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Champion Sneak Peek: Rumble, the Mechanized Menace

By Average Gatsby [2]

Electro Harpoon.png Harpoon? Check. Flamespitter.png Flamethrower? Check. Triple The Equalizer.png rockets? Check, check, and check. Just to be safe, we'll throw in one mischievous yordle whose mechanical prowess has been used to make the most diabolical machination ever to hit the Fields of Justice. Meet Rumble Rumble, the Mechanized Menace. His desire to see you Flamespitter.png burned, Electro Harpoon.png speared, crushed, stomped, blown up, or otherwise grievously injured, has him pushing his war machine way beyond what would be considered safe operating procedure, even if he might blow a gasket. But don't call him short. That'll really grind his gears.


Super Galaxy Rumble - Login Screen01:59

Super Galaxy Rumble - Login Screen

Super Galaxy Rumble Theme
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Super Galaxy Rumble is ready to rock01:20

Super Galaxy Rumble is ready to rock

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