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  • RengarSquare Rengar belongs to the Vastaya race and tribe known as the Kiilash. They are the Vastaya inhabitants of Shurima.



RengarSquare Classic Rengar [S|L]
RengarSquare Headhunter Rengar [S|L]
RengarSquare Night Hunter Rengar [S|L]
  • He resembles Nightcrawler from X-men.
  • Each time he taunts he will don or throw down his hood.
RengarSquare SSW Rengar [S|L]
RengarSquare Mecha Rengar [S|L]


  • Having fought and lost an eye as well as almost his life, Rengar sees Kha'ZixSquare Kha'Zix as the ultimate prey and wants to hunt him down and mount Head of Kha'Zix his head on his den as the ultimate Bonetooth Necklace hunting trophy.
  • Rengar was on Gnar MegaSquare Mega Gnar's trail but ran into GnarSquare Mini Gnar, clueless of both being one and the same until it was too late (the only certainty about the fight's aftermath is that they both survived)