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The Rotating Game Mode queue allows League of Legends players to to play the current featured game mode. It is made available starting on Friday local time, and ends early Tuesday morning.

Current and future modes

Modes history

Weekend Game Mode
2017-03-31 Nexus Siege
2017-03-24 Nexus Siege
2017-03-17 Ascension
2017-03-10 Ascension
2017-03-03 All Random Ultra-Rapid-Fire
2017-02-24 All Random Ultra-Rapid-Fire
2017-02-17 Hunt of the Blood Moon
2017-02-10 Hunt of the Blood Moon
2017-02-03 Nexus Siege
2017-01-27 Nexus Siege
2017-01-20 Ascension
2017-01-13 Ascension
2017-01-06 Legend of the Poro King
2016-12-30 Legend of the Poro King
2016-12-23 Legend of the Poro King
2016-12-16 Legend of the Poro King
2016-12-09 Nexus Siege
2016-02-12 One for All
2016-11-25 One for All
2016-11-18 Ascension
2016-11-11 Ascension
2016-11-04 Legend of the Poro King
2016-10-28 Doom Bots of Doom
2016-10-21 Doom Bots of Doom
2016-10-14 Hexakill: Twisted Treeline
2016-10-07 Definitely Not Dominion
2016-09-30 Ascension
2016-09-23 All Random Ultra-Rapid-Fire
2016-09-16 One for All
2016-09-09 Legend of the Poro King
2016-09-02 Nexus Siege
2016-08-26 Hexakill: Twisted Treeline
2016-08-19 Nemesis Draft
2016-08-12 Ascension
2016-08-05 One for All
2016-07-29 Legend of the Poro King
2016-07-22 Nexus Siege
2016-07-15 Nexus Siege
2016-07-08 Definitely Not Dominion
2016-07-01 Hexakill: Twisted Treeline
2016-06-24 Ascension
2016-06-17 One for All
2016-06-10 Hexakill
2016-06-03 Legend of the Poro King
2016-05-27 Definitely Not Dominion
2016-05-20 Ultra-Rapid-Fire
2016-05-13 Ascension
2016-05-06 One for All
2016-04-29 Hexakill
2016-04-22 Ultra-Rapid-Fire
2016-04-15 Legend of the Poro King
2016-04-08 Ascension


Game Mode Number of occurrences
Ascension 11
Nexus Siege 10
Legend of the Poro King 9
One for All 6
Definitely Not Dominion 3
Hexakill: Twisted Treeline 3
All Random Ultra-Rapid-Fire 3
Ultra-Rapid-Fire 2
Doom Bots of Doom 2
Hexakill 2
Hunt of the Blood Moon 2
Nemesis Draft 1

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