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Rob 'rjcombo' Garrett is currently working for Riot Games Inc. as a Senior Game Designer of League of Legends.


rjcombo was an aspiring musician before going into game development, and his nick is partly derived from the term "combo percussion" (drum kit). He's been using it as an internet/gaming alias since the mid '90s. It's also derived from the first two initials of his name and the character "T.J. Combo" from the game Killer Instinct whose name he always thought was cool.


Skills: Survival of the Fittest + 9001

Born and raised in the state of Maryland, Rob “rjcombo” Garrett has been gaming for nearly three decades. Inspired over the years by such titles as Star Raiders, The Legend of Zelda, and EverQuest, he embarked upon a career in interactive entertainment after completing a tour of service in the US Air Force. This journey began at Full Sail University, where Rob graduated from the Game Design & Development program in 2002. From there he went on to work with teams at Big Huge Games, Activision, and Red 5 Studios before eventually landing at Riot Games. A generalist designer with a lean toward usability and moment to moment action, Rob's current focus is on developing compelling new gameplay experiences for current and future players of League of Legends. That, and actually completing a full cycle of P90X.

Special Ability

Untauntable Focus: Rob enters a mode of extreme focus, fully wrapping himself in a problem, and shielding himself from all distractions, taunts, etc.

Designed Champions

Other Works

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