Roaming is a rare style of gameplay in which your champion spends the "laning phase" of the game roaming across the map rather than spending it laning or jungling.

Roamers are generally champions with high base stats, are not dependent on farming/items, set up ganks well and/or gank well themselves. Roamers often focus on ganking lanes, clearing wards, counter jungling or even killing the enemy jungler.

Having a roamer allows each teammate their own lane, giving them a level advantage. With a jungler, there will be three solo lanes. If your team contains a roamer your team should have a champion that can hold their own against two champions by themselves, or roaming can become a liability rather than an asset.

Many of the concepts of roaming have become an integral part of some junglers, including Riven Riven and Maokai Maokai. Rather than farming the jungle, some junglers are more suited to counter jungling and roaming.


  • Ganking early can grant your team kills while jungles are still clearing camps (most people don't expect a gank in the first or second wave of minions)
  • Counter-jungling can help against gold and experience problems by clearing enemy neutral monster camps or scoring a kill against the enemy jungler.
    • Distracting the enemy jungler by preventing him from farming can greatly benefit teammates.
  • Early gold and experience problems can also be mitigated by killing Dragon with your team's jungler or invading at the beginning of the game.
  • Roamers can help give your team map awareness at beginning of the game.
  • Sweeping Lens item.png Sweeping Lens is an important item on roamers as it allows them to counter enemy warding, and make ganking easier.
    • This can also assist your team's jungler by increasing their chance of a successful gank.
  • Roamers should often set up their runes and masteries to focus on sustain, movement speed, gold income and experience.
    • Inspiration mastery 2014.png Inspiration is an essential mastery to combat underleveling.
    • All gold masteries should be present in roamers as gold is one of the biggest threats to roamers.
    • Culinary Master mastery 2014.png Culinary Master can be a useful mastery to help sustain, allowing for more ganks.
  • Roamers should coordinate ganks with their team's jungler, in order to improve efficiency.
    • This may include ganking straight after a previous gank, to surprise the enemy.
    • Roamers should continue to gank lanes while the jungler is farming, in order to keep up pressure.
    • Roamers can also help protect the jungler from counter-ganking.

Due to spending most of their time outside of a lane and, therefore, away from gold, experience and enemies, Roamers make good use out of items which provide benefits when out of combat such as:

  • Health and Mana Regeneration (to recover between encounters)
  • Gold generation (to make up for their lack of gold and experience from minions)
    • Ancient Coin item.png Ancient Coin granting mana regeneration, health regeneration and gold income while in lane.
    • Spellthief's Edge item.png Spellthief's Edge is more useful for roamers who spend less time in lane, or focus on fighting the enemy jungler.
    • Relic Shield item.png Relic Shield is sometimes useful for roamers that tax lanes and it also grants a small healing effect.
  • High movement speed (to decrease time outside of lanes and to help facilitate ganks)
  • Sightstone item.png Sightstone and Sweeping Lens item.png Sweeping Lens for increased map control.
  • CC items to improve ganks
    • Iceborn Gauntlet item.png Iceborn Gauntlet grants a slow and deals more damage, scaling with base stats.
  • Support items like Aegis of the Legion item.png Aegis of the Legion can improve the roamers effect on teamfights.

Countering Roamers

  • If your team does not have a roamer, your team will have at least one 2v1 lane, allowing this lane to focus on zoning and harassment.
  • Early warding and map vision can cripple a roamer since good map awareness can deny a roamer any successful ganks.
  • Similarly, good map awareness from spells like Hawkshot.png Hawkshot or Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance can drastically reduce the success rate of a roamer.

Roaming Champions

Roaming champions befit greatly from high base stats and being less dependent on items. Champions with CC abilities have stronger ganks and champions with high sustain and movement speed also make for good roamers. The following are some examples of roaming champions:

  • Alistar Alistar
    • High base stats
    • Sets up kills easily with AoE stun from Pulverize.png Pulverize, the knockback from his Headbutt.png Headbutt.
    • Not very item dependent.
  • Blitzcrank Blitzcrank
    • Sets up kills very easily with the displacement from Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab, the knockup from Power Fist.png Power Fist, and the silence from Static Field.png Static Field.
    • The movement speed boost from Overdrive.png Overdrive allows blitzcrank to quickly gain good positioning in a gank.
    • Not very item dependent.
  • Evelynn Evelynn
    • Scouts safely with Shadow Walk.png Shadow Walk.
    • Sets up kills easily with the slow from Shadow Walk.png Shadow Walk and the armor and magic resistance reduction from Ravage.png Ravage.
    • Can get kills easily while ganking.
    • Disrupts foe's jungle very effectively.
    • Moves easily between lanes due to high movement speed.
  • Janna Janna
    • Sets up kills easily between the slow from Zephyr.png Zephyr, the knockup from Howling Gale.png Howling Gale, the knockback from Monsoon.png Monsoon and the damage boost from Eye of the Storm.png Eye of the Storm.
    • Can move between lanes quickly with the passive movespeed boosts from Tailwind.png Tailwind and Zephyr.png Zephyr.
    • Not very item dependent.
  • Maokai Maokai
  • Poppy Poppy
    • High base stats (effectively even higher due to Valiant Fighter.png Valiant Fighter).
    • Ganks well with Heroic Charge.png Heroic Charge.
    • An exceptional jungler killer.
    • Not very item dependent.
  • Taric Taric
    • Can set up kills easily between the stun from his Dazzle.png Dazzle and the armor reduction from Shatter.png Shatter.
    • Even if he can not pull off a successful gank he can heal his ally with Imbue.png Imbue giving them an advantage against their lane enemy.
    • Not very item dependent.
  • Leona Leona
    • High base damage on her combo
    • Defense steroid means she doesn't need as much gold to be effective
    • Good CC means easier ganks and better teamfights.
  • Rammus Rammus
    • High mobility from Powerball.png Powerball
    • High base damage abilities
    • Relatively low cooldown of Tremors.png Tremors allows it to be used frequently
    • Not very item dependent due to defensive and offensive steroids
  • Bard Bard

Champions that can hold a 1v2 Lane

When using a roamer in place of a bottom duo lane, it is important to have a champion that can hold their lane without much difficulty. Generally, these champions are bruisers that modify their build for easy sustain and wave clears. A jungler/roamer can then gank when they have the advantage of levels.

  • Galio Galio
    • Easy clears with his skill set, good sustain once he gets chalice
    • Hard to dive because of his ult
  • Cho'Gath Cho'Gath
    • Good sustain due to his passive
    • Good clear from his scream and spikes
  • Gragas Gragas
    • Passive gives decent sustain
    • Requires AP to clear waves effectively
  • Yorick Yorick
    • ​Good sustain
    • Has CC and various skills
    • Hard to gank or kill

Trivia / Notes

  • Roaming was once a popular strategy in high ELO games during season one.
  • Oracle's Elixir item.png Oracle's Elixir was a popular buy on roamers before season four.
  • Season four changes to gold income items have made it increasingly difficult for roamers.