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  • "A broken blade is more than enough for the likes of you!" might be referencing Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach ("A dull blade is more than enough for the likes of you!")
  • Riven and XerathSquare Xerath share the quote "Sacrifices must be made" (her voice faintly echoes while Blade of the Exile Blade of the Exile is active)
RivenSquare Dawnbringer Riven [S|L]


RivenSquare Classic Riven [S|L]
  • Her artwork being changed four times before her release (five counting the one during her skin previews in her 'Champion Spotlight') caused her to not be featured in an 'Art Spotlight'.
RivenSquare Redeemed Riven [S|L]
  • Her sword can be seen during the game's Mac Version trailer.
    • The in-game blade features a turquoise-colored light outlining the area where it was shattered.
  • She might be referencing her initial backstory where she was a Demacian exile.
  • Her clothes featured up to three different colors (red in concept art, blue in initial artwork, teal in-game)
  • She resembles War from Darksiders.
RivenSquare Crimson Elite Riven [S|L]
  • She was the second skin to celebrate the end of a Season without requiring players to achieve Gold+ rank to unlock (the first being KayleSquare Judgment Kayle [S|L])
  • She shares this theme with TalonSquare Crimson Elite Talon [S|L] (they are the Demacian Commandos' Noxian counterpart)
RivenSquare Battle Bunny Riven [S|L]
RivenSquare Championship Riven [S|L]
  • She celebrates the Season 2 World Championship (she started out as a regular skin that had to be redesigned for the Finals) and references the Roman II (featured on her chest, back, while Valor Valor is active, and her sword being broken in two pieces)
    • She became Legacy since then (was unlocked for a perfect score in Worlds Pick'em 2015) but returned for the Season 6 World Championship in two versions: 'Championship' for those who unlocked her in Season 2 (featuring a crown on her head and added extra particle effects on her sword) and 'Championship 2016' for those who unlocked her in Season 6 (basically her first incarnation)
  • Her sword was inspired by the blue fire crater from Ijen and resembles the Roman I during Blade of the Exile Blade of the Exile.
  • She shares this theme with AsheSquare Championship Ashe [S|L], ShyvanaSquare Championship Shyvana [S|L], KalistaSquare Championship Kalista [S|L], ThreshSquare Championship Thresh [S|L], and ZedSquare Championship Zed [S|L].
RivenSquare Dragonblade Riven [S|L]
RivenSquare Arcade Riven [S|L]
RivenSquare Dawnbringer Riven [S|L]


  • Riven was a Noxian soldier sent to Ionia during the empire's invasion. A traumatic experience during the campaign involving SingedSquare Singed's chemicals caused her to question her devotion and sever her ties to Noxus, wandering ever since.
    • YasuoSquare Yasuo suspects Riven of being the one who killed the Elder he was supposed to protect ("Wait, that Broken Wings technique... huh", "Huh, Broken Wings three swift strikes... ", "Another Wind Slash wind blade?", "Who taught you Wind Slash that?")


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