Rift Scuttler is a large neutral monster found on Summoner's Rift. There are two Rift Scuttlers on the map, one found in each half of the river spanning the middle of the terrain.

Rift Scuttler is unique amongst all monsters in the game for two reasons: she will not retaliate against an attacker, instead attempting to flee directly away from them, and she moves along a fixed path in the river on the part of the map where she spawns. This makes Rift Scuttler the only non-hostile and autonomously moving monster on the map.


When Rift Scuttler receives damage from any source, she gains +100 movement speed and attempts to run from the source. She will not attempt to flee from any second sources of damage that appear. If she is forced to the very end of the river, she will perform a dash similar in appearance to ShenSquare Shen's Shadow Dash Shadow Dash back down the center and resume fleeing.

Rift Scuttler has several unique interactions with crowd control:

  • Crowd control effects against her last twice as long.
  • When affected by crowd control that prevents her movement, Rift Scuttler permanently loses 50 armor and magic resist. This can only occur one time after each spawn.
  • While Rift Scuttler is under the effect of crowd control that prevents her movement, she receives 25% extra damage from all sources, including true damage.

When Rift Scuttler is killed, she will head towards the entrance to the pit of Baron Nashor Baron Nashor or Dragon Dragon (depending on the part of the map) and will burrow into the ground, spawning an untargetable 500-radius Speed Shrine.png Speed Shrine above her location that grants a 525 Sight icon sight radius to the killer's team and a brief movement speed boost to champions that cross it for 75 seconds. After the 75 seconds, the shrine will vanish and Rift Scuttler will respawn at her location after her respawn timer has elapsed.

Experience granted

  • Killing the Rift Scuttler grants 10 experience.
  • Having a jungle item ( Hunter's Talisman item Hunter's Machete item Skirmisher's Sabre item Stalker's Blade item Tracker's Knife item ) grants an additional 50 experience, and for each level below the Rift Scuttler's, you are granted an additional 50 experience.
  • Totaling 60 - 410 (based on level difference) experience.


  • Despite having attack damage and attack speed, Rift Scuttler is physically incapable of attacking a target, even when Taunt icon taunted. When taunted, she will get locked in place for the duration.
  • Teleport Teleport cannot be used on the shrine.
  • Rift Scuttler will drop a Damnation Soul if ThreshSquare Thresh is nearby when she is slain.
  • Rift Scuttler grants health when Smite Smited.
  • If Tahm KenchSquare Tahm Kench dances near Rift Scuttler, she will join him.
  • Similarly to other jungle monsters, if Rift Scuttler is Regurgitate Regurgitated under a turret by Tahm KenchSquare Tahm Kench, she will not be targeted and will perform a continuous dash to return to the river.
  • Riot revealed that Rift Scuttler is female.
  • It is possible for Rift Scuttler to become stuck in Dragon Dragon or Baron Nashor Baron Nashor's pit, as she will attempt to run through the inner walls in an attempt to return to the river. This can be achieved more easily by Airborne icon displacing or otherwise herding her towards the pit, such as with SionSquare Sion's Roar of the Slayer Roar of the Slayer.
  • If a Honeyfruit Honeyfruit drops its fruits, the Rift Scuttler will attempt to eat the closest fruit. Attacking the Rift Scuttler while she's eating will make her run away.


  • Speed Shrine from killing a Rift Scuttler.
  • Speed Shrine range of vision from killing a Rift Scuttler on Dragon.
  • Speed Shrine range of vision from killing a Rift Scuttler on Baron.

Patch Note

V7.4#February 23rd Hotfix February 23rd Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug causing Scuttles to sometimes give control of the river shrine to the wrong team.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where clones killing the Rift Scuttler caused erratic behavior.
  • Bug Fix: Health bar no longer takes a few moments to appear when revealed for the first time.
  • Added