• The Stopwatch item Commencing Stopwatch cannot be sold. Once transformed, the Stopwatch item Replica Stopwatch can be sold for Gold 120.
  • The Stopwatch item Commencing Stopwatch is considered a component of its upgrades, and will show their remaining price already reduced by the knock-off's Gold 300 value.
  • The name of the in-game item is identical to the Stopwatch item Stopwatch, but has been named differently on the League of Legends Wiki for archive purposes.
  • Perfect Timing rune Perfect Timing will prevent the use of even Stopwatch item Authentic Stopwatches before the initial 6 minutes.
  • Probable Bug: If you own a Stopwatch item Authentic Stopwatch before 6 minutes, the Stopwatch item Commencing Stopwatch will transform into an authentic version - averting the Gold 300 increased combine cost as well as allowing you to sell for the Authentic Stopwatch's sell value.
  • The 15% reduced cooldown from Perfect Timing stacks multiplicitively with Active Item CDR when concerning Zhonya's Hourglass item Zhonya's Hourglass and Gargoyle Stoneplate item Gargoyle Stoneplate. Guardian Angel item Guardian Angel is not considered an item-active, and so is only reduced by Perfect Timing and not reduced by any other source of cooldown reduction.
Active Item CDR Perfect Timing rune Perfect Timing
(Gargoyle Stoneplate itemZhonya's Hourglass itemZhonya's Paradox itemWooglet's Witchcap itemWooglet's Witchcrown item)
None 15%
Cosmic Insight rune 5% 19.25%
Ingenious Hunter rune0 10% 23.5%
Ingenious Hunter rune0Cosmic Insight rune 15% 27.75%
Ruby Sightstone item 20% 32%
Ruby Sightstone itemCosmic Insight rune 25% 36.25%
Ruby Sightstone itemIngenious Hunter rune0 30% 40.5%
Ruby Sightstone itemIngenious Hunter rune0Cosmic Insight rune 35% 44.75%
Ingenious Hunter rune5 40% 49%
Ingenious Hunter rune5Cosmic Insight rune 45% 53.25%
Ingenious Hunter rune5Ruby Sightstone item 60% 66%
Ingenious Hunter rune5Ruby Sightstone itemCosmic Insight rune 65% 70.25%

Patch History

V7.22 Added