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Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson is a Swedish League of Legends player who is currently the AD Carry for Fnatic.


Season 2

Rekkles started playing competitive League of Legends in 2012, playing for Playing Ducks and PAH, whilst also subbing for both Team BLACK and SK Gaming. During this time, even at such a young age, Rekkles had the chance to play against teams of an especially high standard. In November 2012, he joined Fnatic as their starting AD Carry.

Season 3

Rekkles' young age had limited him however, preventing him from being able to play in the 2013 EU LCS for Fnatic.

As he was unable to play in the LCS, Fnatic.Beta (a secondary Fnatic squad) was created around him. However, the team disbanded after a few months. In May 2013 he started playing together with Youngbuck, Shook, cowTard, and Unlimited as PrideFC, and after the team got signed by the Copenhagen Wolves, he agreed to continue playing with them as a stand-in. Together, he and Fnatic decided that it would be best for him to rejoin the roster in the 2014 season, as he was not eligible to play until after the group stage.

On November 22, 2013, Rekkles officially retook the starting AD carry position from puszu.

2014 Season

Rekkles and Fnatic started off their season at the IEM Season VIII - World Championship. The team came 2nd, losing to KT Rolster Bullets in the Grand Final.

The Spring Split went relatively well for the team. Rekkles' very first week playing in the Spring Split saw him take the prize of weekly MVP as Fnatic won each of their 4 superweek games, mainly due to his performances on Jinx Jinx. Fnatic ended the split in 2nd place behind SK Gaming, securing themselves a place in the Spring Playoffs. The whole team raised their game for the playoffs and they emerged victorious after a win against Alliance in their semifinal matchup, and against SK Gaming in the Grand Final

Due to Fnatic's performance in the Spring Playoffs, they had qualified to compete at All-Star Paris 2014, along with other regional winners from around the world. The team made it to the semifinals of the tournament, losing to the world champion at the time, SK Telecom T1.

he start of the Summer Split was shaky for Rekkles and the team. Fnatic could not break in to the top 2 until Week 7 of their split, at which point main rivals Alliance were already a considerable distance ahead of them in the race for the first place. Rekkles managed to impress with his Lucian Lucian and Vayne Vayne throughout, picking up the Weekly MVP Award for Week 9, thought Fnatic could only manage a 2nd-place finish. The team aimed to put the split behind them and focus on the Summer Playoffs. A close fought win over ROCCAT in the semifinal meant that Rekkles and the team would face Alliance in the final. The match ended in defeat for Fnatic, but the playoffs saw the team seal their qualification for the 2014 Season World Championship.

Fnatic were placed in Group C along with LMQ, OMG, and Samsung Blue. Fnatic managed only two wins in their group, meaning that Rekkles and the team did not progress to the knockout stage.

2015 Season

On November 24, 2014, Rekkles officially joined Alliance as their starting AD Carry, after long-standing rumours that the move was going to happen. His first event with Alliance was IEM Season IX - San Jose. Seeded directly into the semifinals, Rekkles and the team lost their matchup to Cloud 9 and tied for third place with Team SoloMid. Rekkles was nominated for the MVP award along with PowerOfEvil, Vizicsacsi, Kikis, and Sneaky but lost the vote to Sneaky.

In order to comply with new LCS regulations, Alliance would have to change their name for the upcoming season. On January 8, it was announced that the team had rebranded as Elements. The Spring Split was not a success for the team, finishing in 7th place after making a number of roster changes. This meant that the team would not go to playoffs, but would qualify for the Summer Split.

On May 14, Rekkles rejoined Fnatic. The team went into the Summer Season with confidence running high after their performance on the international stage at the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational, with Steeelback on the roster, before Rekkles rejoined the team. Fnatic managed to finish the regular season with a perfect, unbeaten 18-0 record - and became the first team to achieve this in the League Championship Series history. This means a 1st place regular season finish for the team and a bye to the semifinals of the Summer Playoffs.


  • Rekkles is known to eat cereal before every game.
  • Rekkles was a very talented soccer player but injured his leg at the age of 14, which is when he picked up League of Legends for the first time.
  • Rekkles' favourite quote is "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take" by Wayne Gretzky. It has inspired him in everything he does.
  • Rekkles is one of the youngest players ever to play in competitive play.
  • His favourite champions are Vayne Vayne and Ezreal Ezreal.
  • Rekkles is tied for the most kills in a single summer split and also least deaths in a single split, both in the 2014 Summer Split.
  • When Alliance bootcamped in North America in preparation for the IEM San Jose, Rekkles was the first member of his team to reach Challenger in soloqueue, reaching it with a 68-13 record.
  • Has a good relationship with Shook from playing together in Copenhagen Wolves.
  • Due to stress, Rekkles started smoking during Season 4, but thankfully quit the habit at the end of the season.

Current Season Statistics

Champion G W L WR
Sivir Sivir 6 6 0 100.00%
Kalista Kalista 6 6 0 100.00%
Corki Corki 5 4 1 80.00%
Tristana Tristana 5 4 1 80.00%
Ezreal Ezreal 2 2 0 100.00%
Ashe Ashe 2 2 0 100.00%

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