx SlayerCircle Slayer Jinx [S|L], Jinx StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Jinx [S|L], Jinx AmbitiousElfCircle Ambitious Elf Jinx [S|L]
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'Sa Kai'Sa BulletAngelCircle Bullet Angel Kai'Sa [S|L]
Kalista OriginalCircle Kalista Kalista BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Kalista [S|L], Kalista ChampionshipCircle Championship Kalista [S|L], Kalista SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Kalista [S|L]
Karma OriginalCircle Karma Karma OrderoftheLotusCircle Order of the Lotus Karma [S|L], Karma WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Karma [S|L], Karma ConquerorCircle Conqueror Karma [S|L]
Karthus OriginalCircle Karthus Karthus KarthusLightsbaneCircle Karthus Lightsbane [S|L]
Katarina OriginalCircle Katarina Katarina SlayBelleCircle Slay Belle Katarina [S|L], Katarina WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Katarina [S|L], Katarina PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Katarina [S|L], Katarina DeathSwornCircle Death Sworn Katarina [S|L]
Kayn OriginalCircle Kayn Kayn SoulhunterCircle Soulhunter Kayn [S|L]
Kha'Zix OriginalCircle Kha'Zix Kha'Zix GuardianoftheSandsCircle Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix [S|L], Kha'Zix DeathBlossomCircle Death Blossom Kha'Zix [S|L], Kha'Zix DarkStarCircle Dark Star Kha'Zix [S|L]
Kindred OriginalCircle Kindred Kindred ShadowfireCircle Shadowfire Kindred [S|L], Kindred SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Kindred [S|L]
Kled OriginalCircle Kled Kled SirCircle Sir Kled [S|L]
Lissandra OriginalCircle Lissandra Lissandra BloodstoneCircle Bloodstone Lissandra [S|L], Lissandra BladeQueenCircle Blade Queen Lissandra [S|L], Lissandra ProgramCircle Program Lissandra [S|L]
Lucian OriginalCircle Lucian Lucian HiredGunCircle Hired Gun Lucian [S|L], Lucian PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Lucian [S|L], Lucian HeartseekerCircle Heartseeker Lucian [S|L]
Master Yi OriginalCircle Master Yi Master Yi PROJECTYiCircle PROJECT: Yi [S|L], Master Yi CosmicBladeCircle Cosmic Blade Master Yi [S|L], Master Yi EternalSwordYiCircle Eternal Sword Yi [S|L]
Nasus OriginalCircle Nasus Nasus InfernalCircle Infernal Nasus [S|L], Nasus LunarGuardianCircle Lunar Guardian Nasus [S|L]
Nami OriginalCircle Nami Nami RiverSpiritCircle River Spirit Nami [S|L], Nami DeepSeaCircle Deep Sea Nami [S|L], Nami SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Nami [S|L]
Nidalee OriginalCircle Nidalee Nidalee HeadhunterCircle Headhunter Nidalee [S|L], Nidalee WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Nidalee [S|L], Nidalee ChallengerCircle Challenger Nidalee [S|L], Nidalee SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Nidalee [S|L]
Ornn OriginalCircle Ornn Ornn ThunderLordCircle Thunder Lord Ornn [S|L]
Poppy OriginalCircle Poppy Poppy StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Poppy [S|L], Poppy SnowFawnCircle Snow Fawn Poppy [S|L]
Quinn OriginalCircle Quinn Quinn WoadScoutCircle Woad Scout Quinn [S|L], Quinn HeartseekerCircle Heartseeker Quinn [S|L]
Rek'Sai OriginalCircle Rek'Sai Rek'Sai EternumCircle Eternum Rek'Sai [S|L], Rek'Sai PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Rek'Sai [S|L]
Rakan OriginalCircle Rakan Rakan CosmicDawnCircle Cosmic Dawn Rakan [S|L], Rakan SweetheartCircle Sweetheart Rakan [S|L]
Rengar OriginalCircle Rengar Rengar NightHunterCircle Night Hunter Rengar [S|L], Rengar MechaCircle Mecha Rengar [S|L]
Ryze OriginalCircle Ryze Ryze SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Ryze [S|L]
Sejuani OriginalCircle Sejuani Sejuani BearCavalryCircle Bear Cavalry Sejuani [S|L], Sejuani PoroRiderCircle Poro Rider Sejuani [S|L]
Sion OriginalCircle Sion Sion MechaZeroCircle Mecha Zero Sion [S|L]
Sivir OriginalCircle Sivir Sivir SnowstormCircle Snowstorm Sivir [S|L], Sivir VictoriousCircle Victorious Sivir [S|L], Sivir PizzaDeliveryCircle Pizza Delivery Sivir [S|L]
Soraka OriginalCircle Soraka Soraka CelestineCircle Celestine Soraka [S|L], Soraka ReaperCircle Reaper Soraka [S|L], Soraka ProgramCircle Program Soraka [S|L], Soraka StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Soraka [S|L]
Swain OriginalCircle Swain Swain TyrantCircle Tyrant Swain [S|L], Swain DragonMasterCircle Dragon Master Swain [S|L]
Syndra OriginalCircle Syndra Syndra AtlanteanCircle Atlantean Syndra [S|L], Syndra SnowDayCircle Snow Day Syndra [S|L], Syndra SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Syndra [S|L], Syndra StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Syndra [S|L]
Tahm Kench OriginalCircle Tahm Kench Tahm Kench MasterChefCircle Master Chef Tahm Kench [S|L]
Taliyah OriginalCircle Taliyah Taliyah FreljordCircle Freljord Taliyah [S|L]
Taric OriginalCircle Taric Taric PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Taric [S|L]
Thresh OriginalCircle Thresh Thresh DeepTerrorCircle Deep Terror Thresh [S|L], Thresh ChampionshipCircle Championship Thresh [S|L], Thresh BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Thresh [S|L], Thresh SSWCircle SSW Thresh [S|L], Thresh DarkStarCircle Dark Star Thresh [S|L]
Tristana OriginalCircle Tristana Tristana DragonTrainerCircle Dragon Trainer Tristana [S|L], Tristana BewitchingCircle Bewitching Tristana [S|L], Tristana OmegaSquadCircle Omega Squad Tristana [S|L]
Twisted Fate OriginalCircle Twisted Fate Twisted Fate BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Twisted Fate [S|L]
Twitch OriginalCircle Twitch Twitch SSWCircle SSW Twitch [S|L], Twitch OmegaSquadCircle Omega Squad Twitch [S|L]
Urgot OriginalCircle Urgot Urgot BattlecastCircle Battlecast Urgot [S|L]
Vel'Koz OriginalCircle Vel'Koz Vel'Koz BattlecastCircle Battlecast Vel'Koz [S|L], Vel'Koz ArclightCircle Arclight Vel'Koz [S|L]
Vi OriginalCircle Vi Vi NeonStrikeCircle Neon Strike Vi [S|L], Vi OfficerCircle Officer Vi [S|L], Vi DemonCircle Demon Vi [S|L], Vi WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Vi [S|L] Vi PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Vi [S|L]
Warwick OriginalCircle Warwick Warwick UrftheManateeCircle Urf the Manatee Warwick [S|L], Warwick UrftheManateeCircle Urf the Manatee 2017 Warwick [S|L], Warwick LunarGuardianCircle Lunar Guardian Warwick [S|L]
Xayah OriginalCircle Xayah Xayah CosmicDuskCircle Cosmic Dusk Xayah [S|L], Xayah SweetheartCircle Sweetheart Xayah [S|L]
Yasuo OriginalCircle Yasuo Yasuo HighNoonCircle High Noon Yasuo [S|L], Yasuo PROJECTCircle PROJECT:Yasuo [S|L], Yasuo BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Yasuo [S|L], Yasuo NightbringerCircle Nightbringer Yasuo [S|L]
Yorick OriginalCircle Yorick Yorick ArclightCircle Arclight Yorick [S|L]
Zac OriginalCircle Zac Zac SpecialWeaponCircle Special Weapon Zac [S|L], Zac PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Zac [S|L], Zac SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Zac [S|L]
Zed OriginalCircle Zed Zed PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Zed [S|L], Zed ChampionshipCircle Championship Zed [S|L], Zed DeathSwornCircle Death Sworn Zed [S|L]
Zoe OriginalCircle Zoe Zoe CyberPopCircle Cyber Pop Zoe [S|L]
Zyra OriginalCircle Zyra Zyra HauntedCircle Haunted Zyra [S|L], Zyra DragonSorceressCircle Dragon Sorceress Zyra [S|L]

The following Champions do not have a special recall animation for their classic skin (their recall animations are taken from idle or dance animations), nor for all their alternative skins. Though, some of their newer, event or high-priced skins do have special recall animations as listed below:

Champion Skin(s) with Animations
Ahri OriginalCircle Ahri Ahri PopstarCircle Popstar Ahri [S|L], Ahri ChallengerCircle Challenger Ahri [S|L], Ahri ArcadeCircle Arcade Ahri [S|L], Ahri StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Ahri [S|L]
Akali OriginalCircle Akali Akali HeadhunterCircle Headhunter Akali [S|L]
Alistar OriginalCircle Alistar Alistar SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Alistar [S|L], Alistar MooCowCircle Moo Cow Alistar [S|L], Alistar HextechCircle Hextech Alistar [S|L]
Amumu OriginalCircle Amumu Amumu SurprisePartyCircle Surprise Party Amumu [S|L]
Anivia OriginalCircle Anivia Anivia BlackfrostCircle Blackfrost Anivia [S|L], Anivia FestivalQueenCircle Festival Queen Anivia [S|L]
Ashe OriginalCircle Ashe Ashe HeartseekerCircle Heartseeker Ashe [S|L], Ashe PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Ashe [S|L], Ashe ChampionshipCircle Championship Ashe [S|L]
Blitzcrank OriginalCircle Blitzcrank Blitzcrank RiotCircle Riot Blitzcrank [S|L], Blitzcrank BattleBossCircle Battle Boss Blitzcrank [S|L], Blitzcrank LancerRogueCircle Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank [S|L], Blitzcrank LancerParagonCircle Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank [S|L]
Brand OriginalCircle Brand Brand ZombieCircle Zombie Brand [S|L], Brand SpiritFireCircle Spirit Fire Brand [S|L], Brand BattleBossCircle Battle Boss Brand [S|L]
Caitlyn OriginalCircle Caitlyn Caitlyn HeadhunterCircle Headhunter Caitlyn [S|L], Caitlyn LunarWraithCircle Lunar Wraith Caitlyn [S|L], Caitlyn PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Caitlyn [S|L]
Cassiopeia OriginalCircle Cassiopeia Cassiopeia JadeFangCircle Jade Fang Cassiopeia [S|L], Cassiopeia EternumCircle Eternum Cassiopeia [S|L]
Cho'Gath OriginalCircle Cho'Gath Cho'Gath BattlecastPrimeCircle Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath [S|L]
Corki OriginalCircle Corki Corki DragonwingCircle Dragonwing Corki [S|L], Corki ArcadeCircle Arcade Corki [S|L]
Dr. Mundo OriginalCircle Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo PoolPartyMundoCircle Pool Party Mundo [S|L], Dr. Mundo ElMachoMundoCircle El Macho Mundo [S|L]
Ezreal OriginalCircle Ezreal Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal [S|L], Ezreal ArcadeCircle Arcade Ezreal [S|L], Ezreal StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Ezreal [S|L]
Fiddlesticks OriginalCircle Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks DarkCandyCircle Dark Candy Fiddlesticks [S|L], Fiddlesticks RisenCircle Risen Fiddlesticks [S|L]
Fiora OriginalCircle Fiora Fiora PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Fiora [S|L], Fiora PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Fiora [S|L], Fiora SoaringSwordCircle Soaring Sword Fiora [S|L]
Fizz OriginalCircle Fizz Fizz VoidCircle Void Fizz [S|L], Fizz CottontailCircle Cottontail Fizz [S|L], Fizz SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Fizz [S|L], Fizz OmegaSquadCircle Omega Squad Fizz [S|L]
Gragas OriginalCircle Gragas Gragas OktoberfestCircle Oktoberfest Gragas [S|L], Gragas ArcticOpsCircle Arctic Ops Gragas [S|L]
Graves OriginalCircle Graves Graves PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Graves [S|L], Graves SnowDayCircle Snow Day Graves [S|L]
Hecarim OriginalCircle Hecarim Hecarim ArcadeCircle Arcade Hecarim [S|L], Hecarim ElderwoodCircle Elderwood Hecarim [S|L], Hecarim LancerZeroCircle Lancer Zero Hecarim [S|L]
Janna OriginalCircle Janna Janna ForecastCircle Forecast Janna [S|L], Janna StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Janna [S|L], Janna SacredSwordCircle Sacred Sword Janna [S|L]
Jarvan IV OriginalCircle Jarvan IV Jarvan IV DarkStarCircle Dark Star Jarvan IV [S|L]
Jax OriginalCircle Jax Jax GodStaffCircle God Staff Jax [S|L]
Kassadin OriginalCircle Kassadin Kassadin CosmicReaverCircle Cosmic Reaver Kassadin [S|L]
Kayle OriginalCircle Kayle Kayle AetherWingCircle Aether Wing Kayle [S|L], Kayle RiotCircle Riot Kayle [S|L], Kayle PentakillCircle Pentakill Kayle [S|L]
Kennen OriginalCircle Kennen Kennen BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Kennen [S|L]
Kog'Maw OriginalCircle Kog'Maw Kog'Maw BattlecastCircle Battlecast Kog'Maw [S|L], Kog'Maw Pug'MawCircle Pug'Maw [S|L], Kog'Maw HextechCircle Hextech Kog'Maw [S|L]
LeBlanc OriginalCircle LeBlanc LeBlanc RavenbornCircle Ravenborn LeBlanc [S|L], LeBlanc ElderwoodCircle Elderwood LeBlanc [S|L]
Lee Sin OriginalCircle Lee Sin Lee Sin MuayThaiCircle Muay Thai Lee Sin [S|L], Lee Sin PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Lee Sin [S|L], Lee Sin KnockoutCircle Knockout Lee Sin [S|L], Lee Sin GodFistCircle God Fist Lee Sin [S|L]
Leona OriginalCircle Leona Leona PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Leona [S|L], Leona PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Leona [S|L]
Lulu OriginalCircle Lulu Lulu WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Lulu [S|L], Lulu PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Lulu [S|L], Lulu StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Lulu [S|L]
Lux OriginalCircle Lux Lux SteelLegionCircle Steel Legion Lux [S|L], Lux StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Lux [S|L], Lux ElementalistCircle Elementalist Lux [S|L], Lux LunarEmpressCircle Lunar Empress Lux [S|L]
Malphite OriginalCircle Malphite Malphite MechaCircle Mecha Malphite [S|L], Malphite IronsideCircle Ironside Malphite [S|L]
Malzahar OriginalCircle Malzahar Malzahar SnowDayCircle Snow Day Malzahar [S|L], Malzahar BattleBossCircle Battle Boss Malzahar [S|L]
Maokai OriginalCircle Maokai Maokai MeowkaiCircle Meowkai [S|L], Maokai VictoriousCircle Victorious Maokai [S|L]
Miss Fortune OriginalCircle Miss Fortune Miss Fortune ArcadeCircle Arcade Miss Fortune [S|L], Miss Fortune CaptainFortuneCircle Captain Fortune [S|L], Miss Fortune PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Miss Fortune [S|L], Miss Fortune StarGuardianCircle Star Guardian Miss Fortune [S|L], Miss Fortune GunGoddessCircle Gun Goddess Miss Fortune [S|L]
Morgana OriginalCircle Morgana Morgana GhostBrideCircle Ghost Bride Morgana [S|L], Morgana VictoriousCircle Victorious Morgana [S|L], Morgana LunarWraithCircle Lunar Wraith Morgana [S|L], Morgana BewitchingCircle Bewitching Morgana [S|L]
Nocturne OriginalCircle Nocturne Nocturne EternumCircle Eternum Nocturne [S|L]
Nunu OriginalCircle Nunu Nunu ZombieCircle Zombie Nunu [S|L]
Olaf OriginalCircle Olaf Olaf SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Olaf [S|L]
Orianna OriginalCircle Orianna Orianna WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Orianna [S|L], Orianna HeartseekerCircle Heartseeker Orianna [S|L], Orianna DarkStarCircle Dark Star Orianna [S|L]
Pantheon OriginalCircle Pantheon Pantheon DragonslayerCircle Dragonslayer Pantheon [S|L], Pantheon SlayerCircle Slayer Pantheon [S|L], Pantheon BakerCircle Baker Pantheon [S|L]
Rammus OriginalCircle Rammus Rammus GuardianoftheSandsCircle Guardian of the Sands Rammus [S|L]
Renekton OriginalCircle Renekton Renekton PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Renekton [S|L], Renekton ScorchedEarthCircle Scorched Earth Renekton [S|L], Renekton SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Renekton [S|L]
Riven OriginalCircle Riven Riven ChampionshipCircle Championship Riven [S|L], Riven DragonbladeCircle Dragonblade Riven [S|L], Riven ArcadeCircle Arcade Riven [S|L], Riven DawnbringerCircle Dawnbringer Riven [S|L], Riven ChampionshipCircle Championship 2016 Riven [S|L]
Rumble OriginalCircle Rumble Rumble SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Rumble [S|L], Badlands Baron Rumble Badlands Baron Rumble [S|L]
Shyvana OriginalCircle Shyvana Shyvana IceDrakeCircle Ice Drake Shyvana [S|L], Shyvana ChampionshipCircle Championship Shyvana [S|L], Shyvana SuperGalaxyCircle Super Galaxy Shyvana [S|L]
Singed OriginalCircle Singed Singed SnowDayCircle Snow Day Singed [S|L], Singed BeekeeperCircle Beekeeper Singed [S|L]
Skarner OriginalCircle Skarner Skarner BattlecastAlphaCircle Battlecast Alpha Skarner [S|L], Skarner GuardianoftheSandsCircle Guardian of the Sands Skarner [S|L]
Sona OriginalCircle Sona Sona DJCircle DJ Sona [S|L], Sona SweetheartCircle Sweetheart Sona [S|L]
Talon OriginalCircle Talon Talon BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Talon [S|L]
Teemo OriginalCircle Teemo Teemo OmegaSquadCircle Omega Squad Teemo [S|L], Teemo LittleDevilCircle Little Devil Teemo [S|L]
Tryndamere OriginalCircle Tryndamere Tryndamere WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere [S|L], Tryndamere ChemtechCircle Chemtech Tryndamere [S|L]
Udyr OriginalCircle Udyr Udyr SpiritGuardCircle Spirit Guard Udyr [S|L], Udyr DefinitelyNotCircle Definitely Not Udyr [S|L]
Varus OriginalCircle Varus Varus ArcticOpsCircle Arctic Ops Varus [S|L], Varus HeartseekerCircle Heartseeker Varus [S|L], Varus DarkStarCircle Dark Star Varus [S|L]
Vayne OriginalCircle Vayne Vayne ArclightCircle Arclight Vayne [S|L], Vayne SoulstealerCircle Soulstealer Vayne [S|L], Vayne PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Vayne [S|L]
Veigar OriginalCircle Veigar Veigar BadSantaCircle Bad Santa Veigar [S|L], Veigar FinalBossCircle Final Boss Veigar [S|L], Veigar OmegaSquadCircle Omega Squad Veigar [S|L]
Viktor OriginalCircle Viktor Viktor CreatorCircle Creator Viktor [S|L], Viktor DeathSwornCircle Death Sworn Viktor [S|L]
Vladimir OriginalCircle Vladimir Vladimir SoulstealerCircle Soulstealer Vladimir [S|L]
Volibear OriginalCircle Volibear Volibear RuneguardCircle Runeguard Volibear [S|L]
Wukong OriginalCircle Wukong Wukong UnderworldCircle Underworld Wukong [S|L], Wukong RadiantCircle Radiant Wukong [S|L], Wukong LancerStratusCircle Lancer Stratus Wukong [S|L]
Xerath OriginalCircle Xerath Xerath GuardianoftheSandsCircle Guardian of the Sands Xerath [S|L]
Xin Zhao OriginalCircle Xin Zhao Xin Zhao SecretAgentCircle Secret Agent Xin Zhao [S|L], Xin Zhao DragonslayerCircle Dragonslayer Xin Zhao [S|L]
Ziggs OriginalCircle Ziggs Ziggs SnowDayCircle Snow Day Ziggs [S|L], Ziggs MasterArcanistCircle Master Arcanist Ziggs [S|L], Ziggs BattleBossCircle Battle Boss Ziggs [S|L]
Zilean OriginalCircle Zilean Zilean BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Zilean [S|L]

The following champions do not have any unique recall animations (rather they use their idle and dance animations as recall animations):