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Upon Selection

  • Rengar Select
    "Tonight we hunt!"


  • Rengar.move1
    "Walk the killer's path."
  • Rengar.move2
    "I seek only the strongest."
  • Rengar.move3
    "Catch their trail."
  • Rengar.move4
    "Comfort breeds weakness."
  • Rengar.move5
    "A true hunter never rests."
  • Rengar.move6
    "The scent of prey."
  • Rengar.move7
    "Monsters can be made to fear."
  • Rengar.move8
    "Strike when ready."
  • Rengar.move9
    "There is the hunter and the hunted."
  • Rengar.move10
    "Whose head shall I take?"


  • Rengar.attack1
    "A fitting prize."
  • Rengar.attack2
    "Nothing will escape."
  • Rengar.attack3
    "Carve off a souvenir."
  • Rengar.attack4
    "Another piece for my collection."
  • Rengar.attack5
    "Their heads will adorn my wall."
  • Rengar.attack6
    "Lesser creature."
  • Rengar.attack7
    "Let's see what they're made of."


  • Rengar.joke1
    "All these trophies... I'm gonna need a bigger den!"
  • Rengar.joke2
    "So much bloodshed... This is my kind of place!"


  • Rengar.taunt1
    "You have a warrior's heart. I think I'll take it."
  • Rengar.taunt2
    "You've earned a good death. I've earned the kill."


  • Rengar.laugh1
    Rengar laughs.
  • Rengar.laugh2
    Rengar laughs.
  • Rengar.laugh3
    Rengar laughs.

Upon Acquiring a Trophy

  • Rengar.trophy3
    "Spoils of the hunt."
  • Rengar.trophy4
    "Never return empty-handed."
  • Rengar.trophy5
    "A token of my conquests."
  • Rengar.trophy6
    "I'm just getting started."
  • Rengar.trophy7
    "A fine collection."
  • Rengar.trophy8
    "More prey, more prizes."
  • Rengar.trophy9
    "Leave only a trail of bodies."
  • Rengar.trophy10
    "What a glorious hunt."

Upon Using Battle Roar.png Battle Roar

  • Rengar.W1
    "Come on!"
  • Rengar.W2
    "Let's fight!"

Upon Using Bola Strike.png Bola Strike

  • Rengar.E1
    "Not so fast!"
  • Rengar.E2
    "Slow down!"
  • Rengar.E3
    "Don't trip."
  • Rengar.E4
    "Easy prey."

Upon Using Thrill of the Hunt.png Thrill of the Hunt

  • Rengar.ult1
  • Rengar.ult2
Upon Spotting a Stealthed Enemy Kha&#039;Zix Kha'Zix During Thrill of the Hunt.png Thrill of the Hunt
  • Rengar.interaction1
    "I see you, wretched creature!"
  • Rengar.interaction2
    "I've found you, beast!"


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