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The Riot Games Logo

Riot Games Inc., or simply Riot Games, is an independent game company located in Los Angeles, California. The studio was established in 2006 to develop innovative online next-generation titles for PC and consoles. They are comprised of world-class industry veterans with a shared passion for online gaming.

In 2009 Riot Games released League of Legends, a premium MOBA title that combines elements of strategy and role-playing games to create a fun, dynamic gaming experience. [1]

About Riot Games

Brandon Beck & Marc Merrill

Brandon Beck (CEO) & Marc Merrill (President)

"Riot Games was established in 2006 with the goal of bringing what we refer to as "Gamer's Games" to players all around the globe. We are passionate about our audience, and we aspire to be the most player and community focused game company in the world. That means that in addition to providing a great experience and a great value, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our players who help us shape ever evolving games." [2]


Many of Riot Games' developers and publishers are split into various teams in order to improve the quality of their products.


The Leadership Team is responsible for the overall management of Riot Games, as well as having the final say on the direction the company will take.


The Corporate Team is responsible for looking at what the future of the company's financial situation and to make sure it is financially successful.


The Production Team is responsible of making sure that everything is done on schedule. They are also responsible for planning ahead in areas such as company resources, requirements and probable situations.


The Operations Team is responsible for the day-to-day activity of the company, making sure each department is running smoothly.


The Engineering Team is responsible for creating and maintaining the systems needed to run the company, as well as developing additional features for the game.


The Art Team is responsible for the creative activities within and outside the game. These include artworks for the maps, the champions, and alternative skins.


The Design Team is responsible for creating new content for League of Legends. This also includes the "planning" and "design" of content.


The Community Team is responsible for create centralized information resource for their players, keeping them informed about their services, news, and events.


The Quality Assurance Team is responsible for making sure the game is working correctly, and that the players has a service of the high quality.

Customer Service

The Customer Service Team is responsible for helping customers on a regular basis. This includes answering their questions and assisting them with any inquiries they may have.


The User Interface Team is responsible for creating a human-machine interaction that is easy, efficient, and enjoyable to operate in the way which produces the desired results.


The Marketing Team is responsible for advertising the game and making it appealing for customers to play. This includes creating ads, setting up tournaments, and speaking directly to potential players.

Business Development

The Business Development Team is responsible for identifying ways to make the company grow. This includes finding new potential areas and opening channels to distribute the game to those areas.


Riot Thunderdome
Source link for the Thunderdome site.

Thunderdome is an internal event where Riot's split up into teams to work on whatever sort of project they can imagine. A hackathon event run at Riot every so often, Rioters are given about 3 days to create a project that they're passionate about. This is everything from new maps/gamemodes to internal tools that we think could help make a Rioter's life easier.

Lots of the stuff seen at Thunderdome never sees the public, but some things are iterated on for actual public release. This is all about working on cool projects for players and for Rioters.

It's intended to help explain a cool part of working at Riot for those that are going through the application process.

One of the many things that came out from this event is the well known ARAM game mode for the Proving Grounds, and later, the Howling Abyss map.


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  • Riot Staff 1
  • Riot Staff 2
  • Riot Staff & Joe (Make a Wish Foundation)
  • Marc Merril (on the left) and the American Red Cross president (on the right). See here for details.


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