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The following champions have recall animations across all their released skins:

Champion Skin(s) w/ Unique Animation
Aatrox Aatrox AatroxSquare.png Justicar Aatrox [S|L], AatroxSquare.png Mecha Aatrox [S|L]
Annie Annie AnnieSquare.png Panda Annie [S|L], AnnieSquare.png Hextech Annie [S|L]
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol Aurelion SolSquare.png Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol [S|L]
Azir Azir AzirSquare.png Galactic Azir [S|L], AzirSquare.png Gravelord Azir [S|L], AzirSquare.png SKT T1 Azir [S|L]
Bard Bard BardSquare.png Elderwood Bard [S|L], BardSquare.png Snow Day Bard [S|L]
Braum Braum BraumSquare.png Dragonslayer Braum [S|L], BraumSquare.png El Tigre Braum [S|L]
Darius Darius DariusSquare.png Woad King Darius [S|L], DariusSquare.png Dunkmaster Darius [S|L]
Diana Diana DianaSquare.png Lunar Goddess Diana [S|L]
Draven Draven DravenSquare.png Gladiator Draven [S|L], DravenSquare.png Primetime Draven [S|L], DravenSquare.png Pool Party Draven [S|L], DravenSquare.png Draven Draven [S|L]
Ekko Ekko EkkoSquare.png Sandstorm Ekko, EkkoSquare.png PROJECT: Ekko
Elise Elise EliseSquare.png Victorious Elise, EliseSquare.png Blood Moon Elise, EliseSquare.png SKT T1 Elise
Gangplank Gangplank GangplankSquare.png Special Forces Gangplank, GangplankSquare.png Sultan Gangplank
Garen Garen GarenSquare.png Steel Legion Garen
Gnar Gnar GnarSquare.png Dino Gnar, GnarSquare.png Gentleman Gnar, GnarSquare.png Snow Day Gnar
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger HeimerdingerSquare.png Hazmat Heimerdinger
Illaoi Illaoi IllaoiSquare.png Void Bringer Illaoi
Jayce Jayce JayceSquare.png Debonair Jayce, JayceSquare.png Forsaken Jayce
Jhin Jhin JhinSquare.png Nigh Noon Jhin
Jinx Jinx JinxSquare.png Mafia Jinx, JinxSquare.png Firecracker Jinx, JinxSquare.png Slayer Jinx
Kalista Kalista KalistaSquare.png Blood Moon Kalista, KalistaSquare.png Championship Kalista, KalistaSquare.png SKT T1 Kalista
Kled Kled KledSquare.png Sir Kled
Karma Karma KarmaSquare.png Order of the Lotus Karma
Karthus Karthus None
Katarina Katarina KatarinaSquare.png Slay Belle Katarina, KatarinaSquare.png Warring Kingdoms Katarina, KatarinaSquare.png PROJECT: Katarina
Kha&#039;Zix Kha'Zix Kha&#039;ZixSquare.png Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix, Kha&#039;ZixSquare.png Death Blossom Kha'Zix
Kindred Kindred KindredSquare.png Shadowfire Kindred, KindredSquare.png Super Galaxy Kindred
Lissandra Lissandra LissandraSquare.png Bloodstone Lissandra, LissandraSquare.png Blade Queen Lissandra, LissandraSquare.png Program Lissandra
Lucian Lucian LucianSquare.png Hired Gun Lucian, LucianSquare.png PROJECT: Lucian
Master Yi Master Yi MasterYiSquare.png PROJECT: Yi
Nasus Nasus NasusSquare.png Infernal Nasus
Nami Nami NamiSquare.png River Spirit Nami, NamiSquare.png Deep Sea Nami
Nidalee Nidalee NidaleeSquare.png Headhunter Nidalee, NidaleeSquare.png Warring Kingdoms Nidalee, NidaleeSquare.png Challenger Nidalee
Poppy Poppy None
Quinn Quinn QuinnSquare.png Woad Scout Quinn
Rek&#039;Sai Rek'Sai Rek&#039;SaiSquare.png Eternum Rek'Sai, Rek&#039;SaiSquare.png Pool Party Rek'Sai
Rengar Rengar RengarSquare.png Night Hunter Rengar
Sejuani Sejuani SejuaniSquare.png Bear Cavalry Sejuani, SejuaniSquare.png Poro Rider Sejuani
Sion Sion SionSquare.png Mecha Zero Sion
Sivir Sivir SivirSquare.png Snowstorm Sivir, SivirSquare.png Victorious
Soraka Soraka SorakaSquare.png Celestine Soraka, SorakaSquare.png Reaper Soraka, SorakaSquare.png Program Soraka
Syndra Syndra SyndraSquare.png Atlantean Syndra, SyndraSquare.png Snow Day Syndra
Tahm Kench Tahm Kench Tahm KenchSquare.png Master Chef Tham Kench
Taliyah Taliyah TaliyahSquare.png Freljord Taliyah
Taric Taric TaricSquare.png Pool Party Taric
Thresh Thresh ThreshSquare.png Deep Terror Thresh, ThreshSquare.png Championship Thresh, ThreshSquare.png Blood Moon Thresh, ThreshSquare.png SSW Thresh, ThreshSquare.png Dark Star Thresh
Tristana Tristana TristanaSquare.png Dragon Trainer Tristana
Twisted Fate Twisted Fate None
Twitch Twitch TwitchSquare.png SSW Twitch
Vel&#039;Koz Vel'Koz Vel&#039;KozSquare.png Battlecast Vel'Koz, Vel&#039;KozSquare.png Archlight Vel'Koz
Vi Vi ViSquare.png Neon Strike Vi, ViSquare.png Officer Vi, ViSquare.png Demon Vi
Yasuo Yasuo YasuoSquare.png High Noon Yasuo, YasuoSquare.png PROJECT:Yasuo, YasuoSquare.png Blood Moon Yasuo
Yorick Yorick None
Zac Zac ZacSquare.png Special Weapon Zac, ZacSquare.png Pool Party Zac
Zed Zed ZedSquare.png PROJECT: Zed
Zyra Zyra ZyraSquare.png Haunted Zyra

The following Champions do not have a recall animation for their classic skin, nor for all their alternative skins. Though, some of their newer, event or high-priced skins do have recall animations as listed below:

Champion Skin(s) with Animations
Ahri Ahri AhriSquare.png Popstar Ahri, AhriSquare.png Challenger Ahri, AhriSquare.png Arcade Ahri
Alistar Alistar AlistarSquare.png SKT T1 Alistar
Amumu Amumu AmumuSquare.png Surprise Party Amumu
Anivia Anivia AniviaSquare.png Blackfrost Anivia
Ashe Ashe AsheSquare.png Heartseeker Ashe, AsheSquare.png PROJECT: Ashe
Blitzcrank Blitzcrank BlitzcrankSquare.png Riot Blitzcrank, BlitzcrankSquare.png Battle Boss Blitzcrank
Brand Brand BrandSquare.png Zombie Brand, BrandSquare.png Spirit Fire
Caitlyn Caitlyn CaitlynSquare.png Headhunter Caitlyn, CaitlynSquare.png Lunar Wraith Caitlyn
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia CassiopeiaSquare.png Jade Fang Cassiopeia
Cho&#039;Gath Cho'Gath Cho&#039;GathSquare.png Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath
Corki Corki CorkiSquare.png Dragon Wing Corki, CorkiSquare.png Arcade Corki
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo Dr. MundoSquare.png Pool Party Mundo, Dr. MundoSquare.png El Macho Mundo
Ezreal Ezreal EzrealSquare.png Pulsefire Ezreal, EzrealSquare.png Arcade Ezreal
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks FiddlesticksSquare.png Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, FiddlesticksSquare.png Risen Fiddlesticks
Fiora Fiora FioraSquare.png PROJECT: Fiora, FioraSquare.png Pool Party Fiora
Fizz Fizz FizzSquare.png Void Fizz, FizzSquare.png Cottontail Fizz, FizzSquare.png Super Galaxy Fizz
Gragas Gragas GragasSquare.png Oktoberfest Gragas
Graves Graves GravesSquare.png Pool Party Graves
Hecarim Hecarim HecarimSquare.png Arcade Hecarim, HecarimSquare.png Elderwood Hecarim
Janna Janna JannaSquare.png Forecast Janna
Kassadin Kassadin KassadinSquare.png Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
Kayle Kayle KayleSquare.png Aether Wing Kayle, KayleSquare.png Riot Kayle
Kennen Kennen KennenSquare.png Blood Moon Kennen
Kog&#039;Maw Kog'Maw Kog&#039;MawSquare.png Battlecast Kog'Maw
LeBlanc LeBlanc LeBlancSquare.png Ravenborn LeBlanc, LeBlancSquare.png Elderwood LeBlanc
Lee Sin Lee Sin LeeSinSquare.png Muay Thai Lee Sin, LeeSinSquare.png Pool Party Lee Sin, LeeSinSquare.png Knockout Lee Sin
Leona Leona LeonaSquare.png Pool Party Leona, LeonaSquare.png PROJECT: Leona
Lulu Lulu LuluSquare.png Winter Wonder Lulu, LuluSquare.png Pool Party Lulu
Lux Lux LuxSquare.png Steel Legion Lux, LuxSquare.png Star Guardian Lux
Malphite Malphite MalphiteSquare.png Mecha Malphite, MalphiteSquare.png Ironside Malphite
Malzahar Malzahar MalzaharSquare.png Snow Day Malzahar
Maokai Maokai MaokaiSquare.png Meowkai
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune MissFortuneSquare.png Arcade Miss Fortune, MissFortuneSquare.png Captain Fortune, MissFortuneSquare.png Pool Party Miss Fortune
Morgana Morgana MorganaSquare.png Ghost Bride Morgana, MorganaSquare.png Victorious Morgana, MorganaSquare.png Lunar Wraith Morgana
Nocturne Nocturne NocturneSquare.png Eternum Nocturne
Nunu Nunu NunuSquare.png Zombie Nunu
Orianna Orianna OriannaSquare.png Winter Wonder Orianna, OriannaSquare.png Heartseeker Orianna
Pantheon Pantheon PantheonSquare.png Dragonslayer Pantheon, PantheonSquare.png Slayer Pantheon, PantheonSquare.png Baker Pantheon
Quinn Quinn QuinnSquare.png Woad Scout Quinn
Rammus Rammus RammusSquare.png Guardian of the Sands Rammus
Renekton Renekton RenektonSquare.png Pool Party Renekton, RenektonSquare.png Scorched Earth Renekton, RenektonSquare.png SKT T1 Renekton
Riven Riven RivenSquare.png Championship Riven, RivenSquare.png Dragonblade Riven, RivenSquare.png Arcade Riven
Rumble Rumble RumbleSquare.png Super Galaxy Rumble
Ryze Ryze RyzeSquare.png SKT T1 Ryze
Shyvana Shyvana ShyvanaSquare.png Ice Drake Shyvana, ShyvanaSquare.png Championship Shyvana, ShyvanaSquare.png Super Galaxy Shyvana
Singed Singed SingedSquare.png Snow Day Singed
Skarner Skarner SkarnerSquare.png Battlecast Alpha Skarner, SkarnerSquare.png Guardian of the Sands Skarner
Sona Sona SonaSquare.png DJ Sona, SonaSquare.png Sweetheart Sona
Teemo Teemo TeemoSquare.png Omega Squad Teemo
Tryndamere Tryndamere TryndamereSquare.png Warring Kingdom Tryndamere
Udyr Udyr UdyrSquare.png Spirit Guard Udyr, UdyrSquare.png Definitely Not Udyr
Varus Varus VarusSquare.png Arctic Ops Varus, VarusSquare.png Heartseeker Varus, VarusSquare.png Dark Star Varus
Vayne Vayne VayneSquare.png Archlight Vayne
Veigar Veigar VeigarSquare.png Bad Santa Veigar, VeigarSquare.png Final Boss Veigar
Viktor Viktor ViktorSquare.png Creator Viktor
Vladimir Vladimir VladimirSquare.png Soulstealer Vladimir
Volibear Volibear VolibearSquare.png Runeguard Volibear
Wukong Wukong WukongSquare.png Underworld Wukong, WukongSquare.png Radiant Wukong
Xerath Xerath XerathSquare.png Guardian of the Sands Xerath
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao Xin ZhaoSquare.png Secret Agent Xin Zhao
Ziggs Ziggs ZiggsSquare.png Snow Day Ziggs, ZiggsSquare.png Master Arcanist Ziggs
Zilean Zilean ZileanSquare.png Blood Moon Zilean

The following champions do not have any unique recall animations:

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