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  • Renekton is voiced by Patrick Seitz.
  • Renekton's title used to be 'the Eater of Souls' (was changed to the current one after his sneak peek).
  • He's a crocodile, and not an alligator, because:
    • When he closes his jaw you can see his upper and lower teeth, alligators would only show top teeth due to a strong overbite.
    • Crocodiles are much more aggressive than alligators, and Renekton has a literal rage meter. [1]
  • Cull the Meek Cull the Meek used to be called 'Tyrant's Reach' (was changed for unknown reasons when his Champion Spotlight was released).
  • Renekton's Art Spotlight is the only one not to show his Classic skin (shows Renekton OutbackCircle Outback [S|L] instead).
  • Slice Slice and Dice Dice reference the eponymous expression.
  • Dominus Dominus comes from the Roman title, from domus "home, house", thus "Household's Master" (cf. Greek despotes, Despoina, & Demeter).


    e "NasusSquare Nasus cannot escape me forever!"
    is one of the few instances where a champion references another outside of taunts.
    e "Come back when you've collected all the bits of yourself!"
    references Osiris from Egyptian mythology.
    e "What? Do I have someone in my teeth?"
    is a double entendre.
  • Renekton's taunt and joke in Polish localization reference a Polish viral video (curse words were substituted by their less offensive counterparts)
  • Renekton shares quotes with:


Renekton OriginalCircle Classic Renekton [S|L]
Renekton OutbackCircle Outback Renekton [S|L]
Renekton GalacticCircle Galactic Renekton [S|L]
Renekton BloodfuryCircle Bloodfury Renekton [S|L]
  • Standing in brush will sometimes make his tongue remain opaque while the rest of his body becomes translucent (he will still remain hidden)
Renekton RuneWarsCircle Rune Wars Renekton [S|L]
Renekton ScorchedEarthCircle Scorched Earth Renekton [S|L]
Renekton PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Renekton [S|L]
Renekton PrehistoricCircle Prehistoric Renekton [S|L]
Renekton SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Renekton [S|L]
Renekton RenektoyCircle Renektoy [S|L]
Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Tanzanite


  • Renekton was a war captain who contributed to Ancient Shurima's conquest and expansion efforts by fighting the wars his brother NasusSquare Nasus planned.
    • Renekton's self-sacrifice to help his brother survive by turning Ascended earned him the right as well. Over time, his newfound form awakened his inner Reign of Anger fury, which would be later harvested by XerathSquare Xerath to drive him mad and turn him against NasusSquare Nasus.
  • Renekton and NasusSquare Nasus were driven away from the Shuriman capital thanks to XerathSquare Xerath releasing BrandSquare Brand from his Mana Surge sarcophagus, buying the Magus time to steal Ascension from AzirSquare Azir.
    • Renekton threw himself and XerathSquare Xerath into the Tomb of the Emperors and asked NasusSquare Nasus to seal it, which he reluctantly did. Millennia later, SivirSquare Sivir and CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia opened the tomb and freed them.
      • Renekton's insanity is the byproduct of XerathSquare Xerath's words and of the centuries he spent with him in utter darkness. The Magus brainwashed him into believing it's all NasusSquare Nasus' fault, and will hunt down his brother while butchering everything and everyone standing in his way.