Champion Sneak Peek - Riven, the Exile

By Average Gatsby [1]

If there's anything that we've learned over the course of the years here at Riot Games, it's that it pays to be prepared for any eventuality. Take this next champion for instance. Riven Riven, the Exile, is here to show you that you can still be a badass even if your Runic Blade.png sword's been broken.

Now take a moment to appreciate what she could probably do with a Blade of the Exile.png complete weapon, because you just might find out!

Mechanics Preview - Riven, the Exile

By Ryan 'Morello' Scott [2]

Greetings Summoners!

With Riven Riven on the horizon, I wanted to take a few minutes and give you all a sneak peek into some of her gameplay and mechanics.

Riven is a flow-based fighter who performs aggressive combo attacks to decimate her opponents. This often involves her stepping forward into her sword swings to chase down cowardly enemies who might try to escape or utilize their ranged attacks to avoid direct combat. This highly mobile fighting style makes her a really aggressive, momentum-based character.

Her signature ability is Broken Wings.png Broken Wings, a 3-part combo slash that causes her to step forward and slash nearby enemies. On her 3rd hit, Broken Wings.png Broken Wings unleashes a nova, knocking nearby enemies back. While performing the three-hit Broken Wings.png Broken Wings combo is powerful in its own right, more veteran Riven players will find great opportunities to mix in her Ki Burst.png Ki Burst to deliver a short stun (for her to follow up with more devastation) or move into an even better position with Valor.png Valor.

Her Blade of the Exile.png ultimate, Blade of the Exile.png Blade of the Exile, allows her to reform her broken sword, restoring her former power and allowing her to activate Wind Slash.png Wind Slash, a powerful shockwave that slices the air itself to cut down enemies that are out of reach.

We're excited about Riven because she draws some heavy inspiration from fighting games, utilizing combos that can be interspersed with other abilities to change timing and effect as needed. This flow and feel is something we feel will appeal highly to aggressive players who want to make split-second decisions on when to deal damage and when to sacrifice damage in favor of additional utility effects.



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